Helen and Elissa discuss taking out Amanda

August 14, 2013

A Recap of Day 55 in the Big Brother 15 House

12:00-1:00 PM: Helen told Elissa that she needs to win HoH tomorrow. Elissa said that she would put up Amanda and McCrae if she did win. Helen said that Amanda would need to be the one to go, cause they cannot beat Amanda in the end. Helen was unsure if they should nominate Amanda and McCrae, thinking that the backdoor route is the way to go. Helen said that it would be a week of hell if Amanda and McCrae are both nominated. Elissa told Helen that it will be funny. Helen said that Elissa can do what she wants to do, but they need to win HoH first.

Helen told Elissa that they need to talk to Aaryn and tell her that they will not put her up if they win, if Aaryn won't put them up if she wins. Elissa said that it's a good idea. She said that she is able to tolerate Aaryn now, but feels that Aaryn is only being nice because of jury. Elissa said that Aaryn is still a big player that needs to go. Helen told Elissa that she agrees but feels that other people would get Aaryn out for them, while there are less people to take out Amanda and McCrae. Helen said that Andy is so close to Amanda and McCrae that he would never do it.

Helen told Elissa that Amanda has yet to win a competition and is going to want it bad, so that's the last person that they want to win HoH tomorrow. Helen said that Amanda could backdoor one of them, so they need to beat her to the punch. Helen explained that her worst fear is that she and Elissa will be separated next week if Amanda wins HoH. Elissa told Helen that she feels that it's important to put up two players that are strong and that they wouldn't mind leaving, so that's why she thinks that McCrae and Amanda both have to be nominated.

Helen said that they need to make sure that Amanda is the one to go, cause McCrae will be weak the second that Amanda leaves. On the other hand, Helen believes that Amanda will still be strong without McCrae. Helen believes that Amanda would just align with Aaryn if McCrae were to go. Helen said that Aaryn is a comp champ, so it would be dangerous if she and Amanda aligned. Helen said that it's key to get Aaryn to choose them over Amanda and McCrae. Helen believes that Aaryn is beginning to trust her more than she trusts Amanda. Helen again reiterated that it's imperative that they win HoH and control the house, otherwise Amanda and McCrae will win and take one of them out.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jessie told Aaryn that she is willing to make an offer to both her and GinaMarie. Jessie said that she is willing to throw HoH and also to volunteer to go on the block next week. Jessie explained that this may be the only chance to get Spencer out, seeing as he is a strong player. Aaryn suggested that Jessie also offer to do what she did, letting someone control her nominations if she were to win HoH. Aaryn went to Amanda and told her what Jessie was offering. Amanda responded by saying that there is no way that Jessie is staying this week.

3:00-4:00 PM: Jessie then campaigned to Elissa. She told Elissa that her social game is now "in the dirt", so nobody wants to work with her. Jessie said that she is willing to throw HoH and go on the block next week. Elissa said that it's a really good offer. Elissa was disappointed that everything happened with Jessie's blow up the day before, as she wanted to work with her a lot more than with Spence.r. Jessie said that they could try to build back up that trust if she stays around. Jessie asked Elissa to speak with Helen and at least consider to keep her around.

Aaryn and Andy met up in the HoH room. Aaryn said that she wants to keep the Final 4 with Amanda and McCrae, but will end it the second that they even consider her as a legit target. Aaryn told Andy that her loyalty is to him over Amanda and McCrae, cause she knows that they only care about each other. Andy agreed, saying that Amanda and McCrae will be taking each other to the end. Andy told Aaryn that he would take out anyone over her, as she is his "secret weapon" that could take him to the end. Aaryn agreed, saying that she would protect Andy over anyone else. Aaryn acknowledged that Amanda and McCrae will want to pick her off first when their Final 4 eventually breaks up.

