Helen begins to realize that her game is in danger

August 18, 2013

A Recap of Day 59 in the Big Brother 15 House

12:00-1:00 PM: Helen talked over the voting situation with Elissa. Elissa said that Helen needs to make sure that they don't vote her out. Helen believed that she had Elissa, Andy, McCrae and GinaMarie. She said that she trusts McCrae but not Amanda. Elissa told Helen that she had overhead a conversation in which GinaMarie said that Helen has been lobbying for her vote but she will be voting her out anyway. Elissa pleaded with Helen not to saying anything, as she cannot deal with a fight with GinaMarie. Helen figures that GinaMarie is pissed that she was cheering Elissa on during the veto competition. Helen the pondered if Amanda was trying to get her out. Elissa said she didn't know but "I'm sure. I mean, don't you think?". Helen said that she trusts McCrae but not Amanda. She said that it's obvious that Amanda is after her, so she needs to get McCrae to keep her but doesn't know if he will. Helen said that it will come down to needing Elissa, Andy and McCrae's votes. Helen wondered if Andy would vote her out. Elissa said she wasn't sure, while Helen said that she does not believe that he would.

Elissa said that Spencer feels really safe, which is weird, and they obviously want to break up hers and Helen's votes. Helen told Elissa to threaten to go after them if they do not vote for her to stay. She then took it back and said don't do anything until she has a change to campaign herself. Helen plans to reveal "everything" that has happened up to this point if she is voted out. She said that she will make it clear to Amanda and McCrae that she will expose The Knockouts alliance and everything else that has happened up to this point to GinaMarie and Aaryn. Helen believes that Aaryn will realize that Amanda has been playing her this entire time, once she finds out about The Knockouts. Elissa questioned whether or not Aaryn and Amanda had ever tried to make an alliance with Helen. Helen denied it. Elissa said "never?" and Helen said no. Amanda had told Elissa about the "3 PM Package" alliance that she, Helen and Aaryn made, yesterday. Helen said that the only time that the three of them worked together was when they talked about Judd being shady. Helen went on to say that Elissa becomes a swing vote and could go to anyone if she were to be evicted, which would be dangerous for others.

2:00-3:00 PM: Helen talked to Aaryn about how difficult it is going to be to take out Amanda and McCrae. Helen said that they want to go to the end together, have so many people on their side and would be tough to win against. Helen said that Amanda is trying to get everyone to go against each other, such as turning Helen against Aaryn and Elissa against Aaryn. She explained that the biggest game changing move would be if Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen and Elissa aligned to get rid of everyone else.

Helen told Aaryn that Amanda is using her to get people out because she knows that Aaryn can win competitions. Helen hinted that she knew that Amanda was targeting her. Aaryn said that she is still nominating Spencer and is still fine with him leaving. Helen told Aaryn that she will ensure that Elissa does not take Aaryn out, even promising to vote to keep Aaryn if Elissa nominated her. Aaryn said that she feels as though McCrae is playing everyone and is telling every single person that he has their back. Helen then said that she feels she has had her blinders on with Andy. Aaryn said that she has too, saying that Andy has gone and told Amanda everything that she has ever said. Aaryn revealed that she feels as though Andy and Spencer are very tight.

3:00-4:00 PM: Helen and Aaryn eventually brought Andy and Elissa up to the HoH room to discuss the plan. Andy reassured Helen that he never has to worry about her. Andy said that Helen will have his vote. Elissa told Aaryn that people are trying to pit them against each other. She said that she is willing to let bygones be bygones. Aaryn agreed. They all discussed that Amanda and McCrae are using them to do their dirty work.

4:00-5:00 PM: After the talk broke up, Aaryn went and told GinaMarie that they are only pretending to keep Helen. Andy and Aaryn discussed that they want to keep loyal to McCrae and Amanda for as long as possible, but do have to worry about them. Andy said that he would be down for taking one of them out at the Final 5 if it were the four of them and GinaMarie left in the house. Aaryn agreed with that plan. Both acknowledged that Amanda and McCrae will take each other to the end, so they need to get to GinaMarie before them in order to use her as a secret weapon. Aaryn fears that Amanda and McCrae are going to use Elissa as their secret weapon.

