Helen tries to rally the "good people"

August 19, 2013

A Recap of Day 60 in the Big Brother 15 House

8:00-9:00 AM: Helen revealed to GinaMarie that Amanda found out that Aaryn was considering backdooring her. Helen said that Andy was the one that told her. In actuality, Aaryn also revealed much of the plan to Amanda. GinaMarie said that Andy can't play both sides all the time, also calling him a rat. Helen said that they will have to call Andy out. Helen pointed out that Andy is the swing vote, so they will know if he is a rat if she goes home this week.

Aaryn told Helen that Spencer said that he would rather go on the block than vote Amanda out. Helen was shocked to hear this. Aaryn said that Spencer, Andy, McCrae and Amanda are all working together, so she feels that Helen would have just as good of a chance of staying against Spencer. Aaryn told Helen that she would nominate Amanda in a heartbeat if she knew that either Spencer or Andy were sure votes against her. Helen said that Spencer should be jumping at this opportunity to gain some allies by voting out Amanda. She also said that Andy's charade is over and the only people that are protecting him are McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn agreed and pointed out that Andy tells them everything she says but won't tell her anything that they say. Aaryn also expressed concern with Elissa, saying that she heard that Elissa will never work with her and plans to backdoor her next week. Helen felt that they were missing out on an opportunity to get Amanda out, noting that she will win the game if she makes it to the end.

9:00-10:00 AM: Elissa went to Aaryn and told her that Amanda is trying to pit them against each other. Elissa said that getting Amanda out would be the biggest move in the game. Aaryn told her that she is thinking that Helen has a better shot of staying against Spencer, seeing as she doesn't believe that they have the votes to evict Amanda. Elissa told Aaryn that she and GinaMarie will be the targets next week, as McCrae and Amanda will want to break up another duo.

Helen told Elissa that she needs to work with Aaryn and GinaMarie, cause Andy is a rat. Helen asked Elissa about her plans for next week. Elissa was thinking that she would nominate Amanda and Aaryn, hoping that Aaryn would win the veto so that McCrae could go on the block. Helen explained that Elissa will need Aaryn's vote to get one of them out, so she cannot go on the block. Elissa understood. Elissa then said that she needs to look at Aaryn like she is Candice or Helen and just forget about everything. Helen warned Elissa to watch out for Amanda. Elissa told her that she has never believed anything that Amanda has said and that she can see right through it.

11:00-12:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Elissa used the Power of Veto on herself. Aaryn nominated Spencer in Elissa's place. Up in the HoH room, Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen, Elissa and Andy were talking. The girls were all discussing that Amanda has been trying to get them to turn on each other, but they have to be better than that and work together. Helen was leading the charge, saying that the good people have to win this game. Helen said that America is at home tweeting and wondering why it took them so long to figure shit out. Aaryn was also annoyed with Spencer, as he is feeling so safe and comfortable that he even volunteered to go up on the block.

All four girls continued to throw Amanda under the bus as Andy listened on.. Elissa told Aaryn that they 100% have to work together and can no longer listen to what Amanda is telling them. Aaryn implied that the diary room has been hinting to her that she is viewed as a pushover and is doing all of Amanda's dirty work, so she said that it was time for a change. Helen pleaded with Andy to pick the right side and do the right thing. She pointed out that everyone in that room will know that it was him that flipped if she goes home. Helen then stated that everyone in that room has won 11 competitions, while McCrae and Amanda have won 2, so they need to stop handing the game to the power couple. Andy eventually said that it offended him that Helen is even questioning where his vote would go. Helen apologized but told him not to give her any reason to question him.

12:00-1:00 PM: Once Aaryn and GinaMarie were alone, Aaryn revealed that she will never be able to trust Elissa. GinaMarie said that she will vote out whoever Aaryn wants her to. Aaryn didn't know who to trust, saying that she doesn't trust McCrae, Amanda or Andy and kind of trusts Helen. GinaMarie said that she obviously trusts Helen more than Spencer. Aaryn said that she would rather see Spencer go home over Helen but noted that Helen is so powerful and has votes. Aaryn then voiced her frustrations about having done everything for Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn said that she is done playing the "McCranda game". Aaryn said that she was done with them once she found out that they were targeting GinaMarie.

Andy joined Aaryn and GinaMarie in the HoH room and let them know that he does not trust Helen and Elissa. He told them that Helen does not have their best interest at heart, saying that she would throw them under the bus if Amanda and McCrae got in power next week. Andy said that he wants to go to the Final 3 with Aaryn and GinaMarie and believes that evicting Helen is the best thing for their game. The girls were nervous that they would be targeted. Andy promised to make sure that McCrae and Amanda never go after either of them.

Andy said that Elissa would put Aaryn or GinaMarie up if she were to win HoH next week. Aaryn said that even though she is on board with Helen going, she doesn't think that Elissa would nominate them. Andy then said that Helen is a great person and he loves her but she is dangerous and can win this game if she stays. He explained that he has seen first hand that Helen will turn on her allies. Andy also said that Helen complains about bullying but was basically bullying him in order to try to get his vote. Andy told them that they either leave Helen and Elissa together as a power duo or they leave Elissa on their own and listening to him. The girls said that that is a good point.

Helen told Elissa that they need to keep working on Andy. She said that Andy wants to be the good guy, so they have to emphasize the whole good vs. evil thing and let him know that they are the good side. Helen said that she believes that Aaryn and GinaMarie are now done with Amanda and can be trusted. Elissa said that she really wants to believe it. They both agreed that McCrae and Amanda need to be nominated every week until they are evicted, with Spencer being the replacement nominee if one is needed.

