McCrae uses the PoV on himself, Elissa plots to save Amanda

September 2, 2013

A Recap of Day 74 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Judd spoke with GinaMarie and let her know that Amanda was saying that she is trying to take her out because she is jealous of her relationship with McCrae, seeing as Nick is gone. GinaMarie was getting fired up and annoyed by hearing that. Judd also informed GinaMarie that Amanda is planning to potentially steal Nick's hat on her way out on Thursday, which only made GinaMarie even more mad. GinaMarie said that Amanda is just mad that she got her out and that Elissa is staying longer than her. As for next week, Judd said that he is after McCrae. GinaMarie agreed and said that she thinks that everyone is.

11:00-12:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, McCrae used the Power of Veto on himself. GinaMarie named Spencer as the replacement nominee. Afterwards, Amanda was getting on McCrae for not having made a heartfelt speech like Elissa had for Helen when they were nominated together. Amanda mentioned that all that McCrae said was "I'm sorry". Outside, Andy brought up that he is unsure of who he wants to take out more, Elissa or McCrae. Judd said that it's easily McCrae that needs to go first. Andy explained that he was unsure because he feels that Elissa would come after him first. Andy eventually said that it doesn't really matter who goes. While he may have said that, he has made it clear in his talks with Spencer that he wants Elissa to go first.

GinaMarie was upstairs in the HoH room with Elissa, going on a rant about Amanda. GinaMarie was still irritated about Amanda having said that GinaMarie was jealous of their relationship. Elissa was fuelling the fire by pointing out how mean and evil of a person that Amanda is. GinaMarie didn't understand why Amanda thinks that she is so good at this game, seeing as she never had an HoH other than puppeteering Aaryn's. GinaMarie said that Amanda doesn't become an amazing player just because she manipulated a little girl. Elissa added that she also manipulated a 23 year old boy. GinaMarie continually pointed out that Amanda is psycho and that she needs to be locked up. Meanwhile, Amanda was downstairs and had a much smaller rant about GinaMarie. Amanda said that GinaMarie is like a four year old with a machine gun and is too small minded to have something so powerful and dangerous. Amanda then said that GinaMarie should not be HoH ever and should not even be in the game, seeing as she doesn't understand the game.

3:00-4:00 PM: Spencer and Andy are nervous about their conversation with Judd earlier in the day, as Judd said that McCrae definitely needs to go before Elissa. Andy now plans to nominate Judd next to Elissa, preventing Judd from being able to save Elissa if he wins the veto. If Judd won the veto, GinaMarie would be the replacement nominee. This would ensure that Elissa would go home. He is concerned that a potential Elissa, Judd and GinaMarie alliance would control two of the three votes and could save Elissa if McCrae or Spencer go up as the replacement nominee.

If Elissa wins the veto, McCrae would be the target. Spencer agreed and plans to do the same. Andy and Spencer told GinaMarie about the plan. She was fine with it all, even with going up as the replacement next to Elissa if Judd were to win the veto and the target was Elissa. All three agreed that the Judd and Elissa relationship is troubling. They feel that he is with them but know that they have to be cautious of him more than any of the other Exterminators members.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amanda made a quick little campaign pitch to Judd. She told him that it's best to keep her around because she will always be a target ahead of him. Amanda said that it would allow Judd to coast by an expected upcoming double eviction. If she leaves, Amanda said that Judd and Elissa will be associated with each other and will go up next to each other. Judd didn't believe that people actually associate him with Elissa. Amanda said that he will see if she leaves. She told Judd that Andy wants to keep her and that they can go back to being the Goof Troop.

Amanda asked that he let her know if she has no hope. Judd told her that he will let her know soon. Judd then went outside and told The Exterminators that Amanda had campaigned to him but said that her campaign made no sense. Amanda didn't understand why Judd acted like he wanted to keep her and McCrae both in the game, yet won't vote for her. She then mentioned to McCrae that it's possible that Judd wanted McCrae out and wanted him to use the veto on her for that reason alone.

8:00-9:00 PM: Elissa and McCrae had a lengthy one on one chat in the backyard. There was a decent amount of game talk, including Elissa revealing that she wouldn't be targeting McCrae. Elissa said that Andy is someone that she would target. McCrae said that he wouldn't be after Elissa if she wasn't after him. Elissa also discussed that she would be someone good to bring to the end, seeing as nobody but Helen would vote for her. She later used this same pitch on Judd and Spencer as well. McCrae told her that taking her to the end is definitely an option. McCrae noted that Andy is the one person that he doesn't want to go to the end with, as he has so many friends in jury. When the talk wrapped up, McCrae apologized for all of the "stupid shit". Elissa said that she was sorry too. She said that she always cared about Amanda and McCrae but felt betrayed when they teamed up with Aaryn over her. McCrae and Elissa agreed to let the past go and not hold it against each other, moving forward.

