Jessie uses the veto on herself, Spencer goes up in her place

August 5, 2013

A Recap of Day 46 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: At the veto ceremony, Jessie used the Power of Veto on herself. GinaMarie nominated Spencer in her place. Following the ceremony, Helen spoke to Elissa and let her know that she needs to vote to evict Candice. Elissa questioned why, to which Helen responded that everyone else is voting Candice out. Elissa wondered if they could try to get Spencer evicted if they can't get the votes to evict Amanda. Helen told her that it's not going to happen. This made Elissa question if Helen is working with Spencer. Helen denied it, saying that she would love to make it to the end with Elissa and Andy. Elissa felt that they had the votes, as they could get Jessie and Judd on board. Helen told Elissa that Judd is lying to Jessie and that he wants her out next week. Helen also informed Elissa that there is no plan to backdoor her (Helen), like she had previously thought. Elissa eventually gave in and said that she would vote with the house.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jessie and Amanda spoke, with Jessie looking to find out who Amanda's target would be next week. Jessie assumes that it's her, but Amanda keeps telling her that she isn't. Amanda didn't want to give any names, so Jessie wasn't buying it that she would not be Amanda's target. Amanda told Jessie that she wouldn't have told McCrae to let Jessie go to the barbecue if she was after her. Jessie said that Amanda just didn't want McCrae to go without her, and also wanted the HoH room for a night (which GinaMarie offered). Amanda told Jessie that she has never been against her and has never been disloyal to her. Amanda later told McCrae that she is going to be Jessie's best friend this week in order to minimize the drama associated with her.

12:00-1:00 PM: Amanda wondered if she would be nominated by the MVP every week. Judd said that she will be as long as Elissa is there. Amanda asked if Judd thinks that Elissa needs to go next week. Judd said yes and questioned what army Helen would have without Elissa. Judd then spoke with Aaryn, who told him that America is going to think that he is a little bitch for sleeping in Jessie's bed just because she wanted him to. Judd said that Jessie thinks that she is using him, but he is using her even more. He said that he wants to get info from her. Aaryn felt that Jessie had no info to offer and was only using Judd in hope of making Aaryn jealous and blow up.

Judd then told Aaryn that Jessie informed him that they would have the numbers to evict Elissa if he joined them. Judd believes that Elissa has been the MVP the entire time and was nominating Amanda in case they ever had the numbers. Aaryn and Jessie agreed that Elissa and Jessie need to be the next two to go. Judd and Aaryn then discussed that they can always have the numbers if they stick with Amanda, McCrae, Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer. Aaryn said that it was a fool proof plan in order to ensure that they have the numbers. Judd then expressed his confidence in his and Aaryn's ability to make it to the Final 2 if they were at the end with McCrae and Amanda. Judd said that he can beat McCrae and Aaryn can beat Amanda.

3:00-4:00 PM: Aaryn mentioned that Judd thinks that Elissa is the MVP. Amanda shot it down, saying that she knows that Elissa is not the MVP and that she doesn't want Elissa to go home next. Aaryn told Amanda that Judd really wants Elissa to go. Amanda wasn't surprised, saying that Judd feels as though Elissa wants to wipe out all of the guys. This caused Aaryn to believe that Amanda has a deal with Elissa and wants to go far with Elissa. She told GinaMarie that Amanda has been protecting Elissa since Week 1. This concerned Aaryn, leading her to believe that Amanda is using her and GinaMarie to do her dirty work. Aaryn said that she will not be doing that.

8:00-9:00 PM: Amanda mentioned to McCrae that Judd is trying so hard to convince her that Elissa is the MVP, but she knows that Elissa is not. Amanda still believes that Judd is the MVP. McCrae brushed it off like it didn't matter who the MVP was. Amanda said that she will likely nominate Jessie and Spencer if she wins HoH, with Judd being a replacement nominee if someone uses the veto. Amanda and Helen also spoke and agreed that Judd has to be the MVP. After that, Amanda went back to McCrae and said that Judd wants her gone and is trying to convince her that Elissa needs to go, but she knows that Judd is the one that needs to go. Amanda informed McCrae that Helen is also interested in backdooring Judd.

10:00-11:00 PM: While Candice has remained relatively quiet this week, she did talk some game last night. She has a theory that McCrae is the MVP and is putting Amanda up because he realizes that she is bad for his game and is holding him down. She also campaigned, telling Elissa, Jessie, Helen and Andy that they are four votes and she would appreciate if they would keep her. She said that she would let them help her make her nominations if she were to win HoH, and would protect them. Candice also told Helen that Aaryn is more loyal to Amanda than to her.

Helen, Elissa and Jessie discussed their options for the week. Elissa asked Jessie why she wants Amanda out. Jessie said that she doesn't fully trust Amanda, she's in a big power position, is highly manipulative, is highly skilled with words, is highly intelligent., and her social game is rock solid. Jessie said that she does feel better now in terms of thinking that Amanda is not coming after her, and just hopes that she can trust her. Helen felt that they cannot get the votes to evict Amanda. Jessie said that she could continue to work on Judd. Helen pointed out that there is a benefit to keeping Amanda, as she prevents the guys from aligning.

12:00-1:00 AM: Helen told Andy that Amanda is not going after the two of them, so there is no point in voting her out. Andy agreed, saying that Amanda and McCrae can benefit their games for a while and that they can really trust them. Helen said that she would rather have Spencer go than Candice, but acknowledged that it's a move that they cannot make at this time. Andy believes that they are in a good position heading into next week, so there is no point in doing anything that can harm that. Helen and Andy both agreed that Judd is the most dangerous male left in the house.

1:00-2:00 AM: Candice continued her pitch to Elissa and Jessie, telling them that she is a number lost if she goes home this week. Candice said that she would always be a number to them in the event that people were after them. Jessie suggested that Candice try to make a deal with Judd. Given that Helen is now not 100% on board with keeping her, Candice felt that it may be a waste of time. As for Andy, Candice noted that he is a swing vote and is in the middle. Jessie agreed, saying that Andy is in the middle and will want to preserve both sides (Amanda/McCrae and Helen/Elissa). This led Jessie to wonder if Helen should be relying on Andy's opinion so much.

2:00-3:00 AM: Andy believes that Aaryn trusts him, Amanda and McCrae. Amanda said that Aaryn does trust them, but she also trusts Judd. Amanda is concerned that Aaryn is going after Elissa. She told Andy that they need Elissa, cause Elissa will do lots of dirty work for them. Amanda pointed out that all Aaryn does now is talk about Elissa and blame everything on Elissa.

Andy wondered if it was a better move to take out Spencer over Candice, cause Candice could be a number for them. Amanda said that it's not worth it to piss off Aaryn and GinaMarie. As for Judd, Andy believes that he is playing too hard, too fast. Andy and Amanda agreed that they should nominate Jessie and Spencer, with the goal of backdooring Judd. They said that they would do this even if it were a double eviction, which it is. Andy said that Judd is trying to turn Amanda and McCrae against Helen and Elissa. Amanda said that it will not work unless Elissa believes that she is going to backdoor Helen, which she is not. Andy was still somewhat skeptical that Judd is the MVP. Amanda is convinced that he is. Amanda said that Judd is not as scary if the MVP disappears this week, but he still needs to go.

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