1:00-2:00 PM: Andy later spoke to Aaryn alone, letting her know that his loyalty is to her and to GinaMarie. He said that he would love to make it to the end with the two of them. GinaMarie said that she doesn't even mind if it's not GinaMarie in the Final 3, cause that would be unfair to Andy. Aaryn said that she is open to bringing McCrae or Amanda, just not both. Andy agreed and also noted that he doesn't feel that it's set in stone that Aaryn would choose GinaMarie over him, so that's why he is also fine with taking GinaMarie. Andy made it clear that his loyalty is first and foremost to Aaryn. He said that he would tell her if she is ever in danger with Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn warned Andy that he has to work on his relationship with Elissa, as Elissa is on to him and said that they have to be careful what they tell him.

3:00-4:00 PM: A number of the houseguests were discussing the potential return of a jury member to the Big Brother house. McCrae wants everyone to agree to immediately vote that person back out. Andy is worried about Helen coming back into the game. He is hoping that Candice comes back because she can't win anything and would be easy to evict for a second time. Aaryn would like to see Jessie return. They feel that Judd would have the best shot at cementing a spot in the house, as he is capable of winning competitions and getting on people's good side quickly.

4:00-5:00 PM: Helen and Elissa discussed that they have to work hard to try to get Andy's vote. Helen said that there are times when you can't just vote with the house. She feels that people will stick their neck out to repay those that do the same for them. Helen wants Andy to know that you can't play the game being scared to be on the block. She doesn't like that Andy only does whatever will make everyone happy. Helen believes that Andy is playing so safe that he is too scared to save his closest ally. Looking forward, debating who needs to go first, Elissa was curious as to who Helen feels is the bigger threat between Amanda and McCrae. Helen said that Amanda is the more dangerous of the two, as McCrae will be easier to get out. Elissa wondered if they should take out McCrae or Aaryn if Amanda were to win the veto. Helen advised her to take out McCrae because she could use Aaryn's vote to get out Amanda down the road.

6:00-7:00 PM: Helen went to work on getting McCrae's vote. She realizes that Amanda wants her out, but tried to make it clear to McCrae that he needs to play the game for himself and not just be Amanda's puppy dog. Helen was willing to promise her vote, and Elissa's vote, if McCrae and Amanda ever got on the block together. McCrae was looking for something more. He has been plotting ways to try to get Helen to reveal that Elissa was always the MVP. He tried to fish for that information, but Helen let him know that she really doesn't know if Elissa was always the MVP. Helen also told McCrae that the Brenchel Army wants him to do the right thing and that Elissa will never work with McCrae and Amanda if she leaves. Helen did much of the talking, gaining no ground with McCrae.

9:00-10:00 PM: Helen again went to work on Andy. Andy was humouring her the whole time, basically leading her on to believe that she has his vote. Andy said that his concern is that he knows that Helen has been after Amanda in the past, while Amanda was never after her until this week. Andy wanted to know that he could trust Helen 100% moving forward. Helen told him that she will always have his back if he has hers. Helen said that she would vote for Andy over anyone in the house. Andy said that Helen has his and Elissa's votes for sure and she says she has GinaMarie's, so it's a done deal. Immediately after talking to Helen, Andy went to Aaryn and said that it's insane to him that Helen knows nothing about what is really going on.

12:00-1:00 AM: McCrae snuck away to the HoH room to speak with Aaryn. He told her that he wanted Elissa to go over Helen this week, but Helen is more dangerous. McCrae said that he wants to win the upcoming HoH because he wants Elissa's blood. McCrae told Aaryn not to worry about Elissa coming after her, as she is coming for he and Amanda. Aaryn disagreed. Aaryn pointed out that even if they were both nominated, someone would use the veto on one of them. Aaryn said that she would use the Power of Veto to save one of them, cause there will come a time when she needs 3AM to do the same for her. Aaryn also believes that Andy and Spencer would do the same and save McCranda. McCrae said that while he will tell people what they want to hear, his loyalty lies with the 3AM alliance. McCrae said that they have the strength to make it through this game, with Elissa being the only one that can throw a wrench into their plans.

1:00-2:00 AM: Amanda was upset with McCrae because he went off on his own to talk to Aaryn. She said that as soon as you feel that somebody likes me more than they like you, you work on them. McCrae explained that he has to work on Aaryn in order gain her trust to make the 3AM alliance work, seeing as she has had her concerns. When Amanda continued to push the issue, McCrae said that Amanda gets in a fight every time that she is around Aaryn. McCrae said that he is pissed off that he is having to defend himself for playing this game.

Amanda has been upset that Helen is going around telling people that she is a bully and that they are the "bad people" of the house. McCrae told Amanda that she did it to herself by going to Helen and letting her know that she doesn't have her vote. He said that everyone advised her not to do it, but she did it anyway. McCrae pointed out that when you make Helen and Elissa a target, they are going to make Amanda a target. Amanda then went back to the whole McCrae and Aaryn issue, pointing out that Aaryn is trying to hit on McCrae. McCrae told her to look at the theme that is developing, as she has now said this about Jessie and Aaryn. As for their own relationship, Amanda is upset that McCrae has been isolating himself from her. McCrae said that they cannot be affectionate in front of others, as it will only make them a bigger target. He pointed out that every other couple has left the house, so they could very well be next.

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