9:00-10:00 PM: McCrae let Andy know that Elissa has him on her radar as a target for next week. McCrae then went to bed to speak to Amanda. Amanda was quite upset that she has fought so hard for everyone, yet no one seems to want to fight for her. She didn't like that everyone was talking about her like she was already gone. McCrae eventually suggested that they try to cut a deal with Elissa, telling her that they will keep her safe and that they will even go after Andy if she wants. Amanda felt that there was no chance that Elissa would save her after the history between the two of them but she thought that it could be worth trying.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda began her campaigning to Elissa, telling her that everyone in the house is targeting. Amanda said that both Spencer and Andy are after her and will nominate her next to Judd or GinaMarie. If Elissa saved her, Amanda promised that she, McCrae and Andy would be on her side and playing for HoH for her. Elissa was concerned that Judd and GinaMarie would then be after her. Amanda told her that they would gun for her and McCrae before Elissa. Amanda even told Elissa that she could blame her vote on Judd and nobody would ever know. Elissa then questioned if Andy was 100% voting to save Amanda. Amanda said that he will if she is on board and they would have the numbers.

After the talk with Amanda ended, Elissa spoke with Andy. Elissa said that Amanda had told her that he is targeting her, Spencer is targeting her and that Andy wants to save Amanda. Andy denied it. Elissa pointed out that it would be so stupid of them to work with Amanda and McCrae, to which Andy agreed. They agreed that it will be a 3-1 vote to evict Amanda and that they need to work to get McCrae out immediately after Amanda.

12:00-1:00 AM: Elissa was called to the diary room at 12:06 AM. A short while after coming out of the diary room, Elissa spoke to Amanda and told her that she wants to vote for her to stay. She swore to God and said that she trusts Amanda, McCrae and Judd more than she trusts GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy. Elissa asked if Amanda is sure that Andy will be on board. Amanda said 100%, as long as she is. Elissa then questioned if Amanda will really keep her safe. Amanda swore that she would and said that she would give her anything to hold onto as proof. Elissa explained that she feels it in her heart that she should work with Amanda. Elissa then said that she would vote for Amanda to stay 100%. Elissa said that she was fine with going to the Final 3 with McCrae and Amanda. Amanda swore that she would cut Andy at the Final 4 to take Elissa.

Andy came into the room where Amanda and Elissa were chatting. Elissa informed him that she is thinking that they should make a Final 4: McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and Andy. Shortly thereafter, Elissa spoke to Andy alone and told him that she thinks that working with Amanda and McCrae is best for their game. She said that she trusts them more than she trusts Spencer and GinaMarie. Elissa acknowledged that McCrae and Amanda would take each other to Final 2 but said that there are bigger targets than she and Andy that they would be after first. Andy played along and said that everything that Elissa is saying makes sense. Andy said that he is still weighing the options and that they have a couple of days to feel things out and see what the best option is. Elissa told Andy not to tell Spencer or anyone about what she was thinking.

1:00-2:00 AM: Andy told Spencer and Judd about Elissa's plan to flip the house to vote Spencer out. He said that she wants to vote Judd out next. Andy said that if Elissa continues to want to do it, he will agree to it but will vote to evict Amanda and will frame Elissa for it. Andy explained that he needs to frame Elissa in order to keep McCrae from coming after him. Andy guaranteed Spencer that he will 100% not vote against him. Andy later went to Amanda and said that it was awesome that Elissa is on board to keep her but he is scared that Elissa is trying to frame him. Amanda understood but said that she can get Elissa's wedding rings as collateral.

Andy informed GinaMarie that Elissa was trying to flip the house to keep Amanda, then go after Judd and GinaMarie next. Andy was upset that Elissa was putting him a bad position, as someone is now going to be pissed at him. Andy told them that Elissa wants to make a Final 4 with him, McCrae and Amanda. Spencer felt that she was trying to do this because she feels that everyone would take her or Spencer to the end, thinking that they can beat them. Spencer thought that Elissa didn't want him there because that was someone that people would take to the end over her as an "easy win". Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer all agreed that Elissa has to go next. Andy said that he plans to act shocked that Amanda did not stay. He feels that he can blame Elissa for flipping and not voting to keep Amanda.

2:00-3:00 AM: Judd reassured Andy that he is on board to evict Amanda. Andy again said that he plans to act shocked when the vote goes down, as he wants to frame Elissa and say that she is the one that voted to evict Amanda. Andy continually noted that this proves how on board he is with The Exterminators. Judd felt that the diary room is feeding Elissa ideas, seeing as she always comes out of there with different strategies. Spencer joked that Elissa probably gets to go into the diary room and watch the live feeds. While Amanda was encouraged by the fact that Elissa came to her, she was still not totally confident that she was staying. McCrae has been cautioning her not to get her hopes up, so he said that it was probably good that she still feels like she is leaving. McCrae suggested that she checks in with the diary room about the rule on collateral. McCrae didn't think that Elissa would give Amanda anything and then go back on her word unless there was something in the rules would allow her to get it back.

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