Andy nominates Jessie and Spencer

August 9, 2013

A Recap of Day 50 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: McCrae, Amanda and Andy went over the plan for the week, once again. Jessie and Spencer will be nominated, with Jessie being the target. Andy is concerned about how to play things out if the veto is used. Andy explained that if GinaMarie goes up, she will have to go home. This was fine with everyone if Jessie wins the veto, but Amanda wants Jessie to go home over GinaMarie if Spencer wins the veto. Andy said that GinaMarie will not understand and will come after him if he puts her up. Andy explained that Jessie would believe that getting out GinaMarie was all part of the master plan, making her trust him even more. He said that he could then get Jessie to go after Elissa next week.

Amanda is set on Jessie going home, so she then threw it out there that she could go on the block as the replacement nominee since she would be a lock to stay. She also said that McCrae could, but McCrae shot that down because he believes that Elissa would take a shot at him if he goes up. Amanda then suggested Helen as a pawn. Amanda said that she would be guaranteed to stay, as her, McCrae and Elissa would be all of the votes that she needs. Andy said that they can worry about it when the time comes, if the veto is used.

11:00-12:00 PM: McCrae told Spencer that he is concerned that the girls will be coming after him. Spencer said that McCrae would be in some trouble if he were to be nominated next to Amanda. Spencer said that McCrae would have his vote, but it would be tough to get the rest of them. Spencer said that he thinks that Andy is also worried about the girls wiping them out. McCrae and Spencer discussed that they can trust Andy, even though they believe that there is a plan in place for Andy to be the last guy in the house. Spencer brought up that Amanda had mentioned that she, McCrae, Spencer, Aaryn and Andy are all on the same page. He asked McCrae if Aaryn was truly on board. McCrae said that after Aaryn took out Judd last night, she has to be.

McCrae said that he worries that evicting Judd was the worst mistake of the game. While Amanda was so dead set on Judd being the MVP, McCrae said that he isn't so sure that it was Judd. McCrae went on to say that he will be so upset if he goes home and sees that Judd was not the MVP. McCrae revealed to Spencer that he had a Final 2 deal with Judd since Day 1. McCrae said that it would have been smart for Judd to try to take out Amanda for that reason, as it would free him up to work even closer with Judd. Spencer was also unsure of whether or not Judd was truly the MVP. He pointed out that it was odd that Judd didn't plant any seeds to get Elissa out and also brought all of his info back to Amanda, when those are the people that he is being accused of nominating.

Moving forward, McCrae said that he would like to see Elissa leave next. He noted that she is already planting seeds with Amanda to take him out. McCrae said that the girls with run this game until the end if Elissa does not go next. Spencer said that he was on board, but always thought that Helen would go first. McCrae said that he is fine with either of those two leaving first, while also mentioning that Amanda is in favour of taking out Helen first as well.

Andy began holding his conversations about the upcoming nominations. Helen was up first. Andy revealed that he plans to nominate Jessie and Spencer. Helen said that Aaryn is going to push for Spencer to go, as Jessie is no longer after her after last night. Andy asked which of the two she would prefer to see leave. Helen told Andy that she was fine with whatever was best for his game. He said that Jessie needs to go. In the event that GinaMarie had to be put on the block, they agreed that she would have to be the one to leave. Andy then mentioned that Amanda had volunteered to go up as a pawn if Spencer wins the veto, securing Jessie's eviction. Andy brought up that Helen's name was thrown out there as another potential pawn. Helen said that she is not comfortable with that, so Andy said that he would not do it.

Helen then turned her focus to Amanda and McCrae. She told Andy that they only have so many chances left to break those two up, and she didn't want to lose the opportunity to make a move. Andy said that McCrae is good at competitions, Amanda is a thinker and they have proven trustworthy. He was against making a move on them at this time. Andy said that whichever of the two remains would then be gunning after them, which his something that he is not prepared to deal with. Andy promised Helen that there is no way that Amanda and McCrae would be after them if they won HoH next week. Helen continue to say that she is worried that Amanda and McCrae will strike first and then it will be too late. Andy told her that this game is all about timing and now is not the time to make that move.

