Helen is evicted, Judd returns and Elissa wins HoH

August 22, 2013

A Recap of Day 63 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Helen spoke to GinaMarie to more or less say her goodbyes and encourage GinaMarie to keep fighting. GinaMarie told Helen that she doesn't want to tell Elissa, but she doesn't want to nominate her. Helen advised GinaMarie to make a deal with Elissa, adding that she had already told Elissa the same thing. Helen told GinaMarie that she needs to get into Aaryn's head about what is going on with Amanda controlling everything, but cautioned her not to push too hard cause that's what is ultimately leading to her eviction tonight.

Helen told GinaMarie that she needs to create chaos amongst McCrae, Amanda and Andy. Helen said that the only chance that Amanda will be nominated is if GinaMarie, Aaryn or Elissa do it, so the girls need to try as best they can to work together. Helen told GinaMarie that if one of them wins HoH, the three girls would have the votes to take out Amanda or McCrae. GinaMarie told Helen that she plans to nominate Amanda and McCrae, as they need to be broken up. She said that the replacement nominee would be Spencer. Helen warned GinaMarie that Aaryn may be working with McCrae and Amanda if she tries to stop GinaMarie from going after them. Helen also told GinaMarie that Andy is with McCrae and Amanda, no matter what he says.

1:00-2:00 PM: Helen informed Elissa that she had always wanted to go to the end with her and Andy. She revealed that she had made a Final 2 deal with Andy, yet Andy is not even going to vote to keep her so he has to be working with McCrae and Amanda. Specifically, Helen thinks that McCrae and Andy have some sort of deal, as McCrae is likely expecting that Amanda will be picked off. Helen made it clear that Andy does not care about her or Elissa but rather only cares about McCrae and Amanda. Helen assumes that McCrae and Amanda had Andy stay close to them in order to keep them in check.

Elissa and GinaMarie then spoke, with Elissa asking GinaMarie if they could make a deal. Elissa said that she would not nominate GinaMarie if she got HoH. GinaMarie said the same thing back to Elissa. GinaMarie then informed Elissa that she plans on nominating McCrae and Amanda, as she feels that they have too much power and it is an unfair advantage. Just as she had told Helen earlier, GinaMarie told Elissa that she will name Spencer as the replacement nominee. GinaMarie also pointed out that she is getting tired of Amanda being in Aaryn's ear. She explained that it's not a matter of wanting Aaryn all to herself, but rather that she wants Aaryn to be her own person.

2:00-3:00 PM: Andy approached GinaMarie and asked her if she is sure that they are making the right decision by sending Helen home. GinaMarie said no. Andy said he isn't either, if he's being totally honest. Andy then said that part of him thinks that they should talk to Aaryn and see if they should flip the vote. GinaMarie said that she would flip. Andy said that he would too. GinaMarie explained that she just has a feeling and it's not the right time to take out Helen, seeing as she can take out Amanda and McCrae for them. Andy agreed.

Andy and GinaMarie spoke with Aaryn to ask her if she thinks that they are making the right decision. Aaryn said that she is 100% sure that Helen needs to go. GinaMarie informed Aaryn that they are unsure of what to do. Andy said that Helen is pissed at Amanda and McCrae and will go after them. Aaryn argued that Helen makes Elissa stronger and that Helen would come after her. GinaMarie told Aaryn that they can handle Elissa, while Andy added that Helen does not want Amanda to win at all. Aaryn said that Helen lies just as much as Amanda does.

Amanda then walked in on the conversation. GinaMarie and Andy said that they are just going over the plan for tonight. Aaryn immediately got nervous about how things would appear and told Amanda that she did not call this meeting. Amanda told them to let her know if anything changes. Aaryn then told GinaMarie and Aaryn that she does not trust Helen and that they cannot give Elissa power. GinaMarie said that Spencer is with McCranda and will not touch them, so that only leaves them to be his targets. Aaryn said that she is going to freak out if they don't vote Helen out. GinaMarie and Andy reassured Aaryn that they are voting Helen out, but just wanted to make sure that they were doing the right thing.

GinaMarie then talked to Amanda and told her that they were just going over things. GinaMarie said that she is worried that Spencer will be coming after her and Aaryn. Amanda told her that Spencer is after Elissa. She also told GinaMarie that no matter what Helen and Elissa say, Elissa is going to be after Aaryn. Amanda said that she is fine with either Spencer or Elissa leaving next. GinaMarie told her that she prefers that Elissa goes. Amanda said that that is fine.

