Aaryn wins HoH. The plan is to target Helen

August 15, 2013

A Recap of Day 56 in the Big Brother 15 House

6:00-7:00 PM: In yet another unanimous vote (6-0), Jessie was evicted from the Big Brother house. The HoH competition was a knockout and came down to Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn. Amanda went up against McCrae, who we later found out had intentionally picked the wrong answer to let Amanda move on. In the final round, both Aaryn and Amanda took their time before Aaryn finally decided to pick the right answer, giving her her fourth HoH of the season. Julie announced that a juror would be returning to the game next week. Candice, Judd, Jessie and next week's evictee will compete to get back into the house, on next Thursday's live show.

7:00-8:00 PM: When the feeds returned, Amanda was crying about not being able to win any competitions. She said that she was fine with not winning until McCrae asked her why she doesn't ever win anything. She ended up going to the storage room and hiding behind a trash can to cry. Meanwhile, Aaryn and GinaMarie were discussing how upset they were with Elissa. Evidently, Elissa had said that she did not want to sit next to the two girls during the live show. They felt that Elissa thinks that she is better than them and said that it hurt. Amanda quickly jumped on this opportunity, telling Aaryn that it makes things a lot easier for her nominations, as she now has a reason to nominate Elissa. Similarly, she has reason to nominate Helen because she would be a vote for Elissa.

Amanda and McCrae met up again to talk things over. Amanda told McCrae that Aaryn is going to win this game cause she has all of these great moves that she (Amanda) concocted. Amanda said that Aaryn needs to nominate Elissa and Helen so that Helen cannot win PoV and take Helen down. They would then tell Helen that Elissa is the target when, in fact, it is really Helen. McCrae went over this plan with Aaryn. McCrae told Aaryn to explain to Helen that they don't want to put her in a position to have to vote out Elissa, so she is going up with her. Aaryn said that she would rather have Elissa go home. McCrae agreed but said that Helsn is more dangerous and Amanda would not be on board with taking Elissa out. Aaryn made McCrae and Amanda swear that they would not vote her out over anyone but each other next week. They agreed. Amanda and Andy then met up and Andy said that even in the worst case scenario they get Elissa out this week. Amanda and Andy couldn't believe that they have gotten everything that they wanted since the start of the game.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda filled Spencer in on the plan for the week ahead. Spencer was cool with it and said that he would nominate whoever remains out of Elissa and Helen next week, if he were to win HoH. Amanda and Spencer agreed that Helen is the one that needs to go this week. Spencer mentioned that he hopes that Elissa doesn't go to jury and simply decides to go home, as she has previously mentioned that she would do this.

11:00-12:00 AM: Helen was up in the HoH room, trying to do damage control with regards to the comments that Elissa made about not wanting to sit by Aaryn and GinaMarie. Aaryn was upset because she felt that her and Elissa had finally moved past things. GinaMarie believed that it had to do with money and Elissa feeling that she is above them because she has more stuff. Helen said that Elissa puts so much pressure on herself and gets so nervous, that she does dumb things around competition time. Helen also said that Elissa was really missing her family and probably feels upset that she can't match up to the same game that her sister had. The girls understood those things, but still didn't feel as though it was necessary for Elissa to not want to sit by them.

Helen then went and told Elissa that she tried to fix things, but she thinks that Elissa will be going up. Helen said that she doesn't know who the second nominee will be, but has a feeling that it will be her. Elissa told Helen that she didn't even say anything to GinaMarie or Aaryn about not wanting to sit next to them. She explained that she only told Helen, McCrae and Amanda about that. Helen said that she didn't go back to the girls and tell them, so it had to have come from McCrae or Amanda. Elissa said that she didn't want to sit next to them because she was upset and missed her family, and just wanted to be alone. Helen suggested that Elissa tried to mend things with Aaryn, but Elissa didn't feel that she had done anything wrong.

Elissa then brought up that she didn't want to go to jury if she were to be evicted, saying that she would go home instead. Helen was upset about this. Helen asked Elissa if she would really not be there at the end to vote for her or Andy if they were able to make it to the Final 2. Helen told Elissa to think about that, and then she headed up to the HoH room. Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy and GinaMarie were up in the HoH room and had just agreed that the five of them need to stick together. Helen then entered the room and began crying. Everyone asked what was wrong, so Helen revealed that Elissa said that she will go home instead of going to jury. Helen explained that she won't have many votes if Elissa goes home.

12:00-1:00 AM: Many of the houseguests continued to reassure Helen that she would be okay and that Elissa will be talked out of leaving jury if she gets evicted. Aaryn told Helen that everyone in the room cares about her more than Elissa does and that Elissa likely has no intention of being there for Helen. McCrae and Aaryn went downstairs and discussed how annoyed they are with Elissa. McCrae said that it was taking everything in him not to go blow up on Elissa. He said that it shows a lack of respect for everything when Elissa is threatening to walk. Aaryn wants Elissa to go home over Helen. McCrae said that he would love to see Helen win the veto so that that could happen. Amanda and Spencer then made their way downstairs to talk to McCrae. Amanda said that she feels no sympathy for Helen. Spencer said that they need to get Helen out of there, then they can worry about Elissa. McCrae agreed. Amanda also agreed, saying that little does Helen know that she should be protecting herself more than Elissa.

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