Elissa names Andy the replacement nominee

August 26, 2013

A Recap of Day 67 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: The veto ceremony took place. Amanda used the Power of Veto on McCrae, forcing Elissa to name a replacement nominee. Elissa chose to nominate Andy, meaning that Aaryn or Andy will be evicted on Thursday. As was planned, McCrae and Amanda went to Judd and explained that they are voting to evict Andy but they had to try to scheme to get GinaMarie on the block. Judd said that he was willing to make a one week deal with McCrae and Amanda. McCrae and Amanda said that they were down for that. Andy was in the room for part of the conversation. Immediately after, Judd told Andy that his deal with McCrae and Amanda was a lie and that he would nominate them. Andy said same with him. They agreed that they are loyal to The Exterminators until the end.

11:00-12:00 PM: Amanda decided to get in Elissa's face while she was preparing some food in the kitchen. She asked Elissa why she looked nothing like her pictures and questioned how many doctors it took to make her face look like that. Elissa just kept on smiling and ignored her. Judd went to Elissa and informed her that McCrae and Amanda are planning on voting Aaryn out. Elissa said that it's a good thing that she called their bluff. Judd agreed and said that she made the right move by going with her gut and not nominating GinaMarie. Elissa said that she is not going to let Amanda and McCrae tell her what to do and said that she is glad that their plans went to shit.

Aaryn asked Amanda why they want Andy to stay over her. Amanda said that she wants Aaryn to stay but she is the only one besides GinaMarie that does. Amanda explained that Andy was with them before she was, so she won't be able to convince McCrae to keep her. Amanda didn't want to be seen campaigning to hard against Andy in case he stays. Aaryn said that this is going to look great on Elissa's resume at the end of the game, as she is making a huge move. Amanda told Aaryn not to give up yet. Aaryn said that she doesnt want to get her hopes up, so she would rather just accept her fate. Aaryn then informed Amanda that both Spencer and Judd plan on nominating Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn sad that GinaMarie likely will too. Aaryn asked that Amanda not tell anyone, as she didn't want her last days to be awkward. Amanda proceeded to tell the whole house except for GinaMarie and Elissa.

12:00-1:00 PM: Aaryn went to GinaMarie and informed her that she only has two votes, GinaMarie's and Amanda's, and will be going home. GinaMarie acted like she couldn't believe this and thought that the whole point of her not going on the block was to try to help Aaryn stay. Aaryn said to just let it go, cause she is going home and Elissa knew what she was doing when she nominated Andy. Aaryn is fine with GinaMarie voting her out, as she knows that everyone else will do so. Aaryn informed GinaMarie that Amanda and McCrae know that she is after them. She added that Spencer, Judd and Elissa are also after those two. Aaryn advised GinaMarie to work with Judd and Andy but to try to remain in the middle of everything and always know what's going on.

2:00-3:00 PM: Aaryn went to Andy and McCrae to tell them that GinaMarie had informed her that she is going to work in a duo with Elissa now, moving forward. Aaryn said that GinaMarie knew all about the plan to get her nominated the past couple of days, so Judd or Spencer had to have told her. Aaryn then told them that GinaMarie had told her that she is going after Amanda and McCrae. After Aaryn left, McCrae and Andy discussed that a lot of things that Aaryn said was bullshit. However it did make them question if they could trust Spencer.

3:00-4:00 PM: McCrae told GinaMarie that Aaryn had just said that she is now working with Elissa and going after he and Amanda. GinaMarie explained that she is not aligned with Elissa and only tried to be nicer to her in order to not go on the block next to Aaryn. GinaMarie said that Elissa is all on her own next week and sending her home would be like one for Aaryn.

Aaryn went to GinaMarie and asked her to tell Elissa that she will protect her and go after Amanda and McCrae if Elissa can help her to get Judd and Spencer's votes. GinaMarie went to Elissa and explained that Aaryn said that Andy is with Amanda and McCrae, so she does not have the votes and would go after McCranda if it meant staying this week. Elissa said that there is no way that it is going to happen. Elissa said that she tried to work with Aaryn multiple times and it didn't work out, so Aaryn now has to lie in the bed that she has made. Elissa also explained that Aaryn leaving is good for GinaMarie's game, as Aaryn tried to get her on the block.

Aaryn then joined Elissa and GinaMarie in the HoH room to make her pitch. Elissa said that she is so sick of Aaryn saying personal things about her. Aaryn said that it's not about the personal things and that she would be willing to nominate and vote against McCrae and Amanda, which is good for Elissa. Elissa continued to focus on the things that Aaryn had said to her, including jumping on the bandwagon when Amanda was tormenting her yesterday. Aaryn said that she was upset and was being stupid. Elissa said that Aaryn has been nasty to her and she no longer wants to be in the same house with her.

