Amanda and Aaryn grow frustrated with each other

August 20, 2013

A Recap of Day 61 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Helen has been trying to convince Elissa that Aaryn is someone that can be trusted. Elissa explained that while Aaryn will tell you what you want to hear to your face, she will run back to Amanda and tell her everything that was said. Helen acknowledged that that may be true, but she knows that she needs Aaryn if she is going to make it through this week. Elissa understood but wanted Helen to know that Aaryn is not someone that can be changed. Elissa believes that GinaMarie is someone that could make a good wingman if she didn't have Aaryn dragging her down, while Aaryn is someone who will be your wingman but have no problem stabbing you in the back at any time. Helen and Elissa decided that they should pitch that Spencer is going to win the game if he makes it to the end. Helen noted that he has been on the block six times and it would be incredible if he continued to survive until the end. They planned to say that they will vote for him to win, hoping to get Amanda to change her mind about keeping Spencer.

2:00-3:00 PM: Last night, Helen went to McCrae and told him that he being Amanda's puppy and that Amanda is bullying people. Today, Helen spoke with Amanda. Amanda let Helen know that she was hurt that Helen seemed to be going at her in a personal way. Amanda said that she really does love McCrae and that he makes his own decisions. Amanda explained that targeting Helen was strictly based on gameplay, as she knows that Helen is after her. Amanda also noted that she was totally honest with Helen, letting her know that she would not be voting for her. Amanda said that plenty of others are lying to Helen, but she made the mistake of being too honest, too fast. Helen apologized for what she had said to McCrae, saying that she felt weird about it immediately after the conversation. Helen said that she was just doing what she thought would help her stay. Helen told Amanda that she will not be a bitter jury member, even if she goes out at the hands of Amanda. Helen said that Amanda is great at this game and she knows that she has met her match.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amanda and Andy discussed that they need to get Elissa on their side before Helen leaves. Amanda planned to play the victim and reel Elissa back in, while Andy said that he would inform Elissa that he is voting Helen out before the vote goes down on Thursday. Amanda spoke with Elissa and emphasized that she only targeted Helen after finding out that Helen was after her, saying that Andy was the one that told her that Helen was after her. Amanda said that she has always had Elissa's back and will continue to do so. Elissa told Amanda that she is upset that it seems as though Amanda is the reason that Aaryn nominated her and Helen. Amanda denied her involvement.

Amanda then brought up that Helen had told McCrae that Elissa is just using Amanda and will go after her. Elissa said that Helen has no right to be speaking for her. Elissa told Amanda that she is after Aaryn, not Amanda. Elissa is concerned that Amanda is keeping Aaryn around to take her out. Amanda denied it and said that she wants Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer out of the house. Elissa tried to talk Amanda into keeping Helen, saying that they need to target Aaryn, but Amanda told her that it is going to be a 4-1 vote to evict her. Amanda said that she cannot trust that Helen would not be after her. Elissa promised Amanda her vote over Helen if Helen were to stay. Elissa said to make a deal with Helen, having her throw the HoH competition. Elissa said that even she will be mad at Helen and will target her if she didn't follow through with the deal. Elissa also brought up that she and Helen plan to vote for Spencer to win if she makes it to the end. Amanda said that she would talk to McCrae and let Elissa know by Thursday.

4:00-5:00 PM: Amanda went up to the HoH room and told everyone about her conversation with Elissa. Spencer, GinaMarie, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy were there. After hearing what Amanda had said to Elissa, Aaryn felt as though all that she had done was protected herself and driven a bigger wedge between she and Elissa. Spencer also felt that it came off as though Amanda was only looking out for herself and McCrae.

Amanda and Aaryn spoke about what had happened. Aaryn felt as though Amanda had thrown her under the bus in front of Spencer, alluding to the fact that he was her true target. Aside from that, Aaryn was not happy about Amanda making her a huge target for Elissa. Amanda told her that she cannot be selfish and that she has to trust her. Amanda explained that they need Elissa to target Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer, so that they can keep the entire 3AM alliance safe. Amanda explained that the last thing that they need is for the two of them to go on the block together, so Aaryn can't try to smooth things over with Elissa. Amanda said that she has controlled pretty much every nomination up until this point, so she will save Aaryn. Amanda said to trust in the Final 4 or else it will all fall apart.

6:00-7:00 PM: Amanda then went to McCrae and Andy and told them that Aaryn is going nuts and thinks that she made it seem like she was targeting Spencer. McCrae said that he feels as though Aaryn's plan is to keep GinaMarie around over one of them. Once Andy left, McCrae and Amanda continued to discuss Aaryn. They said that Aaryn is not grateful at all for what they have done for her. Amanda feels that Aaryn is trying to turn GinaMarie against her so that she will take her out if she gets HoH. McCrae agreed, saying that Aaryn is acting selfish. They discussed that Aaryn and GinaMarie need to be split up. Amanda said that Aaryn may be the one that needs to go before GinaMarie and Spencer if she continues to act like this. McCrae agreed.