Andy then asked what Helen would have done had she won HoH. Helen said that she would have nominated Amanda and McCrae, and then made a deal with one of them while sending the other one home. Helen said that she will go with Andy on this, this week, but she will put the gauntlet down the next time that they have the chance to take out Amanda or McCrae. She went on to say that Amanda and McCrae are the two reasons that they will not win this game. Helen and Andy agreed that they can beat anyone else in the house. Andy said that the time will come, in the next week or so, to break up Amanda and McCrae. When that time comes, Andy believes that McCrae needs to go first because he is the much bigger threat. Helen agreed, saying that Amanda cannot win endurance competitions. Ultimately, Helen said that she is on board with taking Jessie out over Spencer this week. She said that Jessie is too much of a wildcard and has proven to be disloyal.

12:00-1:00 PM: Next up, Andy spoke with Jessie. He quickly told her that she will not be going anywhere no matter what happens. He said that he a bigger plan. Jessie said that she will trust him. McCrae then spoke with Andy, reiterating that he down with Andy's plan to take Jessie out. He said that it is he, Amanda and Andy until the end. Andy told McCrae that he will need him to convince Amanda that GinaMarie needs to go home if Spencer were to win the veto. McCrae agreed. McCrae then said that his bigger concern is about next week, as he believes that Elissa will use that time as an opportunity to take a shot at him.

Andy also spoke to both GinaMarie and Elissa. The message was consistent with what he had been telling the others. He said that Jessie is his target, but he does not want Jessie to be tipped off to that. Both GinaMarie and Elissa said that they were on board. Finally, Andy spoke to Spencer. Andy was straight up with him and told him the entire plan, including what would happen if Jessie were to win the veto. Andy said that Spencer is the person whose back he has the most in this game. Andy said that it helps them both if he goes into next week with no one after him, so that's why he will have to do this move. Spencer was fine with being used as a pawn as long as the votes were guaranteed. Andy and Spencer said that they can use this week to solidify their bond moving forward. Andy explained that Spencer will see that he can trust him once the votes come out. Spencer said that he is putting his trust in Andy by being cool with being a pawn. Moving forward, Spencer asked that Andy keeps him involved in game talks and lets him know what's going on. Andy agreed to that.

1:00-2:00 PM: Finally, Aaryn got her chance to speak with Andy. When Andy revealed that Jessie would be going home, Aaryn had some concerns that Spencer was not the target. Andy explained that Jessie is after big targets, and not those that they want her to be after. Aaryn said that Spencer will do the same thing. Aaryn is concerned that Spencer would nominate her next to Amanda. Andy said that the only people that Spencer trusts are him and McCrae, so he would never do that. Andy informed Aaryn that GinaMarie would be the replacement nominee. Aaryn said that GinaMarie would have to go if she goes up, because she would go crazy. However, Aaryn said that she would have to throw a vote against Spencer in that case. She believes that GinaMarie would not understand if Aaryn voted against her. Andy was fine with that. Both Aaryn and Andy agreed that the only people that they care about are Amanda, McCrae and Helen. Aaryn said that she will protect those people until the Final Five.

6:00-7:00 PM: Andy went through with the plan, nominating Jessie and Spencer for eviction. Spencer quickly touched base with Andy after the nomination ceremony took place. He said that he is cool with this because he has complete trust in Andy. Andy told Spencer that he will include him in his future plans, regardless of who else he decides to align with. Spencer said that he is focusing on making it through this week and to the point where the pairs begin to turn on each other. Andy said that he thinks that that could happen as soon as next week.

McCrae informed Amanda that Spencer wants Elissa gone. Amanda said that Helen has to go first. She said to tell Spencer to nominate those two together though. Amanda said that it would even be nice if Helen could go this week, but she knows that Andy would never do that. Amanda then told Andy that, after this week, Helen needs to go at the first opportunity that they get to take her out. She said that they can tell Elissa that Helen referred to her as "disposable", which would make Elissa less upset to see Helen leave. Amanda told Andy and McCrae to solidify a Final 3 with Helen in order to ensure that she does not nominate two of them together if she were to win HoH. Amanda said to tell Helen that they want to bring Amanda and Elissa to the Final 5 as part of the deal, to make it believable.

7:00-8:00 PM: Aaryn then talked to Amanda, revealing that she was thinking that Spencer would be the target. Amanda said that Spencer is not targeting her or McCrae. She then threw Aaryn's name on to the list of people that Spencer is not after. Amanda informed Aaryn that neither GinaMarie nor Spencer would be the targets for next week. Aaryn was surprised to hear this. Amanda then said that they need either Elissa or Helen to go next, as Helen is targeting Amanda and Elissa is targeting Aaryn. Aaryn believed that Elissa had gotten over her issues with her. Amanda told Aaryn that Elissa was not over it and was still targeting her.

