Candice and Judd are evicted, Andy wins HoH

August 8, 2013

A Recap of Day 49 in the Big Brother 15 House

1:00-2:00 PM: While the feeds were down as Big Brother prepared for the live show, there was a bit of drama between Judd and Jessie. Judd evidently told Jessie to shut the fuck up. Jessie did not take too kindly to it. Judd felt that they were just joking around. Helen had Judd come talk to Jessie to try to calm things down. Things only got worse, as Jessie did not accept Judd's apology. Judd believe that Jessie was doing everything for attention. Judd told Jessie that he cannot stand her, that she is the worst person and that he is just being fake when he is nice to her. Judd said that Jessie makes this experience miserable for him. He said that they should never speak again. Jessie fired back by saying that Judd wants that so that he can go hang out with Aaryn.

Helen and Elissa took some time to discuss what their plans should be for the double eviction. Helen told Elissa that they cannot trust Judd whatsoever, as Judd wants them out of the game before jury. Helen said that Judd knows that they are not votes for him in the end, so he is plotting against them. Helen said that Judd will try to backdoor the two of them tonight, so they have to forget about going after Aaryn and GinaMarie tonight. Helen pointed out that she had brought Judd out to speak with Jessie because she knew that they would fight. Helen hoped to shift Judd's target off of her and Elissa and onto Jessie. Helen explained that she and Elissa need to look at the long term picture. Helen said that Amanda staying in the game for a while will ensure that Judd and Spencer will go and that the guys will not all align to pick off the girls. Helen said that they would lose the game if McCrae, Judd, Spencer and Andy aligned. Elissa tried to convince Helen that they need to at least keep Jessie around, but Helen said that Jessie will run to whoever is in power and will not be loyal to them.

5:00-6:00 PM: Helen and Elissa chatted with McCrae. When asked, McCrae said that he is fine with backdooring Judd tonight. He said that he would prefer not to be the one that has to do it, but that he would win HoH if it were between him and Jessie. McCrae said that he does believe that Judd is the one that nominated Amanda. Judd then joined in on the conversation. He made it clear that Jessie is his target tonight. As for the second nominee, he said that it would be someone that wouldn't go home. He told The Knockouts that he would not risk putting any of them on the block. Andy believes that Spencer is the best option to put on the block as a pawn. He said that someone like GinaMarie is more likely to hold a personal vendetta.

Andy then made his rounds to check in with people to see if the plan to backdoor Judd was still on. Helen told him that it is and that McCrae, Amanda and Elissa are all down for it. Next up, Andy spoke with McCrae. McCrae confirmed that he is on board. Andy asked if McCrae was sure that taking out Judd is the best move to make. McCrae said that isn't the best move for him personally, but he will do it for good of the group. Andy agreed that it had to be done, even though he said that it will kill him a bit because he likes Judd so much. McCrae agreed that Judd is a great guy.

6:00-7:00 PM: The live double eviction took place. Julie informed the houseguests that there would be a nine person jury this season. Things got heated during Candice's speech, as she and GinaMarie were firing some personal jabs at one another. Candice was eventually evicted by a vote of 7-0-0. The two took another shot at each other before Candice walked out the door. Candice made fun of GinaMarie living with her mother, while GinaMarie said that at least her mother likes her, not like Candice's (as Candice is adopted). Once things calmed down a bit, Julie announced that the MVP twist was over. It was then time for the HoH competition. Aaryn won her third HoH of the season. She nominated Jessie and Spencer for eviction. Aaryn then went on to win the Power of Veto. Helen got in Aaryn's ear and convinced her to backdoor Judd, saying that her, Elissa, Amanda, McCrae and Andy would have her back if she did it. Aaryn went through with it, taking Jessie off the block and nominating Judd in her place. Judd was then evicted by a 7-0 vote.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned after the eviction, and there were mixed emotions throughout the house. While the houseguests felt that they did what they needed to do for their game, many were upset about Judd's eviction on a personal level. Jessie and GinaMarie were the most surprised about what had happened. Amanda explained that she was Judd's target and that Judd wanted to get rid of the girls. Helen told Jessie that Judd wanted her out bad. Jessie was surprised about it, saying that she thought that Judd was the one person that she could trust. Jessie said that she felt so stupid, but thanked people for saving her. Andy quickly got to work on Spencer, telling him that Judd wanted him to be the first to go home once they reached jury. Andy told Spencer that he was not cool with that, so Judd had to go. Andy told Spencer that he can get in people's heads and will do what he can to keep him safe.