11:00-12:00 AM: Helen and Elissa went to work on GinaMarie, trying to convince her that the three of them and Aaryn need to work together, otherwise Amanda and McCrae will control this game until the end. Elissa told GinaMarie that Amanda continues to pit the two sides against each other, when they really have no reason to not work together. Helen noted that she doesn't have Andy's vote. Helen and Elissa agreed that the only way to get Andy's vote is to have all of the girls tell him that they will nominate him if he votes Helen out. All three agreed that Andy is being manipulated and controlled by McCrae and Amanda. Helen said that she is willing to make any deal with Aaryn in order to get Andy on board. GinaMarie said that she would try to work on Aaryn for them.

After GinaMarie left, Elissa told Helen that she is willing to work with Aaryn and GinaMarie as long as she stays, otherwise she will be putting Aaryn and Amanda on the block. Helen told Elissa to make a deal with GinaMarie, agreeing not to put one another on the block next week. Helen advised Elissa to break up Aaryn and Amanda by nominating them together, making them go head to head.

12:00-1:00 AM: McCrae told Amanda that he is worried that Elissa will try to cut some sort of deal with Aaryn and will come after the two of them. McCrae mentioned that the best case scenario for them might be having Elissa win HoH and take out Aaryn. Amanda said that they need to stick to their Final 4 for now. McCrae agreed but said that they need to be afraid of Aaryn because she keeps going rogue. He said why should he want to be in an alliance with someone that throws him under the bus? Amanda said that Aaryn and GinaMarie need to be broken up. McCrae told Amanda that if she ever ends up leaving, he is going to take Spencer to the end because he feels that he can beat him.

2:00-3:00 AM: GinaMarie, Aaryn and Andy continued to discuss that they need to work together towards the Final 3. The clear cut target for next week is Elissa. In the even that Elissa won the veto, GinaMarie said that Spencer could go unless Amanda does something that warrants her eviction. Aaryn then spoke to Spencer and said that she wants to go to the end with him and GinaMarie. Aaryn said that she has watched Andy, McCrae and Amanda lie directly to people's faces, so she trusts them less than she trusts Spencer and GinaMarie.

Aaryn and Spencer then discussed Amanda's eventual eviction. Aaryn said that Spencer would then be able to work with McCrae. They agreed that McCrae's game would be totally different without Amanda in the house. Aaryn said that she wants Elissa out next. Spencer said that Elissa can go at any time and that he figured that GinaMarie would make a power move to break up Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn said that it would come back on to her if that happened. Spencer's fear is that he will end up on the block with Elissa and will go home if Elissa wins the veto.

3:00-4:00 AM: Spencer went to Andy and told him about his conversation with Aaryn. He told Andy that GinaMarie is going to try to put up Amanda and McCrae, not Elissa, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He said that she wants to work with him and GinaMarie. Spencer told Andy to work on Aaryn, cause she likes him but does not fully trust him. Spencer and Andy said that it's best that nobody realizes that they are working together, as the duos might go after each other. Spencer said that the good thing is that McCrae knows that he is with Andy in their three person alliance but not on a greater level as a duo.

McCrae told Amanda that Andy seems so weird lately and is not talking to him much. Amanda didn't think much of it, saying that he is likely just dealing with sending Helen home. McCrae said that he would likely nominate Spencer and GinaMarie, then it leaves their options open to backdoor either Elissa or Aaryn. Amanda said that it would be awesome if Spencer could take out Aaryn. McCrae said that they could then replace Aaryn with Spencer in their Final 4, seeing as he is more loyal. Amanda then said that they need to break up people that make their people stronger, such as by breaking up Aaryn and GinaMarie. Amanda was irritated that Aaryn is questioning Andy and is trying to turn her on Andy. Amanda said that, for her, the alliance is and always has been 2AM (and does not include Aaryn). McCrae agreed.

4:00-5:00 AM: McCrae spoke with Spencer and said that Aaryn scares him because she is so emotional. McCrae said that the best case scenario is that Elissa wins HoH and takes out Aaryn, cause then Elissa still remains as a target. McCrae and Spencer agreed that Aaryn and GinaMarie have to be broken up in the next two weeks, preferably getting Aaryn out first. Spencer said that Aaryn is a good backdoor candidate. Spencer said that he would nominate Elissa and GinaMarie, with Aaryn as the replacement nominee. McCrae told Spencer that the two of them in the Final 2 would be the best Final 2. He explained that he doesn't know if he can keep Amanda around that long and that it's game over if he goes up against her in the end. Spencer said that he's down with that and is loyal to McCrae. McCrae said that Amanda is also super solid with them. Spencer said that they can try to keep it all together as long as possible, but he will take McCrae over Amanda when it comes down to it.

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