McCrae and Amanda discussed that Elissa needs to go next because Helen will have her come after them. Amanda plans to stick to the Final 4, while McCrae said that Aaryn will be too dangerous to bring that far. McCrae feels that GinaMarie and Aaryn need to be broken up very soon. The 3AM alliance met up and decided that they will need to convince Elissa to nominate Spencer and GinaMarie, telling her that it is best to backdoor Aaryn. They would then all vote to keep Aaryn, even if she ends up on the block.

6:00-7:00 PM: Helen revealed to Elissa that the only alliance that she, Amanda and Aaryn ever had was to try to get Judd out of the house. Amanda had told Elissa about the alliance yesterday, so she felt the need to clear things up. Elissa said that she doesn't think that Helen will have Amanda and McCrae's votes. Helen has been working on trying to secure GinaMarie's. She is also beginning to worry about whether or not she has Andy's vote.

7:00-8:00 PM: Aaryn informed Amanda that Elissa and Helen had been trying to get them to blindside her and keep Helen. Aaryn said that neither Andy nor GinaMarie are doing it. Amanda was fired up and wanted to make sure that Helen and Elissa found out that Amanda knew what they were up to. McCrae, Andy, Aaryn and Spencer encouraged her to let it go. Amanda kept quiet until she and Helen had some alone time.

Helen asked Amanda if she would have her vote this week. Amanda made it clear to Helen that she knew about her plan to evict Spencer and turn the house on her and McCrae. Amanda said that she didn't understand why Helen would do that when Spencer was the target the entire time. Helen was very apologetic and said that she felt that Amanda was trying to target her, so that's the only reason that she did it. Amanda said that Helen has went after multiple times now, only backing down when she sees that she doesn't have the votes. Amanda played it off as though she had never turned on Helen. Helen tried to get the five remaining Knockouts to stick together. Amanda told Helen that she is not good for her game, as it doesn't make sense to her to leave a strong pair like Helen and Elissa in the house over Spencer. Amanda believes that Helen would target her if she stays. She eventually told Helen that she will be voting with the house.

8:00-9:00 PM: Helen met up with her "Final 3" alliance, Andy and McCrae. Helen told McCrae that she doesn't have Amanda's vote but hopes that she will still have his. McCrae said that he is open to voting differently than Amanda but is now concerned that Elissa will be after him. McCrae had heard that Elissa was part of the plan to flip the house against he and Amanda. Helen told McCrae that she is the only one that can control Elissa, so she needs to stay in order to do that. Helen also pointed out that McCrae needs her in order to take out Amanda. When all was said and done, Helen still had a little bit of hope that she could get McCrae's vote.

11:00-12:00 AM: Aaryn was drinking and got into a bit of an argument with Amanda. The girls were discussing the whole Jeremy wine stealing incident. There was plenty of back and forth that led to Aaryn going up to her HoH room and crying. Andy went up there to try and comfort her. He revealed that Amanda and McCrae may soon be after GinaMarie. Aaryn said that she would rather go to the Final 3 with Andy and GinaMarie than with Amanda or McCrae. Andy agreed.

Amanda eventually broke up the conversation and she and Aaryn were back at it again. Aaryn called Amanda out on her hypocrisy, saying that Amanda gets mad at her for things that she does. Aaryn listed off victimizing herself and being selfish as two examples of such behaviour. Aaryn said that it pisses her off that Amanda calls her a victim any time that she tries to defend herself. Amanda wouldn't back down, deciding to prolong the argument in order to prove that she was right.

