Spencer nominates McCrae and GinaMarie

September 6, 2013

A Recap of Day 78 in the Big Brother 15 House

12:00-1:00 PM: Spencer told Andy and Judd that he plans to nominate McCrae and GinaMarie. He said that he will tell McCrae that he is safe since he has Andy's vote and his vote if it came down to a tiebreaker. He later added that he could explain to McCrae that it wouldn't make them see that they were that close. McCrae, Spencer and Andy have had a "Final 3" for a while.

1:00-2:00 PM: Andy and Spencer discussed that this will be the easiest week ever if McCrae doesn't win the Power of Veto, as he will be going home. In the event that McCrae wins the veto, Spencer and Andy are unsure of who they should evict. Andy was pushing for Judd to go over GinaMarie. Andy believes that GinaMarie would be loyal to he and Spencer and would definitely evict McCrae if she wins the Final 4 veto. Spencer seemed to be more on the side of keeping Judd. Spencer argued that Judd would also vote to evict McCrae, especially if they prove their loyalty by keeping him this week. Andy said that he feels that he has a trust in GinaMarie that he doesn't have with Judd. Andy is concerned that Judd would rat him out in a second, in order to save himself. On the other hand, Andy did acknowledge that Judd is definitely the weaker competitor of the two. He pointed out that he doesn't want the "comp master", GinaMarie, wins the final HoH. Spencer noted that GinaMarie will take Andy to the Final 2 over him. Andy played it off and said that that's not necessarily true.

The back and forth continued, as Andy pointed out that having GinaMarie around to win the Final 4 veto would be a good thing, since she could then evict McCrae. However, Andy did make it clear that he would rather have Judd in the Final 3 than have GinaMarie in the Final 3. If McCrae goes home this week, Andy said that he would without a doubt vote to evict GinaMarie if he wins the Final 4 veto. Spencer said that he is on board with that, seeing as he believes that even he can beat Judd in competitions. While it's not 100% set in stone, it seems as though, at this point, Judd is more likely to be evicted this week than GinaMarie is (if McCrae wins the veto). Spencer and Andy also reiterated their plans to take each other to the Final 2. Spencer said that he doesn't think that he can beat Andy but there is no one that he would rather lose to.

2:00-3:00 PM: Spencer told GinaMarie that he is planning on nominating her next to McCrae. He said that she owes him a favour for putting him up last week. GinaMarie was a little disappointed at first. She said that she nominated Spencer as a replacement nominee, so she was hoping that she wouldn't have to go up initially. Spencer explained that he wants McCrae to believe that there is a guys alliance and that she is the target, which would hopefully lead to him not trying as hard in the veto competition. GinaMarie was then concerned that she would go home over Judd. Both Andy and Spencer told GinaMarie that she would have their votes, which would be all that she needs to stay. Spencer told GinaMarie that she won't even need to pack her bags if McCrae doesn't win the veto, cause they plan to tell him about The Exterminators and let him know that he is going home.

3:00-4:00 PM: GinaMarie told Spencer that McCrae has tried to make a Final 2 with her. She said that she doesn't make deals that she can't keep but that she will lie to him if he thinks that it's best for The Exterminators. It was then McCrae's turn to talk to Spencer. Spencer told McCrae that GinaMarie is the target and that he will be going up next to her. Spencer explained that he doesn't want people to know that they are as close as they really are. McCrae asked what would happen if GinaMarie wins the veto. Spencer said that Judd would be nominated and evicted. Spencer told him that he is loyal to his alliance with Andy and McCrae and that he would have those two votes if he goes on the block. Spencer went on to say that there is no scenario in which McCrae goes home this week. McCrae and GinaMarie then spoke and agreed to have each other's backs. They agreed that if either of them win the veto, they will vote to keep the other.

5:00-6:00 PM: Spencer went through with the plan, nominating McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction. McCrae is the target. McCrae told GinaMarie that he feels as though he will for sure be the one that's going home. GinaMarie thanked him for making her feel better but said that she is concerned that the guys will decide to get rid of her cause she is the last remaining girl.

8:00-9:00 PM: Andy and Spencer were again discussing what will happen next week, seeing as both are a lock to make it there since Spencer has said that he will not nominate Andy. In the event that McCrae won veto this week, Spencer thinks that he would keep both he and Andy over Judd if he was given the choice. Andy is still weary of Judd. He said that they need to blindside Judd if they get rid of him this week, otherwise he may spill the beans. Andy is afraid that McCrae will target him if he knows how much he has been lying to him. Spencer wasn't as concerned. Spencer said that they can continue to play up the fact that they were doing things to ensure that there Final 3 of Andy/Spencer/McCrae could make it to the end. Andy agreed and said that they could tell McCrae that they didn't want to let him in on everything in fear of Amanda. Andy also believes that they can sell McCrae on the idea that Judd would beat him in the Final 2.

12:00-1:00 AM: Spencer and Andy spoke with McCrae, reassuring him that he will be safe this week. Spencer said that it's all about the three of them and that GinaMarie and Judd need to go. Spencer said that Judd will go home if McCrae wins the veto this week. They then discussed that Judd and GinaMarie have legitimate shots at winning the game. Andy explained that he feels as though the three of them have the most even shot at winning the game. Spencer told McCrae not to worry and that there is no situation in which this won't play out well for him.

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