The end of the line for Amanda?

September 1, 2013

A Recap of Day 73 in the Big Brother 15 House

2:00-3:00 PM: Amanda was talking to Judd about how she needs to get GinaMarie to nominate Elissa as the replacement nominee. While McCrae and Amanda don't know it, The Exterminators' target has been McCrae all along. Judd had previously discussed trying to get McCrae to use the veto on Amanda so that they could evict McCrae. The Exterminators felt that it would be a waste of time since it was unlikely to work. Judd said that he still wanted to try and he took the conversation with Amanda as his opportunity. Judd told Amanda that if McCrae used the veto on her and Elissa was named the replacement nominee, everybody would keep McCrae over Elissa. Amanda said that she had that same thought this morning. Judd said that he would keep McCrae over Elissa and that Andy likely would too.

Amanda went to McCrae and told him that she would never ask him to use the veto on her. She did, however, have a plan. Amanda said that McCrae can go to GinaMarie and say that he is confident that he has the numbers to stay if he is on the block, so he is going to use the veto on Amanda. Once GinaMarie is convinced that McCrae will use the veto on Amanda, Amanda believes that she will be willing to negotiate and that they can cut a deal where McCrae uses the veto on himself but Elissa goes up as the replacement nominee. The theory behind this is that GinaMarie and the rest of the house wants McCrae to stay and will not want to risk him being on the block. McCrae didn't think that it would work but he said that it was worth trying. Andy was also listening in on much of the conversation. Andy said that it will come down to how gullible GinaMarie is, as she would have to believe that McCrae would actually use the veto on Amanda and that he would have the votes to stay.

3:00-4:00 PM: Judd told Spencer and Andy that he is planting the seed to try to get McCrae to use the veto on Amanda so that they can evict McCrae. He said that he doesn't want to push too hard but knows that he will regret it if he doesn't try. He explained that he is planting it with Amanda so that she starts going to McCrae will all sorts of crazy scenarios. Andy spoke to McCrae and asked him if he thinks that there is any way that GinaMarie would fall for the plan that Amanda had thought of. McCrae said that he wasn't sure. Andy said that he was worried that GinaMarie would get pissed off if she is dead set on McCrae or Amanda leaving. He told McCrae that he doesn't want him to have a bunch of enemies cause of this. Moving forward, Andy told McCrae that he plans to take out Elissa if he wins the next HoH.

McCrae went to GinaMarie and threw the idea out there that he is thinking about using the veto on Amanda. He explained that he feels that he may have the votes to stay. GinaMarie told McCrae to do what he needs to do. GinaMarie reminded him that he walked into the house by himself and will walk out by himself. McCrae asked if Elissa would be going up, as he said that he would not feel the need to use the veto on Amanda if Elissa was being nominated. GinaMarie said that she had not decided yet and that she would know by this evening and would let him know.

GinaMarie said that everyone is going to tell her what to do but will say what's good for them, not her. Therefore, GinaMarie said that she needs to make this decision by herself. McCrae said that keeping Amanda would be good for both of them, seeing as she would act as a buffer and would always be voted out before anyone else. McCrae also said that his and Amanda's votes would be able to protect GinaMarie if she was up against anyone. GinaMarie heard him out but didn't reveal a whole lot. She again told McCrae that she would let him know if Elissa would be the replacement later tonight.

4:00-5:00 PM: GinaMarie told Elissa and Andy that McCrae had been making a push to get Elissa on the block. GinaMarie told both Elissa and Andy that they would not be the replacement nominee. GinaMarie and Andy then discussed who they want out more, even though they felt that McCrae would use the veto on himself. They mentioned that Amanda is more likely to cause drama and have the potential to break up The Exterminators and has begun to do better in competitions. For those reasons, GinaMarie said that she believes that Amanda is now more dangerous at this point. Andy agreed but said that he doesn't really care which of the two goes home.

Judd continued to try to get McCrae to use the veto on Amanda. He went to McCrae and told him that he would give him a coin from his mother and his HoH letter as collateral, proving that he would vote to keep him. McCrae said that he would use the veto on Amanda but would need to know for sure that he had the votes. He also said that he would have to know that Elissa would be the replacement. They also discussed what they will do if Amanda goes. Judd said that they will need to work together. Both McCrae and Judd said that they will feel like they have no one. McCrae noted that Andy has been distant lately, so he doesn't even think that he has him.

