Amanda and GinaMarie go at it

September 4, 2013

A Recap of Day 76 in the Big Brother 15 House

2:00-3:00 PM: Amanda still believes that she has the votes to stay, assuming that McCrae, Elissa and Andy will be voting for her. She told Elissa that she is excited and that this is going to be the biggest shocker since the Nick vote. What she doesn't know is that Andy has no intention of voting for her to stay. The Exterminators have noticed how close Amanda and Elissa have become and they are disgusted by it. GinaMarie said that evicting Amanda will go down in Big Brother history.

3:00-4:00 PM: Andy told McCrae that he will vote to keep Amanda but said that he is worried that it will be a tie. He said that they need to stick together no matter what. McCrae said that they need to tell Spencer and Judd that they are targeting Elissa and GinaMarie so that nothing looks suspicious. Andy went straight back to The Exterminators with this info. As for Elissa, McCrae also informed her of what he is telling the guys. They discussed that they will be safe for the double eviction if they work together and that the worst case would be that they lose Andy.

7:00-8:00 PM: Amanda mentioned that Elissa seems legit. McCrae agreed and said that this all seemed like a lot of work if it was just to screw Andy over. Judd had told Elissa to "shut the fuck up" earlier in the night, leaving everyone to wonder why he was so angry. Elissa told Amanda and McCrae that she thinks that Andy told Judd about the plan to evict Spencer. Amanda said that there is no way. McCrae said that Andy is solid. Judd was talking to The Exterminators and let them know what it was that he was mad about. He said that he knew that something was up two nights ago when Elissa spoke with Amanda. He told The Exterminators to think of where Elissa had just been before she talked to Amanda. Elissa had came from the diary room. Judd then said that it happens all the time, referring to Elissa coming from the diary room with ideas.

9:00-10:00 PM: GinaMarie has been letting Elissa sleep in her bed downstairs that she has had since the beginning of the season when she and Nick slept there. She made it clear that she would get it back once her week as HoH ended. GinaMarie wanted to sleep there tonight because she was giving McCrae and Amanda her HoH room. Amanda was encouraging Elissa to not give the bed back. Elissa was taking a nap there and GinaMarie knew about it. When GinaMarie brought it up she felt that Amanda started smirking. GinaMarie proceeded to call Amanda out on it, leading to a big fight with tons of low blows going both ways. Here are a few of the shots that were fired back and forth:

GinaMarie- "You are so good. That's why you jumped in the sack with the first HoH"
Amanda- "You're in love with somebody (Nick) that you know nothing about. You are psychotic. That's how you are portrayed in this house. Why don't you sleep in your bed with your Nick shrine?"

GinaMarie- "Just walk around with your fucking smirk on your face but who is wearing an HoH robe? I am."
Amanda- "You have no power anymore. You can't even fucking vote tomorrow!"
GinaMarie- "Oh really. Okay. Duh. You know the rules of Big Brother! (GinaMarie then began clapping and gave Amanda a standing ovation). She knows the rules. I can't vote. You must have read the book back and forward!"

GinaMarie- "I just date guys so that I can get what I want. That's why you used McCrae this whole game. I actually feel bad for McCrae because he is a cool ass dude. He wouldn't even date you outside of this, cause you're a crazy bitch!"

GinaMarie- "You're a mastermind of this whole Big Brother game and we're little peasants. I should pack my fucking bags now. I forgot. Hold on. Let me go pack my bags now cause I'm going home, cause Amanda runs shit!"

Amanda- "You are a 33 year old woman with a tongue ring. Class act."
GinaMarie- "Yeah and I like it. How about your nasty ass fucking tattoo, you tramp. At least I can take my shit out. Yours is there to stay. I don't know what looks better, that or your face."

Amanda- "You're in love with somebody that hates you. This gorgeous guy, right here, wanted you gone."

GinaMarie- "He turned your ass down!"
Amanda- "He slept with a pillow in between you and a hoodie on, you fucking psycho!"
GinaMarie- "Because I'm going to fuck around with him like you did? You (McCrae) better fucking get checked after you leave here, buddy."

GinaMarie told Amanda to keep playing the victim. Amanda got up in GinaMarie's face and asked her what she's going to do. Judd eventually got in between them.

Amanda- "You started with me for no reason. I was never fighting with you."
GinaMarie- "Alright, Amanda, drop it. Drop it like you drop your pants!"

Amanda- "Don't you screen these people before you let them in the house?"
GinaMarie- "Yeah. That's why I don't know how the fuck you got through!"

Amanda began crying. GinaMarie said "Oh, let's put the waterworks on all of a sudden!" Amanda headed off to her bed.

Amanda was upset that Andy had started laughing, saying that he was enabling GinaMarie's behaviour. She also got mad at McCrae for not standing up for her. She said that McCrae just sat there like a pussy. Amanda said that she needs a man and that obviously he doesn't know what the meaning of love is. McCrae was quite frustrated with Amanda, saying that she needs to know when to pick her battles. McCrae said that it would have been pointless for him to get into this and said that he has a game to play. Amanda continued on about how GinaMarie attacked her. McCrae told her that it takes two to tango. Amanda said that she didn't want to fight with GinaMarie. McCrae replied by saying "Bullshit. That's the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard" and telling Amanda that she was getting ready for this all day. Shortly after the fight, GinaMarie apologized to Amanda. She was still upset about the digs that GinaMarie was taking and how she was getting personal.

11:00-12:00 AM: As for the game talk, McCrae told Judd that he is definitely going to nominate Elissa and GinaMarie and that he doesn't even care which one goes home at this point. Andy, Spencer and Judd were discussing how to deal with the fallout tomorrow in the event that McCrae or Elissa win HoH. If Elissa wins, they plan to tell her that McCrae voted out Amanda because he wants a guys alliance. If McCrae wins, the plan to tell him that Elissa said that the wedding ring that she gave Amanda was a fake and that she said that she voted Amanda out. Judd later went to Elissa and said that he was just joking around when he told her to shut the fuck up. Judd said that he needed to do it in order to make people think that they aren't together. Elissa was not happy that he spoke to her like that and said that it hurt her feelings. Judd continued to play it off as though he did it so that they would no longer be viewed as a duo.

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