Jessie continues to push for Amanda to be evicted

August 6, 2013

A Recap of Day 47 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Helen told Aaryn that she, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Elissa can stay in this game if they vote together. Helen is concerned that the four of them will eventually become the pawns every week. Aaryn asked Helen about Elissa's feelings towards her. Helen said that Elissa wants to nominate Aaryn eventually, but not immediately. Helen said that Elissa hasn't been saying anything personal about Aaryn lately.

4:00-5:00 PM: Aaryn told GinaMarie that she feels as though Amanda is getting scared that she is making friends with everyone. Aaryn thinks that Amanda fears that she is taking Aaryn's old role as the bitch, so she is pointing fingers back at Aaryn. This has made Aaryn question whether or not she can trust Amanda. Aaryn thinks that Amanda's nastiness is getting so bad that it's making people want her out of the house and is making everyone really nervous about her. Aaryn feels that Amanda plans to use her to do her dirty work, and will do nothing for her in return. GinaMarie was concerned that people would start thinking that Candice needs to stay. Aaryn said that she wants Candice out too, but only has one vote. Aaryn has a bad feeling about how the vote will go down on Thursday night.

Aaryn informed GinaMarie that Helen asked her if they wanted to work with her and Elissa. Aaryn said that she did not give an answer. GinaMarie said that she wouldn't mind working with Helen and Elissa, but that there are pros and cons. She believes that they could get far into the game if they worked with Helen and Elissa, but is concerned that Helen and Elissa's true allegiance is to Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn has also been questioning whether those four have been together since the beginning, with McCrae putting Elissa on the block in Week 1 to try to throw people off. GinaMarie said that's why Amanda continues to try to save Elissa as well. Aaryn thinks that Helen would take them further than Amanda because she doesn't think that she could beat Amanda. GinaMarie concluded that they can talk to Helen and work with her if she ever gets HoH again.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jessie informed Spencer that she has been working on a plan to evict Amanda. She said that it was so close but fell apart because of Helen. Jessie said that it was Helen's idea in the first place, but she backed out for no real reason. Jessie went on to say that she doesn't get what everyone's obsession with Amanda is, as it's a game and you don't need to keep everyone happy.

Candice, Helen and Jessie had a lengthy conversation, with Candice voicing her frustrations with her likely eviction on the way. Helen suggested that Candice go talk to GinaMarie and try to make a deal. Candice said that there is no point, because GinaMarie is not intelligent and only wants her out because she dislikes her. Jessie continued her push to get Amanda evicted, questioning why everyone feels the need to do whatever Amanda wants to do. Candice asked Helen if she would for sure have her vote if she got Judd and Andy on board. Helen didn't commit, only saying that Candice should come and talk to her if she got them. Helen later spoke with Judd and let him know what Jessie was doing. Helen and Judd agreed that Amanda cannot go home this week. Jessie continued to make her frustrations known, saying that the war is going to happen at some point and it's best that it happens now when they have the numbers. Jessie then added that this is Big Brother, not Full House. She feels that everyone is doing their best to keep the peace, but that it is the biggest mistake that they can make right now.

Helen told Candice that it upset her that she tried to flip the house to keep Howard behind her back. She has continually used this as a reason why she cannot keep Candice. Candice told Helen that Howard was never coming after her or Elissa. She explained that she made an agreement with Howard that he couldn't touch either of them if he stayed in the house. Candice said that it is crazy to keep Amanda and McCrae in the house. Jessie agreed. Candice went on to say that Amanda is like Evel Dick, as she will talk her way out of anything. Helen told Candice to use this pitch on the other houseguests, as she would only vote to evict Amanda if Andy and Judd were on board. Helen said that she cannot go against the house. Jessie was frustrated to hear that, pointing out that Helen will be voting her out next week if she sticks with that mentality. Jessie challenged Helen to find that inner gusto and initiative that she had the first few weeks. Jessie stated that she will be going home next if she plays the game of doing what the house wants.

8:00-9:00 PM: Helen eventually left Jessie and Candice to speak on their own. Jessie said that if Helen wants to dig her own grave, then let her. Jessie pointed out that Helen is going to have to deal with Amanda one of these, but they will already have been evicted and won't be there to support her. Candice said that the game will keep going on the same way that it is now unless she stays or unless Jessie wins HoH. Candice believes that Helen is a lost cause in terms of keeping her, saying that Helen will not sell out an alliance that has kept her safe just to keep her around this week.

9:00-10:00 PM: Helen made her way up to the HoH room to talk to GinaMarie and Aaryn. Helen said that she doesn't believe that the drama would stop if Amanda were to leave the house. She explained that it's Jessie and Candice at the root of it. Helen made it clear that she feels as though Jessie needs to go home next week. Helen told Aaryn that Amanda doesn't come up with plans to derail other people's games and push her own agenda, opting instead to come up with plans that help everyone's games.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amanda had her bachelorette party this evening. The entire house, except for Candice, participated. They eventually played a big game of telephone. Jessie was upset by what was happening, as she believed that Aaryn was using it as an opportunity to change people's words and talk shit about her. Jessie is also frustrated that Judd and Aaryn seem to be getting close. As for Judd, he is tired of Jessie's drama and wants her out of the house next week. He has been telling everyone that he will nominate Jessie and would love to see her go home.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda and McCrae talked to Aaryn and told her that there is no way that Elissa is the MVP, even though Judd continues to push that. Amanda said that she thinks that Judd wants Elissa or Helen out next week. Aaryn confirmed that that was true. Amanda said that they cannot let that happen. Aaryn feels that Judd is using her for information, but pointed out that Judd also said that he wants to go to the Final 2 with her. Amanda cautioned Aaryn not to give Judd any information. She also said that Judd has told both McCrae and Jessie that he would take them to the end as well. Amanda let Aaryn know that McCrae believes that she was the one that told Helen that Amanda wants to backdoor her. Aaryn swore on everything that it was not her.

1:00-2:00 AM: After talking to Amanda, Aaryn had a quick chat with Andy. Aaryn said that she trusts Helen 100%. Both Aaryn and Andy agreed that they do not want Helen to go home next week. They also both agreed that they go back on forth on whether or not they can trust Judd. They do not like that Judd wants Helen out of the house so soon. Aaryn told Andy that even Amanda and McCrae are saying that Helen needs to go. She said that she was really beginning to trust them, but doesn't know what to believe. Andy told her that he thinks that they can trust Amanda and McCrae.

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