GinaMarie wins HoH and plans to break up McCranda

August 29, 2013

A Recap of Day 70 in the Big Brother 15 House

6:00-7:00 PM: The live eviction took place and Aaryn was evicted by a unanimous 5-0 vote. Julie informed us that next Thursday will be the second double eviction of the season. She also said that there will be a surprise competition that will air on Sunday's episode. The HoH competition carried over past the end of the episode.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds returned after the conclusion of the HoH competition. GinaMarie was crowned the new HoH. Judd and Spencer had the fewest eggs and will be wearing chicken suits. Three members of The Exterminators met up in the storage room to celebrate GinaMarie's win. GinaMarie said that she can nominate McCrae and Amanda together to ensure that one goes home. She told Judd and Andy that they better have her back next week. Both Judd and Andy reassured her that they would.

8:00-9:00 PM: Amanda went to GinaMarie and made her pitch for Elissa to be the target. Amanda explained that nobody would be upset with GinaMarie if she took out Elissa. Amanda said that she and McCrae are two big votes and can protect Amanda next week, especially if there is a double eviction. Amanda said that neither she nor McCrae would nominate GinaMarie next week if she kept them off the block. Amanda even told GinaMarie that they can go to the Final 4 with McCrae and Andy. Amanda noted that GinaMarie would be the strongest competitor of the four.

Amanda suggested that Judd be the second nominee, as he is close to Elissa and someone that makes her stronger needs to go home if Elissa wins the veto. Amanda told GinaMarie that Elissa had a Final 2 with Judd before he left and was super excited when he returned to the game. In the event that Elissa or Judd came off the block, Amanda even volunteered to go up as a pawn if GinaMarie wanted. GinaMarie went along with everything that Amanda said. However, after Amanda left the room, GinaMarie looked at the cameras and laughed and said that Amanda is crazy and is going up on the block.

9:00-10:00 PM: GinaMarie again told Andy that she can nominate McCrae and Amanda together but needs to know that her ass will be protected next week. Andy reassured her that he, Judd and Spencer will not go after her. GinaMarie expressed some concern about whoever remains out of McCrae and Amanda coming after her. Andy said that they just need to play down how close The Exterminators are, then they will likely be nominated next to Elissa and can vote Elissa out.

10:00-11:00 PM: Elissa, Andy, Judd and Spencer were having a conversation in the living room. Amanda joined in and felt that Elissa was taking some jabs at her and was making it seem as though she is above everyone else. Elissa mentioned how nice Jessie was and that she would never take shots below the belt. She also said that Jessie was the only "10" in the house. Amanda told Elissa that she is such a bitch. Amanda also told Elissa that she will be going on the block tomorrow. Elissa got up and walked away. Andy consoled her and they discussed that they needed to squash what has happened between them the past couple of weeks. Andy and Elissa agreed not to nominate each other next week.

McCrae came and told Amanda that she needs to chill out. Amanda was rattled by the question that Julie asked her tonight, as it made her feel that they are portraying her as the bully and Elissa as the innocent one. McCrae said that America's opinion is irrelevant, seeing as they are not playing the game. He was frustrated that she continued to mention how they were potentially being portrayed. McCrae replied with "who cares?!" on a number of occasions. Amanda told McCrae that she cannot just sit there and let Elissa take jabs, cause she is not going to be bullied. McCrae reiterated that Amanda just needs to play the victim and not fight back, otherwise she is doing nothing but hurting her game.

11:00-12:00 AM: GinaMarie got her HoH room. Amanda and Elissa were going head to head the whole time that they were up there. Both were going above and beyond to compliment GinaMarie on everything that she got. At one point, Elissa said that things are not the same without Aaryn there. She added that she misses Aaryn so much. Amanda could do nothing but laugh when she heard that. When Elissa momentarily left the room, Amanda went to GinaMarie and said that Elissa had made her cry and was being so nasty. When Elissa got a moment alone with GinaMarie, she told her that she can't stand to look at Amanda and that she is so disgusting and delusional.

12:00-1:00 AM: Judd and Spencer discussed who they want to evict if nominations stay the same. Judd said that he would like to evict McCrae since he is better at competitions and is more likely to win the game. Spencer countered that by saying that Amanda has been a huge target this whole game, so if she makes it to the Final 2 she will likely be unbeatable. Judd pointed out that McCrae would likely have more fire in him if Amanda was gone, while Amanda would likely fall apart if McCrae was gone. Spencer agreed with that.

1:00-2:00 AM: Elissa was preparing for bed and Amanda entered the room and said that she doesn't want to fight with her but feels that Elissa is always antagonizing her, making her need to stick up for herself. Elissa didn't respond and walked out of the room. Amanda then said that she is sick of Elissa bullying her and noted that she was trying to say that she didn't want to fight. Elissa still gave Amanda no response. Amanda went outside and began crying to all of the other houseguests. She explained that Elissa walked out on her and is just trying to torture her. Amanda said that she feels as though she is back in high school. She said that Elissa is constantly antagonizing her and also tortured Aaryn throughout the entire summer. For the most part, the houseguests offered little in terms of a response.

GinaMarie went to Andy and said that she hates how Amanda tries to be the victim. GinaMarie said that her tears do not phase her. Andy was also irritated that Amanda is instantly making herself the victim because she is not getting what she wants from Elissa. GinaMarie and Judd then spoke in the HoH room. GinaMarie again said that she plans on nominating McCrae and Amanda. GinaMarie noted that they will make it to the end of the game if they are not broken up this week. The other two members of The Exterminators entered the room and discussed the plan for the week ahead. They decided that it was best to tell McCrae and Amanda that GinaMarie would only say that Elissa is going on the block and would not tell them who the second nominee would be. GinaMarie said that she will tell Amanda and McCrae that she changed her mind at the last minute and decided to nominate the two of them.

Amanda talked to McCrae about the upcoming nominations. Amanda said that even if she goes up next to Elissa and Elissa comes down, Judd or Spencer would go up and go home. Amanda said that she doesn't expect that GinaMarie will nominate her anyway though, as it would anger McCrae and Andy. Amanda questioned how Elissa will react when she is nominated tomorrow, making it more clear that she will be shocked by tomorrow's nominations.

2:00-3:00 AM: GinaMarie had a brief talk with Amanda and McCrae. Amanda again pitched a Final 4 idea of three of them and Andy. They tried to figure out who GinaMarie is nominating, but all that GinaMarie would say is that Elissa is going up. After GinaMarie left, Amanda and McCrae agreed that think that Elissa and Spencer will be the nominees. They said that they will have to fight their asses off to win the veto and seal Elissa's fate. Andy went up to the HoH room to get one last word in with GinaMarie. He told GinaMarie that he will never nominate her or vote against her. He said if that means it's a Final 2 deal, it's a Final 2 deal. GinaMarie pointed out that they cannot go to the Final 4 with McCrae and Amanda, otherwise they will get picked off at that point. Andy agreed.

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