Helen's fate is officially sealed

August 21, 2013

A Recap of Day 62 in the Big Brother 15 House

12:00-1:00 PM: Elissa spoke to Aaryn, voicing her opinion that Amanda and McCrae are running this game and have all of the power despite not having won a competition since Week 1. Elissa told Aaryn that it is Amanda and McCrae's game and that it will not change if Helen leaves tomorrow. Elissa told Aaryn that Amanda has controlled her HoHs and will continue to control her game unless they take a stand. When asked who her targets for next week would be, Elissa listed off Spencer, Andy and Amanda. However, if Helen were to leave, Elissa made it clear that she would be mad at Aaryn for not only nominating she and Elissa but also for letting someone else control those nominations. Aaryn said that there isn't much that she can do to get Andy's vote when Amanda is so manipulative. Aaryn pointed out that she had no control over the vote in Week 2 either, when Nick went home over Elissa. Elissa told Aaryn that it's different because that was her and there was no way that they would let Rachel's sister leave at that point.

Helen then talked to Aaryn, making the same pitch that she has for a couple of days now. Helen wants an alliance between Aaryn, GinaMarie, Elissa and herself. She explained that Amanda is doing what she can to prevent those girls from coming together because it would take away her power. Helen said that Elissa knows that she has to bury the hatchet but is worried that Aaryn is under Amanda's spell and is a lost cause. Helen clarified that she blames Amanda, not Aaryn, for her being on the block. Aaryn was concerned that she has heard that Helen is targeting her. Helen made it clear that that was a lie, also noting that others have been saying that they would love to get Aaryn's blood on their hands in order to have something to impress the jury with. Helen noted that she already took out Jeremy, so she doesn't need Aaryn on her resume as well.

Elissa rejoined the conversation. The girls, yet again, discussed that Amanda is driving a wedge between them, trying to prevent them from aligning. Helen continued to plead her case in order to get Aaryn to understand that she was never after her. Helen said that she plans to run for office one day and cannot be seeing making huge lies. Helen added that she promised Aaryn two weeks of safety in front of America, so there is no way that she would go back on that. Aaryn explained that she never manipulates people, so she takes things as truth when she hears them, and it led her to believe that Helen was gunning for her. The three of them discussed that Andy has been totally brainwashed by McCranda. Elissa said that they need to let Andy know that they will be abfter him if he doesn't keep Helen this week. Helen was discussing things such as how America feels about the game. Elissa felt that Helen was going in circles. Elissa told Helen that she thinks that Aaryn gets it, that now is not the time to feel sorry for themselves and that they need to quit wasting time and get Andy up there to talk to them.

1:00-2:00 PM: Elissa had been telling Aaryn that she is working by herself and is not a duo with Helen. When Aaryn left the room, Elissa explained to Helen that she is trying to make Aaryn feel as though she has an equal chance of having a relationship with Helen. Aaryn was downstairs telling Andy that Elissa came up to the HoH room, attacked her, and said that she is the worst game player and that none of her HoHs have been for her. Aaryn informed Andy that Helen and Elissa 100% believe that he is with McCrae and Amanda. Andy said that they need to get rid of Helen, as it is best for their game. He then explained that they are in a good spot and can either choose to work with McCrae and Amanda or with Spencer and GinaMarie. Andy told Aaryn that either McCrae or Amanda needs to go soon, after Elissa leaves the house.

Aaryn went to Amanda and GinaMarie to let them know that she has never been bullied the way that she just got attacked. She said that she is legitimately scared. Aaryn told Amanda that they are saying the most horrible things about Amanda in order to turn her against her. Aaryn said that they are now upstairs threatening Andy. Amanda made her way up to the HoH room and said that she heard that there is a bash Amanda session going on. Helen and Elissa explained that they were not saying anything about her and were just campaigning to try to get Helen to stay. Amanda said that Aaryn is upset and felt threatened. Andy told Helen and Elissa that he also felt threatened. Elissa eventually stormed off, but not before saying that she was sick of everyone being so fake and playing things up for the cameras. Elissa again noted that they were not making threats but rather were just making a game move.

