Elissa wins MVP but remains a huge target

June 27, 2013

A Recap of Day 7 in the Big Brother 15 House

9:00-10:00 AM: Amanda and Aaryn spoke in the bathroom, discussing that Elissa needs to go this week. Amanda stated that McCrae can be trusted, saying that he is an innocent guy and really is a pizza boy. Amanda then spoke with Elissa, telling her that if she does happen to win MVP, it would behoove her to disclose that to her and McCrae. Elissa told Amanda that she did not win MVP.

10:00-11:00 AM: Amanda, GinaMarie and Nick then had a lengthy conversation, with the main topic of conversation being Elissa. Amanda pointed out that, at this point in the game, if anyone but Elissa were to be nominated, they would know that Elissa won MVP. Amanda pointed out that it would be smartest for Elissa to nominate the strongest player, Jeremy. In the event that Elissa could not be evicted this week, Amanda made it clear that her vision for a Plan B is to evict Candice. She said that she expects a unanimous vote this week, with either Elissa or Candice being evicted.

11:00-12:00 PM: After a trip to the diary room, Elissa made her way up to the HoH room to let McCrae in on a secret. Elissa was voted the first BB MVP of the season. She pleaded with McCrae to make a deal with her. McCrae would not commit to keeping her safe in the event that Candice or Jessie were saved by the Power of Veto. McCrae said that he really wants to work with Elissa, but not at the expense of his own game. Given that the entire house is against her, he said that he could not go against the consensus at this point.

With regards to who she would nominate, Elissa noted that Aaryn has been mean to her, but it would be stupid to nominate her. McCrae suggested that Elissa nominate David. The rationale behind that move is that he is a major competitor and is involved in a showmance (with Aaryn). McCrae felt that Elissa would be able to convince the house to take David out over her if it came down to it. McCrae told her that he would make that pitch for her. He said that he would tell people that Elissa will self destruct, while this may be the only shot that they get to take out David.

The other reason behind nominating David was that he would be someone that is likely to win the veto, which is something that is more appealing than having Candice or Jessie win it. If David were to use the veto on himself, Elissa would get to choose his replacement and would get to remain safe. McCrae told Elissa to work on Spencer and Nick. He also said that Judd, Helen and Amanda would keep her safe if it came down to it. Elissa was upset, as she believes that she is a goner if she ends up on the block. Elissa played up the fact that she was upset when she left the HoH room, hoping that the other houseguests would not suspect that she and McCrae are working together.

12:00-1:00 PM: Aaryn and Amanda both spoke with Helen, letting her know that Elissa is taking advantage of her. They told Helen that Elissa is using the mom card in order to try and draw Helen in. Aaryn went on to say that Elissa is lying to everyone and playing them all against one another. Helen was upset to hear this, as she had confided in Elissa.

1:00-2:00 PM: Amanda took some time to speak with Howard about a potential alliance. The alliance that she suggested was one that she had gone over with McCrae last night. Amanda told Howard that she wants the two of them to work together with McCrae, Jeremy and one other person. Given that Jeremy is building a relationship with Kaitlin, Kaitlin's name was thrown out there as a potential fifth member. Amanda noted that Judd cannot be trusted. Howard wondered if Judd has some sort of deal with Elissa. He also said that Judd continues to play the dumb card.

Meanwhile, Helen and McCrae were chatting in the HoH room. Helen told McCrae that there are a lot of bullies in this game and that the two of them need to be careful. Helen has an uneasy feeling about Amanda. McCrae told her that Amanda thinks that she manipulate him. The two of them went on to discuss that it would benefit their game if a strong player were to leave instead of Elissa. Helen feels that if either Jeremy or Dave were to be evicted, they could reel in whichever one remains. McCrae said that the best case scenario is that the MVP nominates David, allowing them to take David out over Elissa.

3:00-4:00 PM: The live feeds went down for the revealing of the third nomination and for the selection of the veto players. Elissa, the MVP, nominated David for eviction. In addition to the HoH (McCrae) and nominees (Candice, Jessie and David), Elissa and Howard will be playing in the veto competition.

Amanda and McCrae were seen speaking when the feeds returned. Amanda made it clear that she wants to get Elissa out of the house. McCrae took what he described as a leap of faith, telling Amanda that Elissa had told him that she is this week's MVP, and also that he was the one that suggested nominating David. Amanda then questioned who McCrae wanted out of the house. He agreed that Elissa needs to go.

Amanda said that she and McCrae are like brothers now and are brothers until the end. Additionally, Amanda feels as though they have Helen on their side. McCrae told Amanda that Helen had came up to the HoH room to talk to him earlier, and he felt bad about lying to her about wanting to keep Elissa around. He went on to say that he wants to win the veto just to show everyone that he wants Elissa out of the house.