Elissa then brought up that Aaryn threw GinaMarie under the bus all week. Aaryn denied it and said that she never told Elissa to nominate GinaMarie. What Aaryn had done was go up to the HoH room and tell Elissa that GinaMarie would say that she would not vote to keep her, so that she could stay off the block, but would definitely be voting to keep her. Elissa said that Aaryn was now lying, so she was done with the conversation. Aaryn continued to make her plea but Elissa said that it's the same story, different day. Elissa eventually said that she would think about the offer, so that Aaryn would go away. After Aaryn left, Elissa told GinaMarie that Aaryn is lying about everything and asked that GinaMarie not campaign for Aaryn. GinaMarie said that she has not and will not campaign for Aaryn.

4:00-5:00 PM: Aaryn went to Judd to make the same pitch that she had made to Elissa and briefly to Spencer. Aaryn said that she would nominate McCrae and Amanda, with Elissa being the replacement nominee if one of them was to win the veto. Aaryn asked Judd to help her by talking to Spencer and Elissa for her. Judd said that he would see what he could do.

Elissa and McCrae spoke and apologized to one another for how they had acted yesterday during their brief argument. They then discussed the nominations for the week. McCrae said that he felt that Elissa thought that he was stupid enough to believe her reasoning for putting him up was that she wanted him to win the veto. Elissa said that there was no hidden agenda and that she knew that he would vote to keep Aaryn. McCrae said that he would have voted to evict Aaryn. That being said, McCrae admitted that it was a very smart move in that in ensured that she got the best of both worlds, either getting to evict Aaryn or he or Amanda. At the same time, McCrae said that Elissa left herself open to having a lot of enemies. They eventually discussed Elissa's attitude towards the game. Elissa said that it was tough for her early on, as she came into the house so excited to play and had everyone after her. McCrae said that she doesnt have respect for the game, otherwise she wouldn't threaten to walk from jury.

5:00-6:00 PM: Andy and Spencer discussed that Elissa needs to go next week. Spencer said that Elissa makes both GinaMarie and Judd stronger. They agreed that they would be fine with McCrae and Amanda winning the next HoH, as they would use it to evict Elissa and then would not be able to play the following week.

Aaryn went to GinaMarie to explain what Elissa had accused her of. Aaryn said that she had never wanted GinaMarie to be nominated and that Amanda had told her that she would be safe against anyone but Andy, so she was just trying to make sure that he was not the nominee. Aaryn said that she wasn't ready to give up and that she would continue to fight to stay. Aaryn told GinaMarie to let her know if Spencer or Judd say that there is no way that they will be keeping her, cause then she will know that it is time to shut it down and accept her fate.

6:00-7:00 PM: Elissa told Andy that Aaryn was trying to throw him under the bus. Spencer had also revealed that Aaryn was offering to target McCrae and Amanda. Amanda confronted Aaryn and said that everything she says gets back to her. Amanda explained that she doesn't have the numbers to save Aaryn because McCrae is not willing to keep her over Andy, who has been loyal to them from the start. Aaryn said that she knows that McCrae and Amanda are probably not keeping her, so she is going to have to do what she has to do to stay. Amanda understood and agreed that she should do what she needs to do. Aaryn said that if she had known that Andy was the first priority, she would have used her power to do what she had wanted. Amanda explained that Andy was not the first priority for her, just McCrae.

9:00-10:00 PM: Amanda told McCrae that this is the first time in the game that she has had to vote someone out that she didn't want to leave. She said that this is tough for her and that she feels defeated. Amanda discussed that GinaMarie needs to go soon, as she has already turned against them. Amanda said that everyone now wants to break them up since they are two votes and that is a huge thing at this point in the game.

Aaryn made another pitch to Judd, saying that she is pissed off and furious that Amanda and McCrae are voting her out after all that she has done for them. Aaryn reiterated that she is willing to do whatever Judd and Spencer want, including going after Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn said that there is a far greater chance that Andy will nominate and vote against Judd than she will. While Aaryn believe that it was only McCrae that didn't want her to stay, Judd wasn't so sure. Judd said that it's obvious that Amanda calls the shots and that she could tell McCrae to keep Aaryn if she really wanted to.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amanda went to Elissa and apologized for her behaviour yesterday. She noted that Elissa bringing up her pregnancy had really gotten to her, as had Elissa laughing in her face when she was feeling vulnerable about going home on Friday night. Not only that, but Amanda was upset that Elissa tried to say that they threw the veto to her. Elissa also apologized for her actions and for being insensitive to Amanda during their conversation on Friday night. Amanda pointed out that Elissa was smart and had made the right call in nominating Andy, as she was never going to vote to evict Andy. Amanda said that she only tried to make Elissa believe that she would evict Andy in order to try to save Aaryn as well.

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