McCrae wins the Power of Veto

August 31, 2013

A Recap of Day 72 in the Big Brother 15 House

9:00-10:00 AM: The houseguests picked players for the veto competition. GinaMarie, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Elissa and Spencer will play for veto. Andy and Spencer were already looking ahead to next week, again discussing that Elissa has to go next week. Both agree that they want Elissa to go over whoever stays between Amanda and McCrae. They already wanted Elissa out but it became even more urgent for Spencer once Judd led him to believe that Elissa would be after he and Andy.

10:00-11:00 AM: Elissa went to Judd and told him that she feels that she has good reason to believe that Andy cannot be trusted. She said that Andy is playing both sides of the house and is telling McCrae everything. Judd warned Andy about what Elissa had said. Andy then went to GinaMarie and expressed his concern over Elissa. GinaMarie tried to diffuse the situation and told Andy that she thinks that the only reason that Elissa is concerned about him is because Amanda acted excited when his chip was drawn to play for veto.

GinaMarie told her fellow Exterminators that it would be great if they had a double eviction this week so that both McCrae and Amanda could go home. Andy said that he doesn't care who goes between Elissa and whoever remains out of Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie agreed. McCrae remains the target for The Exterminators. Elissa, Amanda and perhaps McCrae are under the assumption that Amanda is the target.

2:00-3:00 PM: McCrae won the Power of Veto. The Exterminators began discussing who to nominate as the replacement nominee. GinaMarie said that she could not nominate Elissa, seeing as Elissa didn't nominate her as a replacement last week. Spencer eventually agreed to go up as a pawn, though he was not yet 100% sold on the idea. He said that he wanted to talk to Elisas first. Judd and Andy guaranteed him their votes, as did GinaMarie as a potential tiebreaker.

Amanda told McCrae that her game is over but that she is happy that McCrae won. They discussed that they can maybe cut a deal with Judd if Spencer is nominated. Amanda said that they would have to tell him that they would nominate Elissa and GinaMarie and not use him as a replacement nominee. McCrae said that they would likely have to say that they would take out Andy. Neither McCrae nor Amanda were optimistic that they could get Judd on their side but they want to try once the veto ceremony takes place. They are working under the assumption that they have McCrae and Andy's votes to save Amanda, so they believe that they only need one more.

GinaMarie told Elissa that she will not be the replacement nominee. Elissa said that she knows that the guys are going to be trying to pit them against each other but they have to continue to say that the guys are the bigger targets. Elissa said that if they can make it to the Final 4, they have got this. Elissa told GinaMarie that she does not trust Andy and that he needs to go because he has been working with McCrae and Amanda. GinaMarie said that she loves Andy but knows that everyone would vote for him if he made it to the Final 2. Elissa then suggested that perhaps they could go to the Final 3 with Judd. Elissa told GinaMarie that they need to continue to work together but make it seem as though they are not close.

3:00-4:00 PM: Spencer asked McCrae if he would be using the Power of Veto on himself. McCrae said yes and that there is no way that he would use it on Amanda. He added that he would have tried to get Amanda to use it on him if she had won it. Judd told Amanda not to tell McCrae but that he was really rooting for her to win the veto. Amanda asked if there was any way that Judd would vote to keep her over Spencer or Andy. Judd said that he would seriously think about it. Amanda later started crying and told Judd that this means so much to her and she and McCrae would be loyal to him and would not put him up until there was no one else left if he keeps her. Amanda later retold the conversation to McCrae and said that she doesn't think that Judd would actually vote to keep her.

4:00-5:00 PM: Amanda campaigned to GinaMarie, trying to get her to nominate Elissa in McCrae's place. Amanda told GinaMarie that getting rid of Elissa would make the least waves in the house. She said that she and McCrae would remain loyal to GinaMarie, while Elissa would turn on GinaMarie in a second just like she did to her for no reason. She also said that GinaMarie could make deals with Spencer, Andy and Judd since she would be keeping them off of the block. Between the two of them, Amanda pointed out that she has no friends in jury and cannot win anything. On the other hand, she said that Elissa has lots of friends in jury and has been picking it up in the competitions of late.