5:00-6:00 PM: Andy and Spencer agreed that they can trust GinaMarie and that she is loyal to The Exterminators. They discussed that Judd needs to go before her and that they can probably beat GinaMarie in the Final 3. Spencer and Andy said that Judd makes them nervous but that they would feel better about him once Elissa leaves. As for this week, they agreed that it's best for their game if Amanda leaves. Andy said that GinaMarie also wants Amanda to leave. They think that Judd's plan to get McCrae to use the veto on Amanda is absurd. Andy and Spencer felt that it was beneficial to the two of them to continue to play up their relationship with McCrae, even if it means losing an Exterminator. Judd left his conversation with McCrae and told Andy and Spencer that he really thinks that McCrae might use the veto on Amanda. Spencer and Andy played along like it would be good but didn't say a whole lot.

6:00-7:00 PM: Amanda went to GinaMarie to beg for her life. GinaMarie said that she is still undecided in terms of who the replacement nominee will be. Amanda warned GinaMarie that she will get voted out if Spencer is put up next to her. GinaMarie said that it's her job to put people up but people are going to vote how they want to vote. Amanda pushed for Elissa to go, saying how glorious it would be for her to film a goodbye message to Elissa. Amanda begged GinaMarie to nominate Elissa, saying that Elissa doesn't deserve to be there or to be protected. Amanda asked for GinaMarie's help in getting the disease out of the game. GinaMarie ultimately told Amanda that she would let her know later tonight.

8:00-9:00 PM: Spencer and GinaMarie spoke and agreed that Amanda needs to be the one to go this week. Spencer advised GinaMarie to tell them that she will not be nominating Elissa, as they don't want McCrae to use the Power of Veto on Amanda. In the event that McCrae does use the veto on Amanda, they plan to send him home. Judd told GinaMarie that he thinks that McCrae may actually use the veto on Amanda. Judd said that it would be awesome and that he would have a hard time holding a smile in if he ended up doing it. Judd planned to act pissed off for the rest of the night so that McCrae and Amanda thought that he would be the replacement nominee and McCrae would be more likely to use the PoV on Amanda.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda had been talking to Andy and McCrae about her theory that Elissa, GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer were working together and that GinaMarie would nominate Spencer because Spencer knows that he is safe. It was finally time for GinaMarie to reveal to Amanda and McCrae that she would NOT be nominating Elissa. Amanda said that the only reason that GinaMarie would not nominate Elissa is that she is working with her, Judd and Spencer. GinaMarie continually denied having any alliance with Elissa but Amanda felt as though she was bullshitting her. GinaMarie eventually crossed her heart, swore on her life and shook on it that she is not working with Elissa.

Amanda continued to present all of the reasons why it made no sense for GinaMarie not to nominate Elissa if she is indeed not working with her. GinaMarie simply said that McCrae and Amanda are a power duo and need to be split up since everyone else is there as individuals. Amanda was getting fired up and was raising her voice, saying that it made no sense for GinaMarie and that she will become a target for everyone by making this move. Amanda emphasized that GinaMarie is the one that is sending her home, seeing as the whole house wants Elissa to go. Amanda felt that GinaMarie was doing Elissa's dirty work. GinaMarie continued to deny any allegiance to Elissa. Amanda eventually gave up and said that it's like talking to a brick wall because nothing is going to change GinaMarie's mind. She said that the thing that was most frustrating to her was that GinaMarie led her on and made her feel as though she had a glimmer of hope. GinaMarie explained that she really was considering nominating Elissa. Amanda wasn't buying it.

After Amanda left, GinaMarie apologized to McCrae and told him that he needs to look at the positive side like people told her to do when Nick left. McCrae understood. Meanwhile, Amanda was outside telling people that she is going home and that Spencer will be the replacement nominee. Amanda was still going on about it not making sense and said that something fishy is going on. All of the houseguests eventually gathered in the backyard and Amanda began a little confessional and was telling everyone about her game and how she felt. She explained that she made a wrong move at some point but at least she didn't pussyfoot her way to this point. She said that she pretty much masterminded every single nomination, she played the game and now she is going home. Amanda said that she hopes that everyone sees that all of the moves that she made were for game reasons. As for the personal attacks, Amanda said that she never took things to a personal level until others did it to her first.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda has given in to the fact that, barring a miracle, she will be going home on Thursday. Amanda said that here only hope is that Judd changes his mind but then they would still need to get Andy. Amanda and McCrae believe that they could get Andy on board with keeping her if they had Judd. As for what was most upsetting about the whole situation, Amanda again said that it was the fact that GinaMarie gave her hope that she could stay when she knew full well that she was never going to nominate Elissa. Moving forward, Amanda told McCrae to nominate Elissa and Judd, with GinaMarie being the replacement nominee. Amanda said that the order of most to least dangerous is Judd, Elissa and then GinaMarie.

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