8:00-9:00 PM: McCrae, Amanda and Andy had previously discussed that they would tell Helen and Elissa that the plan for next week is to backdoor Aaryn. In actuality, they would backdoor Helen. The goal of this was to try to keep Helen and Elissa from striking at them and also to have Elissa use the veto if she won it, thinking that Aaryn would be going home. Amanda and McCrae each had talks with Elissa, bringing up that Aaryn is dangerous and will be tough to beat in the end. They made it clear that backdooring Aaryn is high on the priority list. Spencer and GinaMarie's names were also thrown out there as short term targets. Amanda later suggested that they throw GinaMarie's name out there more often, to hopefully save the fake Final 3 of Helen/Andy/McCrae when Aaryn ends up staying. The goal would be to make it seem less sketchy that they kept Aaryn around.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jessie has not yet given up on the week. She made her way around the house to campaign. Earlier in the evening, she spoke with Aaryn. Jessie was trying to understand why Aaryn wouldn't keep her. Aaryn more or less told her that she throws everyone under the bus, so it's hard for anyone to work with her. Jessie also spoke to Helen, who told her that she doesn't want to be the one making the decision. Helen said that she will go with the house. Finally, Jessie spoke with Amanda. Amanda told Jessie that no one would know which side she is on, so it's tough to keep her. Jessie mentioned that she is taking all the heat for targeting Amanda, but Helen and Elissa were just as much on board as she was. Jessie explained that she felt as though she was going to get picked off, so she had to try to change something up. Jessie said that Helen disassociated herself from her and then threw her under the bus when she was on the block. Jessie told Amanda that her biggest mistake was choosing Helen and Elissa over her three or four weeks ago.

1:00-2:00 AM: Amanda spoke with Elissa and filled her in on her conversation with Jessie. Amanda mentioned that Jessie was saying that Elissa and Helen were every bit as on board with evicting her as she was. Amanda then told Elissa that she won't be leaving anytime soon, saying that she would take her to Final 3 if it was up to her. Amanda even said that she wouldn't rule out not taking McCrae to Final 2, seeing as she isn't sure that she could win over him. Elissa told Helen that Amanda had brought up that Jessie was saying they had just as much involvement in trying to get Amanda out as she did. Helen was annoyed by this.

Helen went to McCrae and said that the fact that Amanda would even listen to Jessie at this point is amazing to her. Helen said that it was Jessie's failed plan to get Amanda out, cause they could have voted her out twice had they wanted to. Helen then pointed out that it's even making her wonder if McCrae coming to her and Andy for a Final 3 deal was all a setup just to see if they wanted to get Amanda out. McCrae tried to reassure Helen that that was not the case. McCrae said that Amanda is just in one of her paranoid states. Helen said that she is getting worried about keeping Amanda in the game, cause Amanda might come after her. McCrae told Helen that it won't happen, cause Amanda won't go against him like that. McCrae eventually said that Amanda cannot go home next week, but possibly the week after. He said that people like Aaryn, Spencer and GinaMarie need to be dealt with first, which is what the fake alliance had agreed upon earlier. Andy, McCrae and Helen said that they would manage HoH together and would likely go after Aaryn and GinaMarie.

2:00-3:00 AM: McCrae informed Amanda and Andy that Helen is freaked out that Amanda was questioning Elissa about Helen leading the charge to evict her. McCrae said that Helen was even questioning if the Final 3 was a setup. Andy said that they don't need to worry, as Helen believes that she masterminded the whole Final 3 and will clue her in if she is concerned about McCrae. McCrae said that Helen is too good and will win this game for sure if she makes it any deeper. Amanda said that Helen needs to go in the next two weeks no matter what.

Amanda and McCrae had earlier discussed that McCrae and Andy should try to make a fake Final 3 with Spencer in order to keep him close. Andy said that Spencer didn't mind the idea but was concerned that they are making Final 3s with others such as Aaryn. McCrae mentioned that Helen is starting to get close with Aaryn. Amanda figured that she would then go up if Helen wouldn't target Aaryn. McCrae said that it won't matter anyway, seeing as they have the votes. McCrae also pointed out that Helen told him that she would throw HoH to him if it came down to the two of them. Amanda said that they are in such a good spot cause no one sees their alliance with Aaryn. McCrae said that he would love to nominate Aaryn in order to throw people off even further.

While Jessie has been offering deals to many throughout the house, she has little to no hope of staying at this point. Everything is on track for her to be evicted by a unanimous vote.

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