Once Amanda left, Aaryn began crying to Andy. She said that Helen is leaving because of her, and that she is doing for Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn added that she also got rid of Howard for them. Aaryn was disgusted that Amanda would treat her this way after she has done everything for them in this game. Aaryn said that Amanda has won nothing, so she does Amanda's work for her. Aaryn explained that they will make everyone turn on each other and will make it to the end. Andy talked her down, saying that Amanda and McCrae cannot win the game if he, Aaryn and GinaMarie are there. Andy said that they can beat them but have to stay loyal for now. Aaryn went so far as to throw it out there that she could nominate Amanda and have the votes to take her out, and maybe she will do it, so Amanda should watch herself when she starts talking to her like that.

12:00-1:00 AM: Aaryn spoke with GinaMarie and revealed that Amanda and McCrae want to break them up. Aaryn said that they want GinaMarie out because she will protect her. Aaryn even brought up how Amanda pushed for her to refer to them as a pair during her nomination speech. The girls then discussed the possibility of backdooring Amanda. Aaryn was concerned that Elissa and McCrae would be after her. GinaMarie told her to make a deal with Helen to guarantee safety on behalf of her and Elissa. Aaryn then told GinaMarie to go find Helen and send her up there.

Aaryn revealed to Helen that Amanda was behind the whole plan to nominate her, otherwise Spencer would have been on the block. Aaryn said that she wants to work with Helen and trusts her more than Amanda, McCrae and Andy. Aaryn told Helen that she will be voted out if Spencer is nominated. Aaryn revealed that Andy is working for McCrae and Amanda, not Helen. Aaryn asked Helen if Elissa would vote Amanda out. Helen emphatically said yes and that Elissa would love Aaryn for that. Aaryn was concerned that she would not have the votes. Helen suggested that she make a deal with Spencer in order to secure the third vote. Helen said that she would have Aaryn's back for the remainder of the game if this happens. Andy joined the conversation and Helen began crying to him, saying that she needs his vote no matter who Aaryn decides to nominate. He told her that she has nothing to worry about. Aaryn then revealed that she is considering backdooring Amanda. Aaryn told Andy that Elissa, Helen and GinaMarie would all be on his side if he does this. Andy said that he would vote Amanda out over Helen.

Amanda broke up the conversation and managed to get nearly an hour long talk in with Aaryn. She did major damage control, reeling Aaryn back in. Amanda revealed that she has been the one fighting hard for Aaryn to stay in the Final 4. Amanda couldn't understand why Aaryn would not remain loyal to it. Aaryn said that McCrae isn't loyal to it and she also has concerns with Andy. Amanda convinced her that McCrae is loyal. Aaryn said that Andy had informed her that they were targeting GinaMarie. Amanda shot that down and said that Elissa and Spencer are their targets before GinaMarie. Amanda said that she feels as though Spencer is playing McCrae and Andy. Aaryn was worried that they would have Spencer's back over her. Amanda reassured her that that is not the case. Amanda told Aaryn that she would choose her over Andy if it ever came down to it too.

1:00-2:00 AM: While Amanda and Aaryn were chatting upstairs, Andy was filling Spencer in on what had happened. He told Spencer that Aaryn is thinking about backdooring Amanda. Spencer was not happy with the plan, as he feels that Amanda is a lot more loyal to them than Helen is. Spencer said that he would go tell Aaryn that he would rather go on the block and have Helen evicted. If offered a deal, Spencer made it clear that he would say that he is not voting to evict Amanda.

Andy eventually went upstairs and told Amanda that he was only telling Helen that he would vote Amanda out in order to appease her. Once Aaryn got Andy and GinaMarie alone, she revealed that she plans on nominating Spencer. Aaryn explained that she would still have Helen and Elissa coming after her, even if she nominated Amanda.

2:00-3:00 AM: Andy again reassured Helen that he would vote to keep her over Amanda. Helen made it quite evident that she isn't totally convinced that he would take her side. Helen pointed out that McCrae and Amanda have clearly turned on her. Andy said that he will still stand by Helen and will vote the other nominee out. Helen went to Aaryn to try to secure getting Amanda on the block. They discussed much of the same things that they had earlier. The 3AM alliance eventually met up and discussed that Helen is going home. Aaryn said that she just heard Helen out but was never going to go through with the plan to backdoor Amanda.

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