Jessie goes all in, in attempt to take out Amanda

August 4, 2013

A Recap of Day 45 in the Big Brother 15 House

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessie approached Helen about evicting Amanda. Jessie said that she realizes that Aaryn and GinaMarie wouldn't be involved, but that would just be two more targets for them. Helen said that they could get the votes and then tell the girls right before the eviction, promising them that they will evict Candice next week. Helen said that she would also want to tell McCrae ahead of time and let him know that they have his back. Jessie, Helen and Elissa would be three of the four necessary votes. As for the fourth, Helen believed that they could trust Andy not to leak the plan. Jessie felt that they should approach Judd first, as Andy will only be on board if Judd is.

4:00-5:00 PM Helen told Andy that she had heard of a plan to backdoor her next week. She said that Jessie told her that Amanda is not on her side and is trying to get her out of the house. Andy was shocked and said that he didn't believe it. Elissa, Helen and Jessie then met up, they all agreed that they are on board with evicting Amanda this week. Elissa said that if Amanda doesn't go when she is the MVP nominee, nobody is going to put her up. Jessie said that the impression that she is getting from Andy is that he thinks they should stick with evicting Candice, so she wants to get Judd on board first.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn were outside talking things over. Amanda was wondering if they could get GinaMarie to nominate Judd as the replacement nominee. McCrae said that it was too risky and that there was no point. Amanda believes that Judd is common denominator in everything that is breaking up their alliance (Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Aaryn). Aaryn said that Judd might not even be the MVP, just like they thought Howard was and he wasn't. Amanda said that Candice needs to go home because Candice makes Helen and Elissa stronger, so they need to break them apart.

6:00-7:00 PM: Andy approached Helen and said that what she had told him earlier doesn't make sense. He asked who is involved in getting rid of her. Helen said Aaryn, GinaMarie, Amanda and McCrae. Helen told Andy that they may not have the people to evict Amanda if they way too long. She told him that they already have her, Elissa and Jessie this week. Andy said that Amanda and McCrae have never betrayed his trust, so it's too early to take her out. Helen said that she will tell Jessie that it's too soon to evict Amanda then. Judd joined in on the conversation and also said that it's too soon to evict Amanda. He said that next week would be a better time for that.

7:00-8:00 PM: Andy warned Amanda that Helen is getting freaked out because her and McCrae haven't been talking to her this week. Andy said that she has to work on building trust with Helen. Aaryn told Amanda that she had overheard part of Helen's conversation and that Helen was questioning why they are voting Candice out over Amanda. Aaryn said that she thinks that Helen, Elissa, Judd and Jessie are planning on voting Amanda out. Amanda didn't believe that Elissa would ever vote against her, but Aaryn believed otherwise.. Shortly thereafter, Andy told Amanda that Helen said that Jessie had told her that Amanda made a secret plan to backdoor her, so Helen wants Amanda out this week. Andy told Amanda that she cannot freak out or else he will lose Helen. Amanda didn't listen, instead opting to go outside and cry in front of Elissa, Helen and GinaMarie, saying that she feels that something weird is going on and that she is going to go home.

Aaryn told Judd that she was getting concerned that Amanda would go home this week. Judd told Aaryn that keeping Candice would only give Helen and Elissa another number, so there is no way that he is going to be on board with that. Aaryn told Judd to start flirting with Jessie again, cause she needs to know everything that Jessie is thinking. Judd asked if Andy makes Aaryn nervous. She said no because Andy is getting info from Helen and bringing it back to all of them.

Helen and Andy spoke again, with Helen saying that she needs to inform Jessie and Elissa that this is not the week to evict Amanda. Andy told her that what she heard about Amanda trying to backdoor her was false. They then brought Jessie into the room. Helen told Jessie that they don't have the votes to evict Amanda. Andy said that Amanda listens to them and that they can tell her not to nominate Jessie. It all frustrated Jessie, as she said that it's taboo to even talk about getting Amanda out, cause she will break down crying. Jessie said to look at all of the people that Amanda has made cry. Jessie said that she is sick of Amanda's shit and that she is so clearly working with McCrae, Aaryn and Spencer. Helen then quickly questioned whether Elissa had told Amanda anything. Elissa said no. Helen informed Elissa that they do not have the votes to evict Amanda and that they will be voting out Candice.

