Spencer wins $10,000, GM nominates McCrae and Amanda

August 30, 2013

A Recap of Day 71 in the Big Brother 15 House

9:00-10:00 AM: Amanda went up to the HoH room and let GinaMarie know that she is going to keep her distance from Elissa. Amanda said that she wants to hang out with GinaMarie but will be staying away in order to avoid Elissa. Amanda said that she woke up upset and needs to cleanse herself of the negative energy. Amanda was crying when she spoke to GinaMarie. After Amanda left the room, GinaMarie mocked Amanda's crying.

12:00-1:00 PM: The hosueguests had a luxury competition. The house was a complete mess, with popped balloons and confetti everywhere. Spencer won $10,000. The competition was not without some more Amanda/Elissa drama. Elissa found her Big Brother bag full of confetti and popped balloons. She said that it was clear that someone strategically placed it in there and that it didn't just happen randomly. Based on a conversation that Amanda had with McCrae, it was implied that Amanda was the one that placed the stuff in Elissa's bag.

Andy spoke to Spencer and explained that he is worried about tomorrow's veto competition. He said that he is in a bad spot regardless of what he does. If he wins it, McCrae and Amanda will be upset at him for not using it on them. If he throws it, GinaMarie and Judd will be upset with him for not trying hard enough. Spencer then brought up that there are advantages to keeping McCrae, as he is more easily controllable. He said that they would then only need to worry about Elissa winning HoH, as he expects that McCrae would go after Elissa. Andy agreed. Judd later spoke to both Andy and Spencer and said that he doesn't want McCrae to be there for another week. He said that Amanda is already showing signs of breaking down. Judd firmly believes that McCrae needs to be the one to go first.

1:00-2:00 PM: Amanda asked McCrae if he thought that GinaMarie was going to nominate her. He said that he didn't know. Amanda said that she doesn't even care anymore and hates it there. McCrae sarcastically said that that's a good attitude to have. Amanda said that she is upset and feels tortured every single day. She told McCrae that he doesn't understand what it's like cause Elissa doesn't torture him. McCrae asked if Amanda is just going to give up. She said that she just wants Elissa to leave. Amanda then went outside and told Spencer that the whole aura of the house would be so much fun if Elissa were to leave. Spencer advised her not to worry about what Elissa says, as she is not a real human being.

Amanda, McCrae and Spencer talked about nominations. Amanda said that she is going to be pushing for Elissa and Judd to be nominated. Spencer said that he thinks that everyone will be doing that and that they are a united front heading into nominations. Amanda said that they need to point out that Judd told every single person in the house that he would keep them safe if they kept him safe. It was also discussed that they can bring up that Judd already had his shot and was evicted, so he needs to be back up on the block. McCrae and Amanda explained that they can all offer GinaMarie protection heading into next week. They said that GinaMarie can blame the nominations on them and they will take the heat for it. Amanda even said that she is willing to go up as a replacement nominee if Judd and Elissa are nominated.

2:00-3:00 PM: Elissa spoke to GinaMarie and said that America is going to be happy with her for nominating McCrae and Amanda. Elissa said that she is jealous that isn't the one that gets to make the move. Elissa and GinaMarie discussed that they have to stick together moving forward. Elissa feels that Judd will eventually try to pit them against each other cause he wants a guys alliance, but Judd was someone that Elissa thinks that they can work with. Elissa doesn't think that Andy can be trusted. Elissa said that they need to make sure that Amanda does not win the veto. GinaMarie played along and did not reveal that McCrae is the true target.

As for GinaMarie's fellow Exterminators alliance members, they have been playing it up that they have no idea what GinaMarie is thinking. Spencer is telling McCrae and Amanda that he expects that he will go up, seeing as he just won $10,000 this morning. GinaMarie briefly spoke with each of them. GinaMarie and Andy discussed that they are each other's number one option to take to the end. Andy said that the two of them can beat Judd and Spencer in the Final 4. GinaMarie kept much of her talk with Elissa a secret from all three of the guys. As for the veto competition, GinaMarie told them that they can go for prizes, as either McCrae or Amanda will be leaving no matter what. The one exception was Spencer. GinaMarie asked that he take one punishment since he won $10,000 today. Spencer was fine with that and said that he was planning on taking punishments anyway. They did agree that it would be best for McCrae to leave, as Amanda would have a meltdown without him and would have her sights set on Elissa if she stayed.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amanda went to make her pitch to GinaMarie. She explained that she would nominate Elissa and Judd. She said that everyone would be enraged if Elissa was not nominated. Amanda said that it would make the least waves and either Elissa or Judd would for sure be going home. Amanda told GinaMarie that it makes the most sense from a numbers perspective, seeing as GinaMarie would only have one person after her. Amanda said that Elissa will go home and Judd deserves to be on the block because he is shady and already had his shot. Amanda also told GinaMarie that it is crucial that she has a group of four at this point. She has been pushing for a Final 4 of herself, McCrae, GinaMarie and Andy. GinaMarie continued to play along with everything but did not commit to anything. McCrae joined in on the conversation and more or less reiterated everything that Amanda had said. He told GinaMarie that he will respect her no matter what she decides to do.

Amanda went to Andy and told him that she really thinks that GinaMarie is going to nominate Elissa and Judd. Andy acted excited, even though he knows full well what the true plan is. Amanda explained that GinaMarie seemed to be very receptive to what she was saying to her, while Judd looked worried after leaving the HoH room. Amanda then went to McCrae and said that the talk seemed to go very well. McCrae said that it's always possible that GinaMarie is playing them. Amanda did not believe that to be the case. Andy later went to GinaMarie and told her that Amanda and McCrae have absolutely no idea that they are being nominated. Andy plans to act shocked and upset after nominations, in order to keep The Exterminators alliance a secret. Spencer is planning to do the same.

