Jessie "terrorizes" the houseguests

August 13, 2013

A Recap of Day 54 in the Big Brother 15 House

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessie woke up and began to get under the skin of her fellow houseguests. A number of the have-nots were in the kitchen, so she decided to cook some bacon and be sure to let everyone know just how good it was going to taste. Aaryn went and told Spencer that Jessie was doing that, had poured out the chocolate milk and was using her personal cup to drink from. She then told GinaMarie what was going on. GinaMarie questioned if they should terrorize Jessie back. Aaryn said that they are going to ignore her and pretend like she doesn't exist, while acting extremely happy.

Jessie then took things outside, where Aaryn was laying out by the pool. She told Aaryn that Elissa still talks shit about her, calling her, Amanda, Kaitlin and GinaMarie skanks and slutty. The two engaged in some back and forth banter, with Jessie telling Aaryn that she sold her out and is a lying, backstabbing, fake person. Aaryn began questioning why Jessie was even talking to her, mentioning that it was not a classy way of going out. Jessie said that she is going with the Rachel method, choosing to annoy the shit out of people. Jessie said that Aaryn is even more bat shit crazy than she had thought if she thinks that she will go down without a fight. Jessie eventually called out Aaryn on wanting to be a celebrity because of the show, saying that she has an agent. Aaryn fired back by saying that she has an agent cause she makes money doing commercials, while is Jessie is unemployed. Aaryn told Jessie that she doesn't know how to play the game, and asked how it felt to not even make it to the Top 8. Jessie said that she cannot wait to see Aaryn in jury in two weeks, and asked how Aaryn felt selling her soul to everyone in order to make the Top 8.

Jessie told Amanda that part of her game is to piss everyone off. Amanda said she knows exactly what Jessie is doing, referring to it as an "Evel Dick". Jessie explained that she will go up on the block every single week if she is kept around. Jessie told Amanda that it's pathetic how everyone runs to her and tells her everything, but gave Amanda props for playing a great game. She pointed out that Amanda hasn't even won a single competition, but is somehow the most powerful person in the house.

Jessie saw Helen and Spencer doing the trash, so she called them a cute a cute couple. She then said "good morning, liar!" when she sat next to Helen outside. Helen got up and walked away. Jessie then turned her attention to Elissa, continuously calling her "Rachel's Shadow". Elissa was laying out in the sun, so Jessie decided to go lay out just inches away from her. She then asked Elissa how it feels to not even be half the player that her sister was. All the while, Elissa just ignored Jessie and smiled.

3:00-4:00 PM: Helen spoke with Andy and apologized for what is going on with Jessie. She feels partially responsible due to her arguments with Jessie last night. Helen believes that Jessie is doing this to take her down. Talk then shifted to next week, with Helen saying that she would likely nominate GinaMarie and Spencer, looking to backdoor a bigger player. McCrae and Andy formed a fake Final 3 with Helen over the weekend, with the goal of keeping McCrae and Amanda from going on the block together. Helen seems to have bought into it, as she said that she will not backdoor Amanda without having McCrae and Andy sign off on it first.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jessie talked to Andy and asked why he ran straight to Helen and Elissa to tell them that she was thinking of flipping. He said that he was trying to help the situation and get them all back on the same page. Jessie pointed out that he ended up doing the exact opposite. She explained that she will likely not be good with Helen and Elissa until they come clean about their involvement in trying to get Amanda out last week. Jessie then said that people basically said that she was the one that was going home all along. Andy told her that that was not his intention and that he doesn't know what is making people flip. Jessie told Andy that he is still good in her books and that she would like to help him out moving forward. Andy then went to Amanda, McCrae and Spencer. He explained that Jessie is somehow still good with him. He told Amanda and McCrae that they are doing a good job of selling things, as Jessie is not after them either. He then questioned if he should tell Jessie the truth that she is going home. He decided that he may sit her down on Thursday to let her know.

6:00-7:00 PM: Amanda noted that Spencer is dangerous and that she doesn't want what has happened to derail everyone from how dangerous Spencer is. Helen agreed, saying that Spencer needs to go next week. Amanda then discussed her plans with McCrae. She said that she believes that Aaryn would nominate Spencer and Elissa, then they could get her to backdoor Helen. Amanda said that they have a two week window to get Helen out of the house. They discussed having McCrae and Andy tell Helen that the plan for next week is to backdoor Aaryn, just in case Helen ends up in power. They would have the votes to save Aaryn if she did end up going on the block.

10:00-11:00 PM: The houseguests were preparing for the "McCranda" Big Brother wedding throughout the evening. Just prior to the start of the wedding, Jessie decided to apologize to a number of people for the way that she acted throughout the day. She apologized to Aaryn, Helen and Elissa, telling them that she lost her cool and took things personally. She said that that's not who she is and that she would like to remain friends with them outside of the house. The wedding then got underway. Andy was the minister, Spencer was the best man and ring bearer, Elissa was the Maid of Honor, Helen was the mother of the groom, and Jessie, GinaMarie and Aaryn were bridesmaids. For pictures of the wedding, like us on Facebook here.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jessie tried to do some campaigning to both Amanda and McCrae. She was frustrated that it seems as though she has to get the whole house on board, seeing as everyone decides to vote the same every week. Amanda told her that she just needs to get the majority, then the others will follow. Amanda told Jessie that she doesn't feel as though she helps her game at this point, as she understands that she is a threat to her. Jessie explained that things are now different at this point in the game, alluding to the fact that she will be after Helen and Elissa. Amanda and McCrae encouraged her to talk to others, then get back to them with what she had found out. Amanda later told McCrae that she considered keeping Jessie around, but she flip flops too much. She said that she would like to just tell Jessie to give up.

Amanda then asked if McCrae thought that she would be a target anytime soon. He said she could be next week. Amanda said that she really doesn't think so. McCrae cautioned her not to get too comfortable. Amanda pointed out that they both have good games, yet are so different, so it's possible that they could make the Final 2 together. Amanda said that she would like to take Elissa, not Aaryn, to the Final 4. McCrae didn't like that idea, saying that he would be worried that Amanda would take Elissa over him. Amanda said that there is no way and that she wouldn't even hesitate to take McCrae over anyone else. McCrae said that he would want to take Elissa over her, cause she is so easy to beat, but wouldn't.

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