Andy wins the PoV. For now, Jessie remains the target

August 10, 2013

A Recap of Day 51 in the Big Brother 15 House

8:00-9:00 PM: Andy won the Power of Veto. The plan all along was for Jessie to be the target this week. Up to this point, Andy has shown no signs of being willing to use the veto. Aaryn went to Andy and said that Jessie is looking to nominate McCrae and Amanda if she wins HoH, so she is fine with Jessie remaining the target. Aaryn and Andy went over the pros and cons of each Jessie and Spencer leaving. Andy's main concern with Spencer is that he is harder to read and is more difficult to manipulate. Andy and Aaryn both said that they have a gut feeling that Spencer will be the one to get them out of the game. That being said, they felt that Jessie staying around would pose a threat to the people that they are closest to, mainly Amanda and Mccrae. Andy said that they can continue to think things over as the week progresses and figure out what is best for the two of them.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda and McCrae discussed what they would do if they won HoH next week. Amanda said that she would nominate Spencer and GinaMarie, then backdoor Helen. McCrae said that he would nominate Spencer and GinaMarie, then backdoor Elissa. Amanda said that was a dumb thing to do, seeing as Elissa is not coming after them. Amanda told McCrae to think about the game and not play personally.

Amanda told Andy that Jessie definitely needs to go this week, seeing as she would nominate her and McCrae together. Amanda doesn't believe that Spencer would do the same. Andy said that he is leaning towards evicting Jessie but wants to let the week play out before making a final decision. Amanda again pointed out that Jessie is after her and McCrae, even though she may keep Andy safe. Andy was concerned that Spencer may nominate him next to Helen. Amanda said that Helen isn't a part of their alliance, so it's not a big deal. Andy explained that he doesn't want Helen going anytime soon. Andy ultimately stuck with what he had originally said, telling Amanda that he is leaning towards taking Jessie out but wants to take some more time to think it over.

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