5:00-6:00 PM: GinaMarie went through with her plan and nominated McCrae and Amanda for eviction. Amanda told McCrae that Spencer, Judd and Elissa had to have been in on the plan, otherwise GinaMarie wouldn't have nominated the two of them together. Amanda said that she wants to go home if the two of them or Andy don't win the veto and take one of them down. Amanda believes that Andy was just as blindsided by the nominations as the two of them were. Amanda went to confront Spencer about being in on it. He denied and said that he doesn't understand why she is coming at him.

Amanda then went to the HoH room and told GinaMarie that she made a stupid move. Amanda said that she and McCrae were not going to be after GinaMarie and that now everyone will be after her. GinaMarie explained that McCrae and Amanda are too powerful together and that everyone else is playing on their own. Amanda still believed that it made absolutely no sense, noting that everyone wants Elissa and Judd out. Amanda believed that Elissa was behind the move. GinaMarie said that Elissa actually didn't even tell her to nominate the two of them. GinaMarie said that it was a huge game move and was her own decision. Before storming out of the room, Amanda said once more that it was a shitty move and that Andy, Spencer and a whole lot of people will take them off the block if they win the veto.

Judd got into it with Amanda as she was leaving the HoH room, asking why she thinks that they run the game. He asked Amanda if the rest of them should just pack their bags now. Amanda decided to walk away. She then said that she doesn't even want to be in the house anymore, as she can't stand to be with Elissa. Amanda went to the have-not room with McCrae and continued to cry and say that she doesn't even want to be there anymore. She said that she wishes that it were Thursday already, as she does not want to be stuck in the house with Elissa for another week. Amanda was annoyed that Elissa is going to make it further than her in the game, that Aaryn told GinaMarie to make this move and that Spencer lied to them and played a role in it. Amanda said that she is over it and is actually happy. She said that she wants McCrae to stay and win the game. She believes that McCrae will no longer be a target after she leaves.

6:00-7:00 PM: Amanda spoke to Andy and he acted like he was completely blindsided by GinaMarie's nominations. Amanda more or less said that she is ready to go home and that she does not want to take this opportunity away from McCrae. Andy told her not to think like that. Amanda said that Spencer, Judd and Elissa have to be in on it and working with GinaMarie. Amanda was frustrated that she would be leaving before Elissa and told Andy that they have to get Elissa out. Spencer came into the storage room and told Amanda and Andy that Elissa had been listening in on their conversation. Amanda forcefully swung the door open, hoping to hit Elissa if she was still listening in. Elissa had gone elsewhere by this point. Elissa told Judd what she had heard and asked him if he thought that Andy could be working with Amanda still. Judd played it off like it was no big deal and that Andy is not going to work with McCrae and Amanda.

Amanda and GinaMarie spoke again. Amanda was still convinced that GinaMarie had made this move to do Elissa's dirty work. GinaMarie told Amanda that she did not and she swore on everything that she is not even working with Elissa. Amanda tried to figure out what the plan was in the event that she or McCrae won the veto. GinaMarie said that she hadn't thought about that yet and she was noncommittal on whether or not there was any chance of both of them staying. Amanda let GinaMarie know that they would be going after McCrae if both of them were to stay. If one had to leave, Amanda said that she would prefer that she is the one to go.

7:00-8:00 PM: Andy went to Elissa and explained to her that Amanda had cornered him and he had to tell her what she wanted to hear. Elissa was irritated to hear that Andy told Amanda that Elissa is pushing her buttons, seeing as Elissa feels that she has been doing a good job to walk away from Amanda. Elissa wanted Andy to tell Amanda that she is the one that is being crazy. Andy explained that doing that would only make Amanda mad at the both of them. Looking ahead to next week, Andy told Spencer that it's best for their games if Elissa goes before Amanda. Spencer agreed. Both Andy and Spencer feel that Elissa could be the downfall in their game. Andy is concerned that Judd and GinaMarie would vote to evict Amanda over Elissa if he nominated the two of them. Spencer said that Andy could nominate him next to Elissa in order to ensure that she leaves. Andy agreed and said that Spencer could do the same with him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Amanda told Andy that it doesn't even matter if any of them win the veto, seeing as either her or McCrae will be leaving anyway. She did note that she will be fighting as hard as she can for the veto, out of respect for the game. She revealed that GinaMarie told her that she will evict McCrae over Spencer if Amanda wins the veto and she is forced to break a tie. Amanda is still convinced that she is the one that is going home unless she wins the veto. Amanda said that Elissa, Judd and GinaMarie seem to be working together. She also feels that Spencer could be with them as well. Amanda advised McCrae and Andy to not isolate themselves and to make friends with whomever they need to to stay in the game. Amanda thinks that the target will not be on their backs once she is out the door. Amanda suggested that they target Judd or Elissa first, as she believes that those are their two biggest threats in the house.

Amanda went to the HoH room where Elissa, GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer were playing cards. She said that she wants to apologize, as she did not ever want things to get to such a personal level. She explaiend that she realizes that she is likely to be heading home this week. Amanda requested that they do not hold anything that she did against McCrae, seeing as it was all her. She pointed out that she probably would have been even worse had McCrae not held her back and scolded her.

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