Elissa plans to nominate Andy, an alliance forms

August 25, 2013

A Recap of Day 66 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 PM: Judd and Elissa discussed who should be the replacement nominee. Judd argued that GinaMarie needs to go up because they will have three solid votes to evict Aaryn (Judd/Spencer/Andy). If Andy were to be nominated, Judd feels as though McCrae, Amanda and GinaMarie would vote him out. Elissa thinks that Andy is still with McCrae and Amanda and will do whatever they want. Judd thinks that he opened Andy's eyes when he reiterated what Zingbot had said about him. Zingbot called Andy a floater. Judd told Andy that he doesn't want to be like a Shelly, who acted like she was playing the game for Jeff and Jordan to win.

Elissa said that she is going to go with what her gut tells her and what is best for her game. She said that the person that she is going to nominate (Andy) deserves to go up because they screwed everyone over in this game. Elissa said that Andy is a floater and that nobody is going to vote a floater out. Elissa said that Judd's trust for Andy is making her question his judgement. Elissa believes that Andy will do whatever Amanda and McCrae tell him next week and said that she won't believe that he changed his game just because he had an emotional breakdown yesterday. Elissa noted that Andy is as impressionable or even more impressionable than GinaMarie. Judd reassured Elissa that he is working with her but is just concerned that Aaryn will not go home over Andy. One thing that both Elissa and Judd agree on is that they want McCrae and Amanda out of the game. Judd said that it is his personal mission to take them down. He told Elissa that he hopes to work with her, Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie to make it happen.

2:00-3:00 PM: Elissa thought that Amanda had gone through her things and told McCrae to tell her to stop. McCrae said that Amanda had not touched anything of hers and that GinaMarie was the one that did it. They went back and forth for a bit. Amanda then came outside and McCrae filled her in on what had happened. Amanda then began taking shots at Elissa's husband, family and Elissa as a mother. Elissa just ignored it. Amanda then proceeded to "torture" Elissa for a good part of the day, as she taunted her and banged on her HoH door. Elissa just locked herself up in the room. Amanda said that she wanted to do so in order to let Andy go "pick up the pieces" and console Elissa in order to keep himself off the block. Amanda is still hoping that GinaMarie can be nominated and evicted.

3:00-4:00 PM: Aaryn believes that Judd is the one in Elissa's ear, telling her to nominate Andy. In fact, Judd has been pushing for GinaMarie to be nominated. Andy informed Judd of this. Judd denied it and asked if he could go call Aaryn out. Andy told him not to, but he did once McCrae came to him with the same story. Judd told Aaryn to stop going around and lying about him. Aaryn said that it's obvious that he is doing whatever he can to get someone (Andy) up that will make her go home. Judd told everyone to think whatever they want, cause Aaryn is just grasping at straws.

6:00-7:00 PM: Elissa remained locked up in her room, as Amanda continued to yell and make her come out. Andy did as Amanda said and went up there to console her. He said that he is sorry for what she is dealing with and mentioned that it probably won't stop. Elissa told him that she cannot believe that the show would tolerate that type of behaviour. Apparently they did not, as Amanda eventually quieted down and implied that she was not allowed to go up to Elissa's HoH room.

8:00-9:00 PM: In the event that he is nominated, Andy has been worried that Aaryn will go to Judd and let him know that there was a big scheme to try to get GinaMarie on the block. He wants to beat Aaryn to the punch and tell Judd first. McCrae and Amanda decided that they would go and talk to Judd, immediately after the veto ceremony, and say that Andy had no part in it.

9:00-10:00 PM: Andy told Spencer that he plans on nominating Elissa and Judd if he wins HoH next week. Spencer said that those two are too unpredictable, while Amanda and McCrae are fairly predictable. The hit list that they discussed went Aaryn, Elissa, Judd, GinaMarie, Amanda/McCrae and then the two of them at the end.

10:00-11:00 PM: The guys asked GinaMarie if she would be willing to vote out Aaryn over them if they ended up going on the block. GinaMarie said that she would do what the HoH wants. Elissa then went outside and Andy told her that GinaMarie would not commit to keeping him over Aaryn, so he thought that it was best that she nominate GinaMarie. Andy said that the three people right there (Andy/Judd/Spencer) would be the three votes to evict Aaryn. Elissa called GinaMarie over and informed her about what was going on. GinaMarie said that she is going to do what is best for her, even if that means that she has to evict Aaryn. That was all that Elissa needed to hear. Andy said that pretty much just solidified that he would be the replacement nominee.

GinaMarie then went to Aaryn and told her about the conversation. She laughed and questioned how Spencer, Judd and Andy could actually believe that she would vote Aaryn out. Aaryn then went outside and told the guys that GinaMarie relayed the entire conversation to her and said that there is no way that she will vote her out. Aaryn was also still holding out hope that GinaMarie would be nominated, seeing as that's the only person that she feels totally safe being nominated against. Everyone, including Amanda, began discussing that they need to tell Elissa what went down so that they can get her to nominate GinaMarie. Some believed that not even this would make Elissa nominate GinaMarie, as she is set in her "robotic" ways.

Amanda and McCrae began to plan ahead for Andy's potential nomination. While much of the house believes that GinaMarie is the swing vote, Amanda and McCrae have no intention of keeping Aaryn over Andy at this time. Amanda has been trying to think of ways to get GinaMarie on their side, such as telling her at the last minute that they didn't have the votes and got threatened into keeping Andy. McCrae said that that clearly won't work, as they have the votes if the two of them and GinaMarie vote to keep Aaryn. In any event, their plan as of now is to evict Aaryn. Amanda and Andy then discussed that they cannot believe that the plan to get GinaMarie nominated did not work. Amanda said that it would work on any other human being and that it's almost as if Elissa somehow knows that there is a plan to get GinaMarie nominated.

2:00-3:00 AM: Andy, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie had a long talk in the backyard. Whether GinaMarie or Andy is the replacement nominee, the group of four agreed that the other three would all vote out Aaryn. GinaMarie said that Aaryn has been super shady to her lately and isn't even acting like her friend. GinaMarie noted that Aaryn is too caught up with Amanda, so she will focus on her own game. They agreed that they can stay strong into next week as well, taking down Amanda and McCrae. They settled on the alliance name "The Exterminators"

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