Plenty of drama and speculation, as the live feeds begin

June 26, 2013

A Recap of Day 6 in the Big Brother 15 House

Following the west coast airing of the premiere, the Big Brother 15 live feeds launched (with plenty of technical difficulties). We found out that McCrae had nominated Candice and Jessie for eviction. While those were his nominations, McCrae has told the majority of the house that his true plan is to backdoor Elissa. A number of the houseguests have questioned whether or not McCrae would actually go through with nominating Elissa if given the opportunity to choose a replacement nominee. A conversation between McCrae and Elissa leads us to believe that they are working together at this point. McCrae told Elissa that it is critical that the nominations remain the same, as he does not want the rest of the house to be pressuring him to nominate her.

Many in the house now know that Elissa is Rachel's sister. Candice speculated that she and Jessie might be on the block because they outed Elissa. Candice noted that she was the first to mention the connection, while Jessie then told everyone about it once she found out. Despite being nominated together, Candice and Jessie seem to be bonding. They are skeptical that McCrae would go through with nominating Elissa. Both agreed that they need to win the veto and then tell McCrae that he needs to go through with nominating Elissa or else they will be after him.

Amanda continued to drive home the house consensus that McCrae would only be making himself a target if he did anything but name Elissa as a replacement nominee. Amanda told McCrae that Elissa is bad news. Amanda and McCrae continued to talk game, with Amanda suggesting that they bring in Howard for an alliance. In addition to Howard, she felt that Jeremy and Kaitlin would be beneficial to them. Jeremy's lack of knowledge when it comes to the game of Big Brother is something that they felt that they can take advantage of.

Aaryn is also on board with taking Elissa out as soon as possible. Aaryn feels that the BBMVP twist is made for Elissa, as a way for production to keep her in the game. She also believes that she will be nominated if Elissa does indeed get named the BBMVP. Seeing as Elissa would name the replacement if her nominee (Aaryn is this hypothetical scenario) were to be taken off the block, Aaryn feels as though nobody would risk using the veto on her. Aaryn has become close with David, and there is the potential for a showmance down the road.

Jeremy has found himself in the middle of a "love triangle" with Kaitlin and Jessie. Kaitlin was heard discussing that Jessie suggested that Aaryn pair up with David, Kaitlin pair up with Jeremy, and she pair up with Nick. Kaitlin has evidently gone through with that. The problem is, Jessie has developed feelings for Jeremy. Jessie and Kaitlin are not seeing eye to eye, and Jessie confronted Jeremy about spending too much time with Kaitlin. Jeremy downplayed the fact that he has been hanging out with Kaitlin. He told Jessie that he spends just as much time with everyone else in the house, but that she only notices when he is with Kaitlin. Jessie told Jeremy that her concern is that she will look stupid on national television. Jeremy went on to say that he had no intention of making her look stupid or hooking up with any of the girls on the show.

The houseguests were on indoor lockdown for the entire time that the feeds were on, leading many of them to believe that the veto competition will be held tomorrow. As Julie stated on tonight's show, the MVP's nomination will be revealed prior to the veto. The consensus in the house is that Elissa will win MVP. Regardless of who is named MVP, things are sure to heat up once a third nominee is named. McCrae and Judd spoke late in the night, and revealed that they believe that it is beneficial to keep Elissa around. The two of them agreed that Elissa is such a huge target, making it unlikely that anyone would focus on them while she is in the house. They also mentioned that it would be smart for Elissa to avoid nominating Aaryn if she were to win MVP, as it would be too obvious that she was the one behind the nomination.

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