Aaryn told Amanda that Helen would likely go after McCrae, not her. This was not good enough for Amanda, as she did not want to lose McCrae either. Aaryn believed that Helen truly wants to work with her and Amanda, but Amanda shot it down. She then told Andy what Aaryn was thinking. Andy told Aaryn that Helen has a Final 2 deal with him. Amanda pointed out that Elissa also has a Final 2 deal with Helen. Aaryn then asked who they would want her to nominate if she won HoH. Amanda said Elissa and either GinaMarie or Spencer. The plan would then be to backdoor Helen if the veto was used. Aaryn said that she would prefer not to be the one that has to nominate Helen or GinaMarie. Amanda said that she would have no problem doing it if Aaryn threw HoH to her. Aaryn said that she is only comfortable with nominating Elissa, Spencer and Jessie at this point. Amanda said that they need to keep Spencer around cause Andy has a hold on him, just like they need to keep GinaMarie around because Aaryn has a hold on her.

Andy, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae all quickly met up and discussed a potential alliance name. Aaryn suggested "3AM". They are going with that name for now. They decided that they need to make sure to keep everything under wraps and not be seen hanging out together. Aaryn and Andy got a minute alone. Aaryn asked Andy if they could trust Helen. Andy said that Helen is loyal to the two of them. That being said, Andy said that they will need to strike against Helen. He believes that Helen may end up taking Elissa to the end. On top of that, both of them agreed that Helen could beat them in the end. Andy said that it will be he and Aaryn against Amanda and McCrae when they get down to the Final 4. Aaryn believes that the two of them are stronger than Amanda and McCrae. Andy agreed.

8:00-9:00 PM: Andy told Helen that he is considering telling Jessie that she is totally safe and can take prizes if they are available in the veto competition. He said that he would be a total asshole to do it. Helen said that it may be a good move, but could end up costing Andy a jury vote from Jessie. Andy wants Jessie to be completely blindsided and feel safe as possible. The plan remains that Jessie will go home unless Spencer wins the veto. In that case, GinaMarie would go home. Helen later spoke with Jessie and told her that Andy is planning to keep her safe this week. Helen said that everyone would like that to happen. Jessie reassured Helen that she will have her back moving forward and will never put her up. Jessie said that she would let Helen have some input on her nominations if she were to win HoH, as well.

11:00-12:00 AM: Helen told Elissa that she doesn't feel as though evicting Jessie or GinaMarie is a big move, and that Andy is choosing to play it safe. Helen is concerned that Andy may be more loyal to McCrae and Amanda than to them. This left her to ponder who will go after Amanda and McCrae. Elissa and Helen agreed that they need to backdoor Amanda or McCrae if they get the opportunity, potentially even this week if they can talk Andy into it. Helen said that they would be screwed if Amanda and McCrae were to strike first.

Jessie turned to Aaryn for advice. Aaryn told her that her best bet is to make everyone feel safe. She explained that the only reason to take her out would be if people are afraid that she is going to make big moves. Jessie said that something has got to give, otherwise she, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer will go. Aaryn agreed. She asked Jessie if she would nominate Amanda and McCrae if she stayed. Jessie said potentially.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda and McCrae decided that McCrae should tell Helen that he wants to make the Final 3 with her and Andy because he is afraid that everyone would take Amanda to the Final 2 over him. They then discussed that Aaryn cannot make it to the Final 3, otherwise she will win the game. They said that Elissa would be the best person to take at this point, seeing as she hasn't won anything.

1:00-2:00 AM: Amanda told McCrae that she really wants Helen backdoored if Jessie wins the veto. She said that only Elissa will be mad. McCrae said that she cannot push it, cause that would be on Andy's hands and he is working the middle. Amanda said that there is no way that Andy will break his Final 4 with them. McCrae said that doesn't matter and it's pushing it to expect Andy to backdoor Helen.

2:00-3:00 AM: Amanda and McCrae discussed the eviction order. They said that Jessie has to go first, then Helen. After that, Amanda called the next 3 interchangeable, those being Spencer, GinaMarie and Aaryn, McCrae said that Elissa needs to be saved for last, while Aaryn has to go sooner than later because she is capable of winning comps. Amanda thinks that Spencer needs to go before GinaMarie.

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