Amanda said that GinaMarie would be putting a bunch of targets on her back by taking her out of the game, while she would have none if she made the bigger and smarter move by taking Elissa out. Amanda said that people would continue to target her and McCrae, so there is no need to break them up this week when they are not after GinaMarie. GinaMarie heard her out and remained fairly quiet. GinaMarie said that Amanda has some good points and that she will think about it. She said that it would be a tough decision to make.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amanda continued her campaign to get Elissa on the block, talking to Andy, Judd and Spencer about it. Amanda went with the same pitch that she gave to GinaMarie. The guys listened and went along with what Amanda was saying. Once Amanda left and GinaMarie joined them, they all agreed that they still need to get Amanda out. GinaMarie said that Elissa will 100% go after McCrae next, so there is no reason to take her out. The guys agreed and said that Amanda and McCrae need to be broken up.

GinaMarie spoke with McCrae and discussed what she had meant in her speech. She brought up that Amanda caused McCrae to lose the fire that he had in week one. GinaMarie said that she saw that fire return today. As for whether or not she would put up Elissa as the replacement nominee, GinaMarie said that she is considering it. McCrae asked if she was just saying that or if she really was considering it. GinaMarie said that Amanda made valid points but that she has to make the decision herself and has some things to think about. McCrae went over many of the same points that Amanda had.

A short while later, McCrae met up with Amanda to discuss the conversation he had with GinaMarie. He felt that there was an opportunity to get Elissa nominated. They agreed to push the notion that GinaMarie will be associated with Elissa if she stays and will likely go on the block with Elissa when people target her. Whatever happens, they both agreed that they just want to know and that they don't want to be blindsided by the replacement nominee by being given false hope.

8:00-9:00 PM: A number of houseguests discussed their plans for next week. Andy told Spencer that he needs Elissa out and would not even nominate McCrae. Spencer said that that's fine and that Andy could nominate him. As for Spencer, he said that he would nominate McCrae and Judd. As long as Elissa didn't win the veto, he would make sure that it was used so that he could nominate her and take her out. Elissa told Judd that she would likely nominate Andy next to McCrae because Andy has been working with McCrae and Amanda. McCrae then had a chat with Judd and told him that he would have an excuse to nominate GinaMarie and Elissa since they both nominated him. Judd didn't say too much about who he would nominate but he told McCrae that it would not be him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Andy went up to the HoH room and told GinaMarie that Amanda said that she had went to McCrae and mentioned that she may put up Elissa. GinaMarie said that that was not true and that she talked to McCrae about what Amanda had said and told him that she has to figure out what is best for her. GinaMarie said that it would be stupid to put up Elissa when she is going after McCrae. GinaMarie explained that they would then have to go after McCrae and Amanda all over again, so they need to take their shot while they have it. Andy said that he completely agreed but just wanted to find out if what Amanda was saying was true.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda and McCrae made yet another pitch to GinaMarie, more or less reiterating what they had already said to her throughout the rest of the day.. They made it clear that Elissa and Judd are just using GinaMarie and that they want to make it look like GinaMarie is close to Elissa so that they get nominated together and they can get rid of GinaMarie. Amanda started crying and said that Elissa doesn't deserve to be there while she does. Amand said that GinaMarie gave her a glimmer of hope so that's why she is campaigning. GinaMarie said that she will consider it and will let them know Sunday night.

1:00-2:00 AM: Elissa and GinaMarie had a very brief conversation. Elissa said that she feels like Andy needs to go before Spencer. She said that the eviction order should be Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Spencer. GinaMarie said that she agreed and that the guys are on the same page about getting out McCrae next. McCrae and Amanda continued to push for Elissa to be nominated, while GinaMarie reassured her fellow Exterminators that her mind was not going to change. The plan remains to nominate Spencer as a pawn.

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