The houseguests ponder keeping Elissa

June 28, 2013

A Recap of Day 8 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Judd and Andy spoke about the possibility of keeping Elissa around and the impact that it would have on their games. Judd believes that Elissa would always be a target over them, so it would be kind of dumb to get rid of her. Andy said that he felt the same way, adding that people have their eyes on her and she doesn't have her eyes on the two of them. Andy's concern was that Jeremy would be after him if they were to take out David. Judd said that he can't go after seven people. Judd said that he began to get concerned when Elissa called out Jeremy for having an alliance with David, and David said that she was damn right and that they will be there until the Final 2.

Shortly after speaking with Judd, Andy had a similar conversation with Helen. The two discussed that it may be beneficial to them to keep Elissa around. Helen said that she loves Elissa, but Elissa threw her under the bus. Andy told her that he doesn't think that Elissa has the two of them or Judd on her radar. Helen then pointed out that Elissa would be the target next week if she were to stay. Andy noted that he is concerned that the alliance of Jeremy, David, Kaitlin and Aaryn doesn't have his best interests in mind.

Spencer, Jeremy and Howard also discussed the potential benefits of keeping Elissa around past this week. Spencer said that, from a game standpoint, he would like to get David out this week cause he is a competitor and is up there like a sitting duck. On the other hand, he feels as though they would expose their strength in numbers if they went against the house and kept Elissa. He also feels as though they can control David, but can't control Elissa.

Spencer brought up that Elissa is Rachel's sister, so she is likely MVP and they could have just been sweet with her and controlled three nominations per week until they took her out. Jeremy said that he has already shot himself in the foot with Elissa, but Spencer felt as though they could get in her ear and keep him safe. Jeremy said that his loyalty lies with Spencer and Howard and he will do what the group wants. He said that he doesn't care how much he and Kaitlin kiss, cause he will kick her out when the time comes. There was some discussion as to what's going on with McCrae and Amanda. Jeremy and Spencer both want Amanda gone, and Jeremy feels as though David would target her if he were to remain in the house.

11:00-12:00 PM: Aaryn apologized to Elissa for making her think that she hated her or anything like that. Elissa accepted the apology and felt as though everything was a misunderstanding. Elissa told Aaryn that she had wanted to make an alliance with the girls, particularly with Aaryn because she is confident and shares things in common with her. Aaryn said that she had no intention of going after Elissa until she heard that Elissa was after her. David pointed out to Jeremy that Aaryn is talking to Elissa, yet gave him shit for doing the same thing last night. Jeremy said that the girls are making him nervous. He said that you can't go talking shit about Elissa behind her back but be fake to her face, cause it makes him think that you are doing the same thing with him.

12:00-1:00 PM: David spoke with McCrae, looking for some reassurance that he is not the target this week. McCrae said that the plan is to nominate Elissa and get her out. McCrae was unsure of who he would be taking off of the block, but suggested that Candice is the most likely option seeing as she was quite angry about being nominated in the first place. David said that he believes that Elissa is going on the block, but is unsure about who the real target is.

David also expressed some doubt that Elissa is the MVP. He said that she came clean about being Rachel's sister, but denied being MVP. McCrae said that Rachel has so many fans, including 90,000 Twitter followers, so he can't see how anyone else can win MVP. McCrae finished up the conversation by saying that Elissa will be going on the block and that once she is on the block it is game on and David just has to make a good campaign to everyone.

2:00-3:00 PM: After hearing from McCrae that Candice was likely to come off the block, David became even more suspicious that something was up. He brought this news to Jessie, who claimed that McCrae had told her that she would be the one coming off the block. Jessie asked David if he was concerned that he may be going home, and David said "big time".

David then spoke with his closest ally, Jeremy. David told him that he had figured it all out. David's theory is that Elissa, McCrae and Amanda are working together. Jeremy explained that McCrae is 100% going to nominate Elissa, but David was skeptical. David feels as though it will be him or Jessie being evicted. In terms of their targets next week, Jeremy and David both agreed to go after Amanda and Candice.

3:00-4:00 PM: Spencer told McCrae that Elissa controls the third nomination, so she could be a major weapon for them. McCrae said that Elissa is a wildcard, but they can get the votes to keep her around if she actually wants to be there. Spencer said that David would be going after a girl if he stayed, and there advantages to all of the nominees disappearing. When asked who he would prefer to see go home, McCrae said that he would like to see David go. However, he feels as though the other houseguests will have issues with him if Elissa were to stay.

Jeremy overheard parts of a conversation between Aaryn and Jessie in the photo booth, and began to believe that the girls cannot be trusted. He told David that he heard both of their names from the two girls. Jeremy recalled that Aaryn had said that Jessie lived 20 minutes away from her and had read spoilers that all of the houseguests will be connected in some way. This led Jeremy to question if Aaryn and Jessie may be best friends outside of the house. He also has suspicions about a potential connection between McCrae and Kaitlin. Jeremy told David that they will need to keep an eye on the girls, cause it's possible that they are just using them as a shield.

David filled Aaryn in on Jeremy's concern about the girls, particularly that she and Jessie may know each other. Aaryn was frustrated by the news, saying that they had the best plan ever, but it's messed up due to paranoia. Aaryn said that it makes her mad that Jeremy is questioning her, cause she never questions him and never would have done anything towards him. She ended the conversation by telling David that she is not going to trust Jeremy.