Aaryn went to Spencer and informed him that Andy and GinaMarie had just tried to get her to flip the vote to get him evicted but she immediately squashed it. After talks broke up, Andy went around to McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Spencer to let them know that GinaMarie was questioning if they were making the right decision, so he just went along with it because he knew that Aaryn would shoot it down. Andy later pulled Amanda aside and let her know that what GinaMarie did is perfect, as it will make the 3AM alliance members seem distanced from one another and it also tested Aaryn's loyalty and proved that she is on board. Meanwhile, Aaryn has been freaking out that GinaMarie would do this to her after she knew that Aaryn wanted Helen out all along.

6:00-7:00 PM: Helen was evicted by a vote of 4-1, with Elissa being the lone vote to evict Spencer. Helen went through the motions with Julie, seeing her goodbye messages and doing a quick little exit interview. Julie then informed Helen that she will be competing for a chance to get back into the game. Helen and the other three jury members went in through the front door and met with the remaining houseguests.

7:00-8:00 PM: By the time that the feeds returned, Spencer and McCrae had been eliminated from the competition. Andy fell a short while later. Jessie was leading the competition for the jury members, but eventually fell. The next to fall was Helen, leaving only Judd and Candice remaining to get back into the house. Candice fell almost immediately after Helen, meaning that Judd would return to the game. He would not, however, win HoH, as he was the next to fall, leaving Elissa, GinaMarie and Amanda battling it out. Elissa was the first to 10 balls and was crowned the new Head of Household.

9:00-10:00 PM: Elissa told GinaMarie that she has nothing to worry about this week, saying that GinaMarie didn't nominate her and she will not nominate GinaMarie either. Elsewhere, McCrae and Amanda were plotting and expecting Elissa to nominate Aaryn and GinaMarie. Aaryn spoke to Judd and let him know what Helen came up to her when she won the veto and said that she will be the next to go if she doesn't backdoor him. Judd then went to Elissa and said that he was mad at her because he figured that she was associated with Helen and her plan to backdoor him, but he later realized that that was not the case. He said that he plans to start on a clean slate with everyone. Elissa said that she didn't want Judd to go and that she was happy that he returned. She explained to Judd that Helen, Amanda and Aaryn formed an alliance to get him out of the house.

Elissa spoke to Amanda and let her know that Aaryn is her target because she is so bad for her game. Amanda tried to push for GinaMarie to be nominated next to Aaryn, but Elissa said no. Elissa also doesn't want to nominate Spencer. Elissa also told her that there is no way that Judd is going up cause they would all vote him out. Elissa said that she wants to nominate McCrae because he will win the veto. Amanda told Elissa that she cannot nominate her or McCrae, cause people will try to split them up. Elissa remained strong and didn't back down.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda let McCrae know where Elissa's head was at. He told her that she is going to need to be on top of Elissa this week. Amanda said that Elissa must want she or McCrae to go home if she can't take out Aaryn. They agreed that they will have to convince Elissa to nominate GinaMarie. The paranoia about Judd's return then began to set in. Andy said that he wishes that they could get Elissa to take out Judd. McCrae said that Judd and Aaryn are going to compare notes, which led Amanda to say that they will send Aaryn home if they have to. They were very concerned that Aaryn will feel that she is on the way out and thus will reveal everything. Andy said that it will be so difficult to get Judd out. McCrae agreed and said that they may need to wait for another double eviction.

11:00-12:00 AM: Andy went to Elissa to see where her head was at. Elissa said that she is obviously nominating Aaryn, but also noted that she will not nominate GinaMarie. Elissa explained that she wants to ensure that whoever is up next to Aaryn will win the veto. Andy noted that GinaMarie could use the veto to save Aaryn. Elissa told him that she will tell GinaMarie that the whole house will be after her if she does that. She then said that she will nominate Amanda next to McCrae if she feels that McCrae didn't fight for the veto. Andy informed Elissa that he tried to save Helen today and didn't want her to think that he is a traitor. Elissa asked him if they could make a two week deal. Andy agreed to it and shook on it, saying that Elissa will be fine if he gets HoH.

