McCrae wins the Power of Veto

September 7, 2013

A Recap of Day 79 in the Big Brother 15 House

1:00-2:00 PM: McCrae won the Power of Veto, ending The Exterminators hopes of making it to the Final 4 together. Spencer told McCrae and Andy that he wants the two of them to decide who goes home. He said that he does not want to have to break a tie. Judd went to Spencer and said "I'm going home, aint I?". Spencer told Judd that he wants him to stay and that he will campaign for him but Judd needs to work on Andy and McCrae. Spencer said that he knows that Judd will take him to the Final 2. Judd agreed and said that he would. Spencer also pointed out that there are so many girls on the jury that GinaMarie has a good shot at winning if she makes it to the Final 2. Judd was worried that Andy and McCrae will scheme to get him out if he goes on the block, seeing as he is easier to compete against than GinaMarie. Spencer said that that's not true. Judd said that it is, as GinaMarie keeps getting injured. She cut her knee in the competition and requires stitches. Judd reiterated that McCrae is who he wants to go after if he stays but he believes that it's over and he is a goner.

McCrae and Andy were discussing that they were still up in the air in terms of who they should evict. Andy said that Judd is sneaky and he doesn't want him to weasel into something. McCrae agreed. McCrae noted that the problem with keeping GinaMarie is that there are so many girls in jury. Andy said that they can argue that GinaMarie was in the dark the whole game and had no idea what was going on. McCrae and Andy agreed that Judd will need to be blindsided if he is the one that they decide to evict this week.

Andy told Spencer that his gut is telling him that they need to take GinaMarie over Judd. Andy said that GinaMarie is broken and will not win. Spencer countered that by saying that GinaMarie does not give up. Andy then said that he's worried that Judd will be sneaky and cut one of them for McCrae. Spencer believes that Judd will remain loyal to The Exterminators until the end and will cut McCrae. Andy argued that Judd could beat either of them in the end, while Spencer countered that by saying that GinaMarie could as well. The two then discussed what to do with regards to telling McCrae about The Exterminators. They felt that McCrae would be more trusting of them if they told him before GinaMarie or Judd could do it. On the other hand, they did not want to be revealed at all if they could avoid it. Andy was worried that McCrae would be the most betrayed by him and would evict him next week if given the chance. Spencer then decided to tell Andy was his concern with keeping GinaMarie is, saying that he knows that GinaMarie will pick Andy over him. Andy understood and acknowledged that she would.

Judd briefly spoke with McCrae. McCrae told Judd that he thinks that he will be safe this week. Judd said that he doesn't want people to bullshit him and that he hopes that people won't just tell him that he is safe. Andy then came downstairs and had the same conversation with Judd. Judd did tell Andy that he would for sure keep him if he were the one to go on the block. Spencer then reassured Judd that he and Andy are on the same page and believe that it is time to cut GinaMarie.

2:00-3:00 PM: Andy and Judd had a more in-depth conversation. Andy told Judd that he wants to keep him but knows that GinaMarie will take him to the Final 2 if he keeps her. Andy was looking for some reassurance that Judd would be on his side and would go after McCrae. Judd said that he would and that it has been his mission to get Amanda and McCrae out of the house. He even offered up his bear shirt to prove that he would vote McCrae out next week. Judd told Andy that he is willing to keep him over both McCrae and Spencer. Andy said that he would vote GinaMarie out, even though it will kill him to do it. He said that he respects Judd enough that he wouldn't screw him over like he did to Amanda.

Spencer told GinaMarie that he trusts her way more than he trusts Judd. They agreed to have each other's backs going forward. Spencer then brought up that they cannot beat Andy. Spencer said that nobody there can beat Andy and that GinaMarie is playing for second place unless she goes to the end with him. GinaMarie agreed and said that she has always told Spencer that she wants him to be her Nick, as she will stay with him until the end. They shook on it, saying that they would have each other until the end. GinaMarie said that she will not tell Andy that she has him until the end or will go to Final 2 with him. Spencer threw it out there that he may need to make Judd feel safe all week so that he keeps his mouth shut about The Exterminators.

McCrae and Spencer discussed that they hate talking to Judd because they always feel that he will use everything that they say against them. They agreed that Judd is more loyal to Andy than to either of them. Spencer said that he doesn't want to bring an ally of Andy's into the Final 4 and possibly Final 3. McCrae noted that Andy had pointed out that he has more control over GinaMarie. Spencer said that what's important is that their three guy alliance with Andy will be making the Final 4.

Spencer spoke with Judd and told him to stay calm, even if he puts him on the block. Spencer said that Andy will be scared if he believes that Judd is running around, trying to make deals. Judd then told Spencer that Andy said that GinaMarie will take him to the Final 2. Spencer said that he already knows that. Judd has been pushing for Andy to go on the block and said that it would ensure that GinaMarie goes home.

Spencer told Andy that he thinks that he wants GinaMarie to stay. Andy said that Spencer already knows how he feels about that, so it would be fine with him. Andy said that there is nothing that he can do if McCrae and Spencer want to keep Judd but he feels as though they will not win if Judd stays. Andy pointed out that Judd likely knows that he can't beat him in Final 2. Spencer said that nobody can beat Andy in the Final 2 and that he is downplaying that fact. Spencer said that GinaMarie will be easier for them to beat in competitions. They later spoke with her and told her that she needs to play it cool cause Judd will sink his own ship. They also agreed that they will deny any knowledge of The Exterminators if Judd rats them out to McCrae.

4:00-5:00 PM: Spencer briefly spoke with GinaMarie again, saying that neither of them can beat Andy in the end. GinaMarie replied by saying that she has always known that. GinaMarie told Spencer that she will put Andy and McCrae on the block if she wins HoH next week. Spencer and GinaMarie agreed that if they have the only vote next week, they will keep each other over Andy. Spencer said that h will lose against Andy but has at least a bit of a shot against GinaMarie, though he gave her an 80% chance of beating him.

6:00-7:00 PM: Andy, Spencer and McCrae continued to debate who should go home, Judd or GinaMarie. Andy said that he almost wants to see how broken GinaMarie is, cause there is no reason not to bring her along if she can't win anything. Andy said that his gut is telling him that he will not win the game if Judd stays. McCrae said that it's better to take GinaMarie if they can for sure get her out before the Final 3 endurance competition. That being said, McCrae pointed out that it's a total tossup for him. Once McCrae left the room, Spencer told Andy that he is concerned that he and McCrae will say that GinaMarie is still "broken" next week and will use that as a reason to take him out over her. Andy said that there is no way that he would. He also said that he could try to talk McCrae into keeping him by saying that a wounded GinaMarie is still more of an endurance threat than Spencer is. Once McCrae rejoined the conversation, Andy reiterated that they need to stay together until the Final 3. He said that they can't take a broken down GinaMarie or Judd over each other. Everyone agreed. They also agreed to take a couple of days to decide on who they should evict this week.

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