Elissa nominates McCrae and Aaryn for eviction

August 23, 2013

A Recap of Day 64 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Elissa told Andy and Judd that Aaryn needs to go because she always nominates her and listens to whatever McCrae and Amanda tell her. Elissa continued to stick to her plan of nominating McCrae next to her, saying that McCrae will fight for the veto since he knows that Amanda will go up if he doesn't. As for a replacement nominee, Elissa said that it will be whoever plays the least hardest in the veto competition.

Elissa spoke to Judd alone, telling him that he cannot trust Amanda and McCrae because they are the reason that he went home. Elissa then asked Judd if they can work together, cause she really wants someone to work with. Judd replied with "yeah". Judd told Elissa that he doesn't trust Amanda at all and that she is the only person that he refuses to work with. Elissa said that Amanda thinks that she is running the game and that she has Aaryn doing everything for her, so that's why Aaryn needs to go.

Judd revealed to Elissa that he was planning on working with Spencer before he was evicted. Elissa told Judd that GinaMarie would have kept Helen last week, but Andy wouldn't do it. Therefore, Elissa proposed that she, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie work together moving forward, working to get Amanda out once Aaryn leaves. Judd said that he is so down with that. Judd told Elissa that he will have her back and that he was praying in his head that she would win HoH. Elissa said that she wishes that Aaryn was a decent person so that she could work with her, but explained that she just can't trust her.

Aaryn told GinaMarie that she expects to go on the block but told GinaMarie not to worry. Aaryn said that she believes that she will be nominated next to McCrae or Amanda. Aaryn told GinaMarie that people will tell her not to use the veto on her, threatening that she will go home next if she does. Aaryn also said that they will tell GinaMarie that they have the votes to save Aaryn, but told her not to believe it. Aaryn explained that they will figure things out when the time comes.

12:00-1:00 PM: Elissa spoke with GinaMarie and they both agreed to move on from whatever has happened between the two in the past. Elissa revealed to her that Aaryn is the target. Elissa explained that Aaryn does whatever Amanda and McCrae tell her and she can win competitions, while Amanda cannot. Elissa said that Amanda needs to be the target next week, after Aaryn leaves. Elissa asked GinaMarie not to use the Power of Veto on Aaryn if she were to win it. GinaMarie said that she would not use it. Elissa let GinaMarie know that people are trying to get her to nominate GinaMarie so that they can send her home over Aaryn and said that Aaryn is going along with it. Elissa said that Aaryn is only good for Amanda and McCrae's game. GinaMarie understood and said that she has begun to see that. GinaMarie told Elissa that she will be safe next week if she wins HoH.

GinaMarie went to Andy and let him know that she put in a good word for him, which she did, and explained that they tried to save Helen. Andy asked if Aaryn would ever sell them out. GinaMarie told him that Aaryn and Amanda have already been telling Elissa to put her up. GinaMarie said that she doesn't know what to do with Aaryn anymore, as she is growing frustrated that Aaryn follows Amanda. Andy warned her that Amanda and McCrae will do whatever they can to get her nominated. GinaMarie said that the good thing is that Elissa takes no shit from anyone. Andy mentioned that he has been aligned with McCrae and Amanda for so long but he is beginning to see that they are not as trustworthy as others.

Elissa and Aaryn had a discussion. Elissa made it apparent that she is heavily leaning towards targeting Aaryn this week. Aaryn began trying to pitch that Elissa should work with her. Elissa told her that she can't trust Aaryn when she has been targeting her all along, while she had never nominated or voted against Aaryn. Aaryn explained that she would be a vote in whichever direction Elissa wanted and would protect her moving forward in the game for as long as she possibly could, until there was no one else to nominate. Elissa acknowledged that she knows that someone is filling Aaryn's mind with all of these thoughts, leading her to go against her, but Aaryn is still the one that makes the moves. Elissa told Aaryn that the only way that she could trust Aaryn would actually work with her is if she takes herself off of the block and is still open to it. Aaryn was wondering why Elissa wouldn't target Amanda if she believes that she is the one turning them on each other. Elissa explained that she is confident that she can beat Amanda in competitions. Elissa eventually fished around to see if there was any way that Aaryn would be open to working with her if she was nominated but was nominated next to a bigger target. Aaryn did not rule it out.

1:00-2:00 PM: GinaMarie told Aaryn that if Helen had stayed, she would have worked with them so that's why she didn't want Aaryn to listen to Amanda. GinaMarie told Aaryn that she will have her back until the end. GinaMarie told Aaryn that she told Elissa that she would have to use the veto on Aaryn if she won it. GinaMarie said that she explained that she will play as hard as she could for it. In actuality, she said the opposite to Elissa.

McCrae spoke to Elissa in order to try to convince her that nominating him is stupid if she really wants Aaryn to go home. McCrae said that she is giving Aaryn a huge opportunity to be safe if she leaves GinaMarie off the block. McCrae told Elissa that he and Amanda have never targeted her and want to work with her. Elissa pointed out that McCrae nominated her in Week 1 and that she knows that Amanda made Aaryn nominate her last week. McCrae argued that they had to take Helen out in order to save Elissa at that point, cause everyone else wanted Elissa to go. The back and forth continued for a while, with Elissa make it clear that she has no intention of deviating from her plan to nominate McCrae next to Aaryn.

Spencer told Aaryn that he wants to keep her this week and that he will try to flip things against whoever she is up next to. Aaryn revealed to him that McCrae tells her to nominate Spencer every time and says that he is okay with going against him. Andy and GinaMarie later told Aaryn that they are confident that they can get Spencer's vote to save her, so they would have the three votes necessary to keep her around this week. Aaryn is aware that GinaMarie is working with Elissa. She voiced her frustration to Spencer about it and also told Judd that those two are working together in some capacity.

4:00-5:00 PM: Judd told Elissa that he is 100% on board with her nominating Aaryn and McCrae. He said that his priority is to get rid of Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda, with Aaryn leaving before McCrae. Elissa said that Amanda can't win anything, so they can take her out next week if they work together. Judd told Elissa that he plans to stick with her. He shook on it and said that Elissa has his word from now on. Elissa said that she would like to go to the Final 2 with him. They reiterated the plan to take out Aaryn this week, followed by Amanda next week. Elissa explained that they should have no problem doing it as long as they keep GinaMarie and Spencer close. Elissa told Judd that GinaMarie wants Amanda out as well. Judd said that he trusted Spencer before he left and that he will try to turn them against McCrae and Amanda. Elissa and Judd agreed that they need to stay close to McCrae and Amanda for now, just in case things go bad. They also agreed to keep their loyalty to each other under wraps.

6:00-7:00 PM: At the nomination ceremony, Elissa nominated McCrae and Aaryn for eviction. Andy asked Elissa if she has thought about what she is going to do if the veto is used. She said that she has and that she doesn't want to say what she is going to do. McCrae told both Amanda and Andy that he believes that he should tell Spencer that they were working with Aaryn before Aaryn gets a chance to do it. McCrae and Amanda discussed that Andy could leave the nominations the same if he wins the veto. They agreed that McCrae has no chance of going home, while Amanda would be at risk of leaving.

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