Elissa let McCrae know that she is thinking about nominating him next to Aaryn. She said that she needs him to fight for veto. McCrae continually pleaded with her to nominate GinaMarie, saying that he will fight for the veto anyway. Elissa told him that he doesn't understand how determined she is to get Aaryn out of the house, adding that she will do whatever it takes and doesn't care who she pisses off in the process. Elissa told McCrae that he can think about Amanda going up next to him if Aaryn wins the veto, so that he will be driven to win it for himself. McCrae continued to plead his case but seemed to make no ground. He told Elissa that he wants Aaryn gone just as bad as she does, he would shave his head for the veto and he would give her all of his cigarettes as collateral to show that he will vote Aaryn out. Amanda then joined in on the conversation and both she and McCrae swore on everything that they would vote Aaryn out.

Aaryn asked Andy if she is the target this week. Andy confirmed that she indeed is but he said that he doesn't want her or GinaMarie going anywhere this week. Andy said that he is working on it and that Elissa doesn't realize some of the allies that Aaryn has in this house.

12:00-1:00 AM: Just like she had made a deal with Andy, Elissa struck a two week deal with Spencer. She will not nominate Spencer initially or as a replacement, in exchange for Spencer not nominating her or voting her out. Elissa told Spencer that she is thinking of putting McCrae up next to Aaryn. She said that she does not want her nominations to change. When asked who the replacement would be if Aaryn won veto, Elissa simply said that she has someone in mind.

Spencer and Andy met up and compared notes. Spencer said that he believes that Elissa is very interested in backdooring Amanda. Andy agreed and said that if Amanda goes and there is nothing that they can do about it, they will still have McCrae's trust. As for Judd, Spencer said that he likes him but does not want him to get between he and Andy. Andy said that he feels the same but thinks that they need to keep Judd close so that he doesn't get in close with anyone else.

2:00-3:00 AM: Andy spoke to Judd and told him that he can trust him. Andy said that he feels that a lot of people trust him right now and he can help Judd. Judd let him know that he's on board with him. Judd asked if it was Amanda and Helen that wanted him out. Andy confirmed that, saying that Amanda thinks that he is MVP. Andy told Judd not to tell anyone that he said that cause Amanda still trust him. Andy told Judd that he made a two week deal with Elissa. Andy and Judd agreed that they would not ever nominate each other. Andy told Judd that Spencer trusts him and GinaMarie likes him. Judd said that he trusts Spencer. Andy told Judd that he is still with Amanda and McCrae but they are making him worried. Andy advised Judd to try to get in with Elissa, cause she is on her own.

3:00-4:00 AM: Spencer and GinaMarie agreed that they will NEVER admit to the Grasshopper's alliance. They said that everyone would be mad that they liked about everyone's friend, Judd. Meanwhile, Amanda was upstairs telling Judd that she doesn't understand why he is blaming her for telling Aaryn to nominate her. Elissa chimed in and said that it's because Aaryn throws Amanda under the bus all the time. Amanda and McCrae then began grilling Elissa about putting someone other than McCrae up next to Aaryn, specifically GinaMarie. Elissa told McCrae that he will fight harder for the veto if he is up on the block. Elissa would not back down.

Elissa explained that she does not want GinaMarie to go home, she wants Aaryn to go home. Elissa eventually told everyone to let her think about things more and said that she wants to go to sleep. Judd was present for the entire conversation so, if he so chooses, he will be able to tell Aaryn and GinaMarie that Amanda and McCrae were throwing them under the bus. McCrae is concerned about this. Amanda and McCrae later talked things over and feel that Elissa wants one of them or Aaryn to go home this week. Amanda said that it is 100% because of Helen getting into Elissa's ear. Amanda and McCrae agreed that Amanda is likely going on the block next to McCrae if Aaryn comes off the block.

4:00-5:00 AM: Andy and Spencer talked things over. Andy said that he wants to trust Amanda and McCrae, but he knows that they would be totally on board with him going up over Amanda and McCrae. Spencer agreed that Amanda and McCrae would throw either of them to the wolves. That being said, Spencer believes that McCrae is truly on board to work with he and Andy. They would prefer that Amanda leaves over McCrae. Andy and Spencer both believe that Elissa's true plan is to backdoor Amanda. Spencer says that he guarantees that this plan was developed between Helen and Elissa before Helen left today.

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