Aaryn accepts her fate

August 28, 2013

A Recap of Day 69 in the Big Brother 15 House

5:00-6:00 PM: GinaMarie told Aaryn that she doesn't want to vote her out. She was worried that people would use it against her and say that she voted her best friend out. Aaryn said to just tell them that she is playing the game. GinaMarie pointed out that Elissa voted against the house to keep Helen last week. Aaryn said that it was different because GinaMarie had told people that she would vote Aaryn out. Aaryn told GinaMarie that she can go far in the game by playing really dumb. She noted that people are taking out the big targets and are going to string along people like Spencer. Aaryn said that GinaMarie needs to not show any of her cards, regardless of who she decides to work with.

Moving forward, GinaMarie said that she would like to be friends with Amanda but cannot trust anything that she says. Aaryn warned GinaMarie that anything that she says to Amanda, Amanda will say to others. GinaMarie said that she would rather be friends with Elissa than Amanda. She also said that she wouldn't mind working with Andy but is concerned that Andy will not leave McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn said that GinaMarie should try to team up with Elissa and Andy or Elissa and Judd. Aaryn told GinaMarie that Amanda and McCrae need to go very quickly, otherwise they will dominate. Aaryn suggested that GinaMarie nominate McCrae and Amanda if she wins HoH, with Andy being the replacement nominee if necessary. GinaMarie said that she was already planning to do exactly that.

As for who GinaMarie should try to go to the end with, Aaryn suggested Elissa and Spencer. Aaryn believes that GinaMarie would beat both of those two, so she told GinaMarie that it would be wise to make a Final 3 deal with them. Aaryn said that GinaMarie would have a lot of trouble beating McCrae and Amanda, as they have been playing everyone. Aaryn also noted that Judd would be very tough to beat, as he had to compete to earn his way back into the game. Either way, Aaryn assured GinaMarie that she will have her vote in the Final 2 no matter what.

6:00-7:00 PM: Aaryn went to Judd and told him that she is no longer campaigning. She said that she knows that she just doesn't have the votes. Aaryn explained that she has accepted it and she is happy because she never thought that she would make it this far. Aaryn told Judd that she hopes that he does well. She said that there are no hard feelings and that she hopes to be friends after this. Judd said that they will definitely be friends. They then had a brief kiss. Aaryn told Judd that he came back at the perfect time cause there are so many targets. Aaryn cautioned Judd to weary of Spencer, as he flat out lied to everyone's face last night when he said that he never told her that he would nominate McCrae and Amanda. Aaryn said that Spencer clamied that he didn't trust McCrae, but said that maybe he was lying.

12:00-1:00 AM: Aaryn spoke to Elissa and let her know that there are no hard feelings. She said that she knows that she is leaving tomorrow and she completely understands. Aaryn said that she looks up to Elissa and respects her so much. Elissa told Aaryn that that was really sweet and that she likes her so much. Elissa said that she wished that Aaryn had not aligned with Amanda, cause Amanda is super manipulative and got into Aaryn's head and ruined her game. Aaryn agreed that Amanda was the downfall in her game. Aaryn confirmed what Elissa had already suspected, telling her about the 3AM alliance. The girls discussed that they wished that they could have worked together. Elissa made it clear that she really did want Amanda to go home this week and that she was crushed when Amanda won the veto. Aaryn also made it clear that everything that she had said about working with Elissa this past week was true.

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