Heading into the double eviction, Judd has a big target on his back

August 7, 2013

A Recap of Day 48 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00 AM-11:00 AM: Amanda spoke with Helen to discuss that Judd needs to go as soon as possible while they still have the votes to take him out. Helen said that she wants to blindside Jessie and Judd, cause she doesn't want them to know what's coming. Helen and Aaryn then had a quick chat, with Aaryn revealing that she feels as though Judd is going back and forth between her and Jessie, saying the same thing to each of them. Helen said that Judd is keeping Jessie close in case she makes jury. Helen told Aaryn that she has her back over Judd's. Both girls agreed that Judd is the MVP. Helen has some concerns with the thought of Amanda leaving, as she believes that it would make McCrae stronger and that he would team up with the guys to take all of the girls out of the house.

12:00-1:00 PM: Helen and Amanda again found some time to talk, reiterating their theory that Judd is the MVP. Helen believes that Judd wants the two of them to fight against each other. Amanda pointed out that Judd is trying to convince people that Elissa is the MVP, but she knows that it's not Elissa. Amanda briefly wondered if it was beneficial to keep Candice, but Helen said that it would piss off too many people. Andy joined in on the conversation, and it was agreed upon that Judd needs to be backdoored next week. Amanda said that Judd can quickly get back on people's good side, making him dangerous. Amanda then informed Aaryn that people are planning on backdooring Judd. Amanda made it clear that Judd needs to go before Jessie.

Aaryn told Amanda that GinaMarie would nominate her 100%. Aaryn explained that GinaMarie hates Amanda and believes that she and McCrae are running the house. Amanda questioned why GinaMarie didn't put her up then. Aaryn said that she had to talk GinaMarie out of it, otherwise she would have. Amanda quickly went scrambling, telling this bit of info to McCrae, Andy, Helen and Elissa. Nobody was buying it, with some figuring that Aaryn just made it up. Amanda then went back to Aaryn to ask if GinaMarie had said that she dislikes her recently. Aaryn told her that GinaMarie says it every day. McCrae told Andy that he worries about Aaryn because she has the ability to get into Amanda's head. McCrae said that Aaryn is going to use any information that Amanda gives her. He was concerned that Aaryn would bring all of it back to Judd. Both McCrae and Andy agreed that Judd needs to go.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amanda approached GinaMarie and told her that someone said that she hates her. GinaMarie denied it and wanted to know who said it. GinaMarie said that she will go bash their face in right now. Amanda eventually revealed that it was Aaryn who had said it. GinaMarie then swore that she had never said that she hated or disliked Amanda. The back and forth between Aaryn and GinaMarie continued, as GinaMarie told McCrae that Aaryn had told her to nominate Elissa and Amanda. McCrae told this information to Amanda. He said that she can never bring it up. Amanda swore not to.

8:00-9:00 PM: After hearing that Aaryn wanted her and Elissa nominated, Amanda began to wonder if Aaryn, Judd and Jessie were aligned. Her fear was that those three would vote to evict her, while Elissa would vote to evict Spencer. This would result in a 3-3-1 tie, with GinaMarie breaking the tie and sending Amanda home. Helen reassured McCrae that Elissa will be voting out Candice. Helen said that Judd needs to be backdoored. McCrae agreed, saying that he is a dangerous player.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jessie was talking to Helen and Elissa about her concern that people will want them to nominate her and Spencer if it's a double eviction. Helen told Jessie that a double eviction is the time to make a big move cause there is no MVP. While this may have made Jessie feel better, Helen's big move still likely entails putting Jessie up in order to backdoor Judd.

Amanda questioned Aaryn about who she wanted GinaMarie to nominate. Aaryn said Jessie and Candice. Amanda then asked if her or Elissa's names ever came up. Aaryn said that Elissa's did, but not Amanda's. Amanda went on to point out that there is no way that Helen or Elissa will vote her out. She said that if it's a 3-3-1 vote, she will know that Aaryn voted against her. Aaryn was irritated that Amanda was suggesting that she doesn't have complete confidence in her. Aaryn said that if Amanda feels more confident in Elissa than in her, then she is telling her information to the wrong person. After Aaryn left, McCrae lectured Amanda on how what she said would come across as threatening. Amanda said that people would only get defensive about it if they were thinking of flipping. McCrae said that's not true, as people that are loyal would be defensive about it.

11:00-12:00 AM: GinaMarie had clarified to McCrae that Aaryn wanted Elissa and Amanda nominated weeks ago, not this week. Amanda eventually revealed to Aaryn that GinaMarie had told her that Aaryn wanted to nominate her and Elissa, which made her defensive. She told Aaryn that GinaMarie cleared things up now though. Aaryn then told GinaMarie that what she said to Amanda had caused some issues between them. GinaMarie said that she would go clear things up. The girls eventually all agreed to squash things.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda has her mind made up that Judd has to be the next to go. McCrae said that he wasn't sure that Judd needs to go. Amanda said that Judd has put her up the past two weeks and is a good player. McCrae agreed that Judd is a good player, but pointed out that he doesn't have any other options but to work with them. Amanda said that if Judd hadn't lied to them and put her up, then this wouldn't be an issue. McCrae said that Judd needs to go, but they are much stronger with him than without him. Amanda quickly shot that idea down, saying that Judd is trying to take her out so he can't stick around. Amanda was confused why Judd wouldn't nominate her as the MVP nominee over someone that people actually wanted out. She said that Elissa kept the blood off of her hands by working with everyone when she was the MVP. McCrae said that maybe Judd isn't the MVP, but Amanda is 100% convinced that it is Judd.

McCrae then brought up that they can't trust Aaryn either. Both agreed that GinaMarie is better to have around than Aaryn, but Amanda said that Aaryn needs to stay as long as possible so that she can take out Elissa and keep a target off of their backs. For now, Amanda said that they are most solid with Andy, Helen and Elissa. McCrae is worried that Elissa will come after him before any of the others.

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