Jessie promises to "blow everybody's shit out of the water"

August 12, 2013

A Recap of Day 53 in the Big Brother 15 House

At the veto ceremony, Andy did as expected and chose not to use the Power of Veto. Either Jessie or Spencer will be evicted on Thursday. The plan all along has been for Jessie to be blindsided by a 6-0 vote. Andy has instructed everyone to make Jessie feel safe, even though he knows very well that she will be going home.

8:00-9:00 PM: Aaryn and Jessie spoke, with Aaryn telling Jessie that she expects her to stay this week otherwise it means that she was not in the know and will probably be the next one out. Jessie was concerned that Helen and Elissa have been treating her differently this week, saying that Helen won't even look at her. This led Jessie to say that she would rather duke it out with Amanda and McCrae in the end than Helen and Elissa. Jessie said that she would go after Elissa if she stayed. While Jessie had some concerns, she said that she would be completely blindsided if she were to be evicted. Aaryn told Jessie to make sure that Amanda and McCrae are aware that she would be going after Helen and Elissa.

Aaryn then went to Andy and told him about the conversation. Aaryn explained that Jessie believes that her only move is to work with Amanda and McCrae. Andy said that he feels as though Jessie still has to go home, as this shows how quickly she flips from one side to another. Andy spoke to Jessie and told her that he had instructed Helen to keep Spencer close to make him feel safe. Jessie mentioned that she was open to work with Amanda and McCrae if Helen and Elissa aren't going to have her back.

10:00-11:00 PM: Andy talked to Helen and Elissa, letting them know that they have to work on their poker faces cause Jessie is on to them. Andy informed them that Jessie now wants to flip on them, not Amanda and McCrae. Some of the girls were chatting up in the HoH room. Jessie then asked Helen to play pool. Once they got outside. Jessie revealed that she felt that Helen had thrown her under the bus by casually mentioning that Jessie was targeting Amanda. Helen said that it was common knowledge. Jessie said that she feels as though Helen isn't looking out for her, while she has had Helen's back for three weeks. Helen walked away, saying that it's a lie and that Jessie had been trying to flip the house against her and Elissa.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jessie pulled McCrae aside and told him that she had been loyal to Helen, but feels that Helen has been screwing her over. Jessie told McCrae that Helen and Elissa were on board with evicting Amanda and that Elissa had told her to go make out with Judd in attempt to get him on board as well. Jessie said that Spencer could work with Helen and Elissa if he stays. Amanda then broke the conversation up, later telling McCrae that really annoyed her that McCrae and Jessie were alone behind a closed door. Jessie followed them outside and again explained what was going on, saying that the plan was to take out Amanda but Judd and Andy had shut it down.

Amanda then made her way upstairs to tell Helen and Elissa that Jessie is telling people that they tried to flip the house to get her out last week. Helen and Elissa went downstairs to defend themselves. Helen questioned why Jessie was telling people that they were scheming to take Amanda out. Jessie replied with "because you were". Both Helen and Elissa continued to deny everything. Helen eventually walked away after saying "see ya! You're leaving Thursday!" to Jessie.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jessie and Helen spoke again, with Jessie expressing her concern that she may be headed home after what happened. Helen said that she already told everyone not to hold this against her and that nobody is voting Jessie out. Jessie again confronted Helen about having told her that Elissa was on board with evicting Amanda. Helen said that she didn't remember that. Helen told Jessie that she had no intention of taking Amanda out of the game. She said that she needed Amanda to take out Judd. Helen said that she may have told her she was on board, but she never was. Helen eventually said that she was done apologizing. Jessie said that it's because she has no story and is trying to throw her under the bus.

1:00-2:00 AM: Helen, Aaryn, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda were all together in a room talking about what had gone down. They were discussing that Jessie is starting to realize that they have all been lying to her and that she has no votes this week. Jessie was eavesdropping on much of the conversation. She found out that Andy was involved in it all as well. Jessie went to Andy and told him that she now knows everything. She told Andy to tell his friends that they need to be more careful. Andy asked what Jessie had heard. Jessie replied by asking "what do you think I heard?". Andy went to the have-not room and informed Helen, Elissa and Aaryn that Jessie had listened in on their conversation with McCrae and Amanda, now knows everything.

Jessie made her way outside to speak with Spencer and GinaMarie, both of whom were not involved in the conversation that Jessie had overhead. Jessie told them that this is all good news for them, as she will be a vote for either of them if they make it to the Final 2. Jessie then began to give her opinion of some of the houseguests. She told Spencer and GinaMarie to be careful of Andy, seeing as he lied to her face. She told them that Aaryn is also a rat and talks shit about GinaMarie all the time and also wants Spencer out of the house. Jessie said that the group is so close knit and that you cannot break that up, cause they have rats all over the house.

Jessie continued to spill everything to Spencer and GinaMarie. She told them that Helen and Elissa are lying their asses off and really were after Amanda. Jessie said that she would put money on it that Helen and McCrae will make the Final 2, because both of them have a fall person. She explained that nobody will want to leave Amanda in the house after evicting McCrae, cause she would go bat shit crazy. She also said that everyone will want Elissa gone before Helen. Jessie told them both that they can do the most damage by nominating Helen and McCrae together, as one will go home. Jessie told GinaMarie and Spencer that "my plan of action, in a very ladylike manner, is to blow everybody's shit out of the water this week". She went on to say that she will do her best to turn everyone against each other and basically make them all hate each other.

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