Elissa and Aaryn cut a deal, plan to target Amanda

August 23, 2013

A Recap of Day 64 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 PM: Elissa went to Judd and said that she is now thinking that they need to backdoor Amanda. Judd replied with a "yessss!" Elissa told him that whoever wins the Power of Veto needs to use it to take down Aaryn so that she can nominate Amanda next to McCrae. Judd said that he is on board with the plan. Elissa then asked Judd to go tell Aaryn to come talk to her but not let anyone know.

Aaryn went to the HoH room, where Elissa told her that they seriously just need to work together and to get Amanda out. Elissa noted that her plan was always to backdoor Amanda. She said that if Amanda and McCrae remain in the game, they will win it all. Of course, Aaryn was on board. Elissa said that Amanda has caused all of the problems between them and tries to make them hate each other. Elissa said that she wants to see if the two of them can secretly work together once Amanda is out of the house. Aaryn was excited and said that she feels as though they can go far together.

Elissa told Aaryn that they just need to make sure that Amanda does not win the veto and then she will be able to nominate Amanda next to McCrae. Elissa said that she wants to win the veto herself so that she can prove to Aaryn that everything that she is saying is true by using it on her. The girls discussed that it will be a whole new game with Amanda out of the house. Before the conversation ended, Elissa told Aaryn that they need to mean it this time. Aaryn promised and said that she is 100% on board. Elissa then reminded her that they are playing Big Brother and aren't in high school, adding that they can put anything aside for a month. The two of them agreed to come to each other if there is ever anything that they are mad about concerning one another.

12:00-1:00 AM: Players were picked for the veto competition. In addition to Elissa, Aaryn and McCrae, Amanda and GinaMarie were selected to play. Aaryn drew a houseguest's choice chip and picked Judd to play. Spencer was upset that he was not chosen. Aaryn explained that she didn't have a chance to talk to him and see where his head was at, so she couldn't do it. Spencer explained that he is concerned cause he has been on the block so many times and feels that he is at risk of being backdoored. Aaryn was worried that she would now lose Spencer's vote because he was upset with her. She later told Spencer that she picked Judd because she was the reason that he was evicted and she need to start to rebuild that relationship.

Elissa spoke with Aaryn and let her know that everything was going to be okay. She said that Judd and Spencer both want her to stay, as does she. Elissa said that she wants to see how Aaryn plays the game without Amanda, as she knows that Amanda has been manipulating her. Aaryn said that she now realizes that Amanda was just using her.

GinaMarie and Elissa were whispering and talking game in the kitchen. Amanda saw them doing that and ending their conversation whenever she would enter the room. Amanda then called them out on it, saying that she thinks that they are talking about her. She then got into it with GinaMarie, calling her out for being fake to Elissa. Amanda explained that GinaMarie is always talking shit about Elissa, yet is now kissing her ass. GinaMarie pointed out that Amanda does the same thing. There was some back and forth yelling. GinaMarie showed no signs of backing down. McCrae later told Amanda that it was a pointless fight to get into.

Elissa informed Spencer that she is thinking of taking Amanda out. He said that he is fine with doing whatever Elissa wants. Andy also said that he is down for whatever Elissa wants to do. Amanda then asked Elissa if they could talk. She told Elissa that she feels defeated and as though everyone wants her out. She pointed out that it's starting to seem like Elissa wants either her or McCrae to go home. Elissa couldn't keep a straight face and laughed at Amanda when she said that. Elissa then apologized and reassured her that she is not going anywhere. Amanda explained that Helen leaving was not solely her fault, as she cannot make people's votes for them. Amanda told Elissa that she has been with her from the beginning and would hope that she would tell her the truth. She requested that Elissa at least let her know if she has plans to backdoor her so that she can enjoy the rest of her time with McCrae.

1:00-2:00 AM: Elissa told Judd that she is unsure of whether or not she could trust Andy. They decided that it was best not to have Judd say that he would ave Aaryn with the veto. Judd went along with that plan and told Andy that he is thinking of leaving nominations the same. GinaMarie then joined in on the conversation and revealed that Elissa wants Amanda to go home, removing any doubt that Andy knew about the plan.

Aaryn went to Spencer and informed him of what had went down and how Elissa told her that she had made a mistake and that she wanted Amanda to go home. Aaryn noted that McCrae will need someone if Amanda leaves, saying that it could be of benefit to Spencer. Spencer played it off like he cannot trust McCrae. Aaryn told Spencer that he could trust her, GinaMarie and Andy. She let him know that GinaMarie wants to work with that four person alliance. Aaryn believes that Andy will be nominated in the event that Amanda wins the veto. She also pointed out that Amanda is now pissed at her for not choosing Andy with her houseguest's choice. Aaryn and Spencer agreed to work together and to keep each other informed moving forward.

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