Nick approached Spencer in the storage room. Spencer said that he for sure wants to get David out this week. Nick agreed and said that they only need one more person. Nick said that McCrae is going to use the veto on Candice and make her swear to vote to evict David. Nick's plan is divide the house in two, create a bunch of havoc and then start picking people off. Amanda and Helen are on Nick's radar, as he feels that they are "watching us hardcore".

4:00-5:00 PM: Kaitlin got quite heated when she caught wind of Jeremy's theory that McCrae and Kaitlin are related. She said that she is sleeping the same bed with Jeremy every night, but he can't even come up to her and ask her about it. Kaitlin said that she will no longer be able to trust him the way that she used to. GinaMarie was trying to calm her throughout her whole rant, telling her that she needs to trust Jeremy and that everything is going to be okay.

Spencer told Amanda that he felt as though it was enticing to befriend Elissa, in case she wins MVP, so that he would not be the nominee. Amanda noted that there appears to be a divide between the younger and older people in the house. Spencer pointed out that Andy is looking for a place to land, and is someone that seems to be trustworthy. Amanda agreed.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amanda asked Elissa who she would be after if she were to stay in the game. Elissa said that she would be targeting the guys. Amanda told her that they could make her stay if she wants to be there. Elissa told her that she doesn't have the potential to win the game, but doesn't want to go home week one cause that is embarrassing. Elissa also said that she is an extra vote for their side to use to their advantage. Amanda felt that it would be best to make it be a "shocker" that Elissa is staying. In order to make it work, Amanda felt that they needed to stage a fight between the two fo them. Amanda proceeded to go on with this plan for a while, but Elissa eventually had McCrae tell her that it was not a good idea.

7:00-8:00 PM: Spencer spoke with Judd and Amanda to go over the plan to save Elissa. Spencer explained that they can get the votes and "weaponize Elissa's popularity outside of the house" in order to give them the third nomination each week. McCrae then joined in on the conversation. Spencer explained the plan to McCrae and told him that they can do this in a way where he puts Elissa on the block and can act as shocked as everyone else when she ends up staying. He told McCrae to make sure that Elissa is completely honest with him, as he can make use of her popularity to ensure that they have at least one nomination each week. Judd and Amanda each went up to Elissa and informed her that she will be staying this week. Judd advised her that it's best for her to trust him and to lay low.

9:00-10:00 PM: Judd caught up with Howard and filled him in on the plan to evict David. Judd called it a "no-brainer" and said that now they won't be wondering where MVP is going to end up each week, cause he expects that Elissa will continue to win it. Similarly, Amanda was working or bringing Andy on board. Amanda explained that Rachel's fans are going to stick with Elissa, so they can control the MVP vote if they work with Elissa. She added that if the MVP (Elissa) is gone, it's up for grabs and America may take a liking to the showmances on the other side of the house.

Numerous houseguests made their way up to the HoH room to make sure that they were on the same page in terms of voting to evict David. An alliance was formed between McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Howard, Spencer, Helen, Andy and Elissa. They plan to take out the Bieber Fever alliance which consists of David, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie. Kaitlin came up with a name for that very alliance, saying that they should be called the Boats and Hoes. Amanda made it clear that Elissa needs to go at the first sign of any cracking. She said that she would be fine with taking Elissa out after the Bieber Fever alliance is gone.

The Moving Company alliance was formed earlier in the week and consists of McCrae, Howard, Jeremy, Spencer and Nick. Spencer informed Howard of the plan to evict David. At this time, he also told Howard that the two of them will have to ensure that Jeremy and Nick stay safe when the newly formed alliance is in power, while Jeremy and Nick will keep them safe when the other side of the house wins HoH.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amanda told Elissa that she will be staying this week. She told her that she doesn't need to know who is voting for her and cannot be talking about it. McCrae added that she needs to act like she is going home. Amanda said that they will protect her when people come after her, cause they need her. In particular, they feel that she will win MVP every week and thus they can control the third nomination even when the other side of the house wins HoH.

4:00-5:00 AM: Spencer caught Nick up to speed on the new plan. He told Nick that Amanda feels as though Nick and GinaMarie are working together, but she is focused on Bieber Fever. Spencer went on to tell him about the new alliance that he, Howard and McCrae have with Amanda, Helen, Andy, Judd and Elissa. Both agreed that it's the Moving Company alliance to the end, but they are going to work from opposite sides of the house. The plan is to pick people off from alternating sides each week until the only five remaining are those in the Moving Company alliance.

Spencer pointed out that the vote would currently be 6-6 based on the breakdown of the house. They do not want McCrae to have to break the tie. Spencer plans on telling Candice that Jessie is leaving at the last minute, hoping to make it a 6-5-1 vote. In case that doesn't work, he told Nick to vote for Jessie. Nick prefers to vote to evict David. There was even some discussion of having Jeremy vote to evict David in order to cause even more confusion amongst the others. Both agreed that Amanda needs to go next. After that, there was some debate between Helen and Elissa. Spencer would like to keep Helen around because he feels that he's in good with her.

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