McCrae, Amanda and Andy discussed that things went exactly as planned. Andy said that hey have been getting spoiled lately, as everything that they have wanted to have happen has happened. They discussed that Judd will likely come back if America gets to vote someone back into the game. They believe that Judd would target Elissa and Helen, seeing as he hugged everyone but those two. Amanda told Andy and McCrae that they can trust Aaryn, seeing as she has no one else to turn to. Amanda then pulled Aaryn aside and told her that this was a huge move and that she, McCrae and Andy will never doubt her again. Amanda said that they will go to the Final 4 together. Aaryn later told Jessie that she hopes that she isn't just doing everyone's dirty work and then going home. She feels that it's probably going to happen.

The feeds then went down for the HoH competition.

10:00-11:00 PM: Andy is the new Head of Household. Andy chose Aaryn, Elissa, GinaMarie and Helen to be the have-nots for the week, though many of them apparently volunteered. Amanda was upset that she did not win HoH and also that McCrae did not let her beat him when they matched up. Evidently McCrae knocked Amanda out and then lost in the final matchup against Andy. McCrae tried to calm Amanda down, telling her that they keep the blood off of their hands and force Andy to get some on his. McCrae said that everything worked out perfectly. Amanda agreed but said that she just wanted to see her family.

Amanda spoke with Andy and told her that she plans to distance herself from him this week and act scared. Andy thought that that was a good idea. Andy's target is Jessie. He told Amanda that he will pull Spencer aside and swear to God that he is not going anywhere this week. In the event that Jessie wins the Power of Veto, he said that he would put GinaMarie up in her place.

11:00-12:00 AM: McCrae was shaken up from having to evict Judd. He was crying off and on throughout the night. Andy checked in on him and said that Judd never would have gone home had they given him four days to campaign. Both McCrae and Andy agreed that Judd's eviction was tough to take from a personal standpoint. They said that he is a really good guy and fun to be around.

Amanda then came to check on McCrae. She said that she knows that this was hard for McCrae to do. McCrae revealed that he doesn't think that Judd was up to all of the things that Amanda thinks that he was. Amanda said that it was so obvious that Judd was the MVP and that this move will help McCrae's game. McCrae said that he feels as though this move is the end of his game. Amanda tried to reassure him that everything will work out. She explained that Judd played too selfishly and too hard, too fast. Amanda said that they will need to start going after the people that will nominate the two of them together. She said that Jessie needs to go home this week, followed by Helen next week.

Andy, McCrae and Amanda then discussed the plan for the week ahead. As he had told Amanda earlier, Andy said that he will nominate Jessie and Spencer. The plan remains to evict Jessie. However, Andy said that if he is forced to put GinaMarie up on the block, she has to go home. This would happen if either Jessie or Spencer win the veto. He feels that GinaMarie would take things personally and would come after him, while he could explain to Jessie that nominating her was all part of his master plan.

2:00-3:00 AM: Jessie asked Elissa if she thinks that Helen has enough influence over Andy to push him in a certain direction. Elissa said that Andy will do whatever everyone is telling him to do. This led Jessie to believe that she will be going back on the block. She said that they all need to be on the same page with what they tell Andy. Elissa told her that she needs to start campaigning now and say GinaMarie's name over and over with Spencer's. Elissa said that people will freak if she says anyone else's names. Jessie wondered if Andy would make a power move, going after Amanda and McCrae. Elissa said that she would be shocked if he did.

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