8:00-9:00 PM: Aaryn told McCrae and Andy that she really believes Judd and that she doesn't think that Judd is the MVP. Andy and McCrae agreed, saying that they like were just over thinking everything with Judd. Andy later discussed that Judd may have never been against them in the first place. Amanda told McCrae that Aaryn is really trying to make it look like Judd is trustworthy. Amanda is concerned that Aaryn may be working with Judd and trying to frame people. Once McCrae and Andy were alone, McCrae told Andy not to tell Amanda anything anymore. He said that Amanda goes nuts. Andy said that he is afraid of compromising his position with Helen. McCrae understood and said that they cannot let that happen.

11:00-12:00 AM: Helen told Elissa that both Andy and Judd said that they will not vote out Amanda. Elissa asked if Helen would nominate Amanda. Helen said that she would not and that Amanda would have to be backdoored or put up by MVP. Helen then questioned how Amanda will ever go up if the MVP goes away. Elissa said that she will not. Helen said that she doesn't think that this is the week to get Amanda out, but they are screwed if the MVP twist goes away. While this conversation was going on downstairs, Amanda was freaking out upstairs. Aaryn revealed that Jessie was trying to get Amanda out of the house. Helen eventually went up there and tried to calm the storm, saying that Candice is going home.

Jessie told Elissa that they are screwed. Elissa said that they only need one more vote to evict Amanda. Jessie said that it is so bad that Helen is on board and that not even she can get the backing to evict Amanda. Jessie said that they should just kiss the $500,000 goodbye. Elissa said that's why they need to find a way to keep Candice, cause she is the least threatening to their game. Elissa said that GinaMarie and Aaryn will not be the targets if Candice goes, they will. Jessie pointed out that she was wrong about thinking that Andy would be more loyal to Helen than to Amanda. Jessie said that Andy and Judd believe that they are in a good spot. Elissa questioned "to what?", give McCrae and Amanda the game? Jessie believes that everything that has happened in the game has been what Amanda and McCrae have wanted. Elissa told Jessie that Judd is their last hope and that she needs to start working her magic on Judd.

1:00-2:00 AM: Helen is denial about Andy being the rat, as she told Jessie that Andy did not tell McCrae and Amanda anything about the plan. Helen said that it was Aaryn that leaked things. Jessie told Helen that Andy is more loyal to Amanda and McCrae than to her. Jessie said that she will work on Judd, otherwise they are screwed. Helen said that she has tried. Jessie told Helen that she will not stop trying, otherwise she will be going home.

Jessie then went to work on Judd, telling him that Amanda needs to go. Jessie explained that Aaryn is loyal to Amanda and GinaMarie is going to do whatever Aaryn wants. That's a quick four. She said that Andy is also loyal to Amanda and McCrae over Helen. Jessie also explained that she saw Amanda talking to Spencer yesterday, so they likely made a deal. Jessie told Judd that it leaves her, Helen, Elissa and Candice on their own. Jessie went on to say that Amanda is running the game, is untouchable and will only gain more power as they move deeper into the game. Jessie told him that she, Helen, Elissa and Candice will remain loyal to him. Judd said that she brought up a lot of good points and that he would think it over. Candice later informed Jessie that Amanda thinks that Judd is the MVP and that is why she blew up on her during the veto competition. Jessie spoke to Helen and Elissa about vouching for Candice on that story, if needed, in order to pull Judd over to their side. They agreed.

4:00-5:00 AM: Judd eventually blew up the whole plan, revealing to Amanda and McCrae that Jessie, Elissa, and Helen were trying to pull him in to evict Amanda this week. Judd said that they girls would just pick him off, since Elissa wants an all girls house. Amanda said that must be why they want her gone, cause she won't go against the guys. Judd said that he believes that Elissa has been the MVP the whole time and has been the one nominating Amanda. Judd said that they need to nominate Elissa and Helen, cause they are the head of the snake.

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