Elissa then came up to the HoH room and broke up the conversation. Once Amanda left, McCrae revealed that he had told her about Elissa being the MVP. Elissa was not impressed, saying that McCrae is going to screw her over and hates her. McCrae explained that he felt the need to keep Amanda close, and that they need her. Elissa believes that Amanda would vote her out if given the opportunity. McCrae again confirmed that he would have to put Elissa up if one of his original nominees were to be taken off of the block.

A number of others then entered the HoH room. Jeremy called out Elissa, asking if she was denying that she ever said that she would get MVP votes because her sister is a model. Elissa told him that she said that her sister is Gisele Bundchen, and was clearly kidding. Jeremy said that he has no idea who that is. Elissa told Jeremy that he should pick on guys, not girls. She felt as though he was bullying a woman by calling her out in front of everyone. The two went back and forth for a short while longer before finally letting it go.

4:00-5:00 PM: David confronted Elissa, asking her if she is Rachel's sister and if she is the MVP. Elissa made it clear that she feels as though it shouldn't matter whether or not she is Rachel's sister. David said that if she is Rachel's sister, she would have Rachel's fans and thus could be MVP. He wanted to know why she would nominate him. Elissa said that she did not nominate him. When David pressed for an answer as to whether or not she is Rachel's sister, Elissa said that she has never lied about being Rachel's sister and choose to reply with "why does it matter?"

5:00-6:00 PM: Aaryn was not happy to see that David had been talking to Elissa. David explained that all he wanted to do was hear Elissa's side of the story. Aaryn was not having any of that, and told David that it showed that he doesn't trust her if he needs to go and confirm details with Elissa. Aaryn said that she has been putting her own game on the line in order to keep David safe, yet he doesn't seem to care. She felt as though she would be nominated in the event that David were to win the veto and that David did not care that she could end up being put in that position. Aaryn said that it felt like a betrayal that David would be speaking to Elissa.

9:00-10:00 PM:The feeds returned and we found out that McCrae had won the Power of Veto. There was a sense of relief from many of the houseguests, particularly Aaryn, Katilin and Jeremy. Aaryn apologized to David for acting like a bitch earlier in the evening. She told David that he will be safe as long as he lays low, as everyone in the house loves him.

Nick came to the HoH room with what he believed to be a "master plan". Nick suggested that McCrae leaves the nominations the same, explaining that he does not want to stir things up. From there, they would take out David because he is a huge physical threat. This would leave two "super weak" players in the house. McCrae said that he wants to put Elissa up no matter what. He plans to use the veto on Candice, but tell her that she needs to vote the way that he wants her to.

McCrae agreed that David needs to be the one to go home this week, but was unsure of how to go about it. He wants to appease the house by nominating Elissa, while still finding a way to keep her safe in the process. McCrae pointed out that Helen was also on the same page with them, leading Nick to believe that Helen may be the MVP. Moving forward, Nick wants Amanda to be the one to go in week two. He feels as though Amanda is always in the middle of everyone's business and is smart. McCrae said that she scares the shit out of him.

Helen spoke with Elissa, letting her know that she plans on trying to work McCrae in order to keep her in the game. Helen said that the options are to keep David on the block or take him off and pull him into an alliance. In the latter scenario, Jeremy would be the replacement nominee and the one going home. Helen advised Elissa to lay low for the time being. She told Elissa that she really wants to trust her and has trusted her since the beginning. After Elissa left the room, Helen said to herself that that was her final attempt and hopefully it works. She added that if Elissa breaks down, she can't help her.

12:00-1:00 AM: Judd and McCrae discussed the possibility of keeping Elissa in the house. Elissa would still go up as the replacement nominee after McCrae uses the veto to save Candice. They would then need to get seven votes in order to save Elissa. The seven votes that the two feels as though that they can get are Judd, Andy, Amanda, Howard, Helen, Spencer and Nick. Judd noted that they would be pussies to evict Elissa over David. He also added that they wouldn't stand a chance if they got down to a Final 6 with the showmances (Jeremy & Kaitlin and David and Aaryn). When McCrae later mentioned that there is a chance that Elissa may stay, Amanda said that there is no way. She is still in favour of taking Elissa out as of right now.

3:00-4:00 AM: Amanda and McCrae had a late night chat in which it was revealed that Amanda still wants no part of keeping Elissa in the house. McCrae said that he could make a good case against taking David out, saying that he's in the strongest showmance, he's calculating, he's quiet and he knows the game. McCrae noted that he feels as though David will be gunning for him if and when he gets the opportunity. Amanda said that they can't keep Elissa around, because she was the one that told Helen about Elissa playing her. Amanda felt that Elissa would target her if she stayed in the house. McCrae said that he will tell people that it's majority rules this week and that the house is going to make the decision on who stays and who goes.

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