2:00-3:00 PM: Amanda began ripping into the strategy of Helen, saying that it was the most asinine thing that she has ever heard when Helen and Elissa began saying that Spencer will win the game if he stays. Aaryn then began retelling her conversation with Elissa, telling people that Elissa said everyone would keep her over every other person in that house because she is Rachel's sister. Aaryn also said that Elissa claimed that production would keep her in the game because she is Rachel's sister. Aaryn then said that Elissa essentially called her a little bitch by saying that she doesn't do what she wants with her HoHs. Aaryn told Helen that the way that Elissa was speaking to her was disgusting as well, adding that Helen is a nobody to Elissa. Aaryn went on to say that Elissa was more of a bully than Jeremy ever was. Andy and Amanda said that Elissa was acting insane. The majority of the house continued to bash Elissa for the rest of the day, feeling that Elissa believes that she is better than them. Everyone was in agreement that Elissa needs to go home next.

Andy spoke to Helen and let her know that he wasn't even faltering as of two days ago, having every intention of keeping her. Andy explained that he felt threatened back then and again now. Andy said that it's Helen's connection to Elissa that is the only reason that he is considering voting her out. Andy also pointed out that Amanda really was never after her until she found out that Helen was after her. Helen said that she understood. Helen told Andy that she would love to see he and Elissa make it to the end of the game. Helen told him that she will not be a bitter jury member and will make sure that Elissa does not go after him. Helen asked Andy to try to look out for Elissa if he could.

3:00-4:00 PM: Andy then apologized to Elissa for coming at her this morning. Elissa apologized for making Andy feel that she was threatening him. Elissa told him that she just really wants Helen to stay. Andy said that he does not want the two of them to be going after each other if Helen leaves. Helen explained to Elissa that there are bigger targets than Andy.

4:00-5:00 PM: Helen told Elissa to make sure that she fights hard and plays a smart game, not a revengeful game. Elissa said that she plans on nominating Aaryn next to either Amanda or McCrae. Helen said that the best part about that move is that it will start to separate and Aaryn from McCranda. Helen told Elissa not to nominate Spencer, as that would be a total waste. Helen encouraged Elissa to do what she needs to do to go far in the game. Helen also apologized for making Elissa vote out people that she did not necessarily want to vote out.

11:00-12:00 PM: GinaMarie told Aaryn that she prefers that Helen stays over Spencer. GinaMarie said that Helen will go after Amanda, not them, while Spencer will team up with McCrae. Aaryn said that there is no way that any of McCrae, Amanda or Andy can be convinced to keep Helen, so they will not have the votes. Aaryn pointed out that Elissa is toxic and keeping Helen around only makes her stronger. GinaMarie understood and said that she will be voting Helen out. GinaMarie was still worried that Elissa would side with Amanda. Aaryn told her that that would not be the case.

3:00-4:00 AM: McCrae and Spencer had another late night chat, again discussing the possibility of Amanda leaving. Spencer told McCrae that the good thing about Amanda leaving is that she could work the jury for McCrae. McCrae said that it wouldn't be bad if Amanda left after two more evictions, as long as he, Spencer and Andy survived. McCrae told Spencer that he would take Spencer over Amanda if they made it to the Final 3, as everyone would see that he is there to play and that he made the biggest game move. McCrae said that he is worried that people don't think that he is there to play.

Talk then turned to Aaryn. Spencer said that he needs to win an HoH and get some blood on his hands. McCrae told him that Aaryn would be a huge one to take out. Spencer agreed. He mentioned that it might be better to take her out after GinaMarie leaves, cause GinaMarie would be after them and is less rational than Aaryn. Just as they did last night, McCrae and Spencer discussed that it would be the best thing in the world if Elissa won HoH and took out Aaryn. McCrae said that Aaryn is planting seeds with GinaMarie, trying to get her to turn on Amanda. Spencer said that Aaryn has 100% control over GinaMarie and there is nothing that can be done to change it.

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