Aaryn makes her final plea

August 27, 2013

A Recap of Day 68 in the Big Brother 15 House

11:00-12:00 AM: After an extremely quiet day, things began to heat up late last night. Aaryn told the houseguests that Elissa has said a couple of weeks ago that she has a secret crush on Judd and thinks that he is the most attractive guy in the house. Aaryn explained that Elissa now wants to ensure that she leaves because she has been flirting with Judd. Aaryn said that Elissa was steaming she saw her flirting with him. Amanda found this to be hilarious and decided to go up to the HoH room to tell Elissa. Elissa laughed at it and said that Aaryn is ridiculous. Elissa joked around about it for the next while before heading off to bed. Amanda told Aaryn that she went and told Elissa to make her a bigger target, with the goal of keeping her around. McCrae was irritated that Amanda got herself involved in what he felt was pointless drama. Amanda told him that it was done to prevent Elissa from working with Judd, as she would not want the viewers to misconstrue things and think that a married woman is whispering to Judd over something romantic.

Aaryn then began making her pitch to stay, talking to both Amanda and McCrae. Amanda pointed out that she had been telling everyone that she would nominate them. Aaryn said that she would have to if Spencer and Judd were the votes to keep her, but would not if McCrae and Amanda were. Aaryn said that if she doesn't get McCrae and Amanda's votes, there is no way that she will vote for them in jury unless they are in the Final 2 together. Amanda said that if they kept her over Andy, they would have Elissa, Spencer and Judd all coming after them. Aaryn told Amanda that they already are after them and that Spencer told her to her face that he would nominate McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn said that Amanda could even ask him in front of her.

Amanda called Spencer over and said that Aaryn is telling them that he said that he would nominate her and McCrae. Spencer said that Aaryn is full of shit and told her to stop campaigning. Spencer said that it is ridiculous that Aaryn is trying to get him involved in her web of lies. Aaryn also called Spencer out for saying that he told her that he would vote Amanda out if she would have been the replacement nominee a week ago. Aaryn swore on everything that she was telling the truth. After Spencer left, Aaryn asked Amanda if she really believed what Spencer had said. She said no. Aaryn continued to campaign by saying that she is a bigger target than McCrae and Amanda, while no one would ever nominate or vote out Andy. Aaryn said that she will be loyal to McCrae and Amanda forever if they save her and would take them to the Final 3. Aaryn told them that 100% they will go home if they are on the block against anyone but her, so they need her around. She also said that she could win HoH to keep them safe. Aaryn said that it is bullshit that they would vote her out after everything that she has done for them, so she asked McCrae and Amanda to think about it.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda and McCrae discussed Aaryn's offer. Amanda said that Aaryn would be going up on the block as long as she is there. McCrae said that he doubts that and that Amanda will always be a bigger target than Aaryn. McCrae said that he doesn't know if Spencer would actually go after them. Amanda said that he lies and that he would, while Aaryn just swore on her family. McCrae said that Aaryn lies all the time and that it doesn't mean shit to him that Aaryn swore on her family. Amanda said that Andy will never go on the block again. McCrae said that he knows but questioned what was the point of ever aligning with Andy if that would be their mentality. McCrae said that Spencer will be after them either way, so they need to keep Andy who is more loyal to them than Aaryn is. Amanda admitted that McCrae is right. Amanda said that she trusts Andy more than Aaryn. McCrae agreed. Amanda said that she was trying to think of what the better game move is and she thinks that McCrae is right about keeping Andy being the safer move. Amanda and McCrae then discussed that Elissa and Judd have to be broken up next week.

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