The Exterminators plot to stay alive

September 8, 2013

A Recap of Day 80 in the Big Brother 15 House

2:00-3:00 PM: Judd told Andy that he is dreading tomorrow, seeing as he knows that he will be nominated. Andy told him that he has nothing to worry about and that Spencer knows that they have a better shot at beating McCrae with Judd in the house. Judd explained that he is so bitter towards McCrae because he was his best friend in the house and yet he didn't warn him or give him a heads up when he was in trouble, before being evicted. Judd said that he wouldn't align himself with someone that doesn't help when he is in need.

7:00-8:00 PM: Spencer and Andy continued to tell McCrae that they intend on taking him to the Final 3 with them and that that's how it has been all along. McCrae said that he is keeps seeing GinaMarie winning the Final 4 HoH in his head, so it's scaring him. He said that he doesn't want to push for Judd to stay at all, as Andy and Spencer would think that he has something going on with Judd.

Spencer told Andy that he is still a little paranoid that McCrae might take GinaMarie to the Final 3 over him, so he is trying to play up that GinaMarie is a threat. Andy noted that the more that he talks to Judd, the more that he thinks that he is totally on board with going to the end with them and wouldn't turn on them. That being said, Andy feels that he has 100% trust in GinaMarie and only 90% trust in Judd. Spencer said that he feels the same way.

Judd briefly checked in with McCrae. McCrae suggested that they make themselves seem separate, cause they don't want it to seem like they are together. McCrae told Judd that he can throw him under the bus if needed, in order to make it seem like they aren't together. McCrae told Judd that, based on his talks with Andy and Spencer, things are up in the air as to who will be evicted. McCrae and Judd agreed that it makes no sense that Spencer wouldn't nominate Andy, seeing as Andy nominated him and "voted him out".

8:00-9:00 PM: Judd told Andy that McCrae said that things were up in the air as to whether or not he is staying. Andy said that Judd knows where he stands with him. Judd then went back to talking things over with McCrae. Judd said that he needs McCrae to throw him a vote, even if Andy and Spencer are voting him out. Judd explained that he wants Spencer to have to break the tie, as he needs to know if Spencer is behind his eviction. Judd said that it will impact who he is rooting for when he goes to jury. Judd explained that he feels that he is going and wants Spencer to have to make that decision. McCrae said it sucks that Andy and Spencer get the say in who goes, no matter what he wants.

Andy went to Spencer and reported back that McCrae told Judd that they are still up in the air. They didn't understand why McCrae would do that. It made them question if McCrae is trying to plant a seed that he is on board with keeping Judd, yet Spencer and Andy are not, in case he ends up staying. Spencer thought that it was weird that McCrae would rat them out. Judd joined the conversation and said that McCrae is acting shady about keeping him. He then proposed that Andy is named the replacement nominee, as that would ensure that GinaMarie goes home. Spencer and Andy told him that he has the votes to stay right there, as he only needs one plus the tiebreaker. Andy said that they can't risk that GinaMarie starts talking and telling all of their secrets if she goes on the block.

Judd left and McCrae entered the room. Andy asked McCrae if he gave Judd any reason to believe that he would not be staying. McCrae said that he didn't think so. Spencer asked Andy and McCrae if they are leaning one way or the other. McCrae said that he plans on doing whatever Spencer and Andy want. Spencer and Andy believed that GinaMarie was better to have around for next week, as they felt that she would be the weaker competitor in the mental competitions. They continued to go back and forth between the two options. McCrae eventually said that he would vote Judd out. Andy said that there is still lots of time to figure things out.

9:00-10:00 PM: Judd told McCrae that he has some tricks up his sleeve and that he has something planned. Judd asked if McCrae trusts him. McCrae said that he trusts Judd, so Judd then told him not to get upset if he does something crazy then. McCrae said that he is fine with it as long as it doesn't get him in trouble and as long as the two of them are together. Judd said that it wouldn't hurt McCrae and also mentioned that something is not making sense and not adding up right now.

11:00-12:00 AM: Andy and Spencer discussed a potential plan to get McCrae to use the veto on GinaMarie, so that they can save The Exterminators. Spencer said that McCrae is trying to figure out a way to get GinaMarie to throw HoH if they save her. Spencer and Andy discussed that they could try to get McCrae to use the veto on GinaMarie in exchange for her throwing HoH but then they would vote him out and save Judd. Spencer said that they can go with McCrae to GinaMarie and explain that there is a boys alliance that GinaMarie is not a part of but they would rather move forward with GinaMarie than Judd. They would then propose that they would keep her if she would throw HoH. They would fill GinaMarie in on the plan beforehand and would have her say that the only way that she would do it is if McCrae used the veto on her.

12:00-1:00 AM: Andy went to GinaMarie and filled her in on the plan to try to get McCrae to use the veto on her. Andy said that it likely won't work but it is worth a shot. GinaMarie said that she was willing to lie to McCrae and give it a shot. Andy then went to McCrae and said that GinaMarie told him that the only way that she would ever throw HoH is if McCrae uses the veto on her. Andy said that GinaMarie hates Judd and would give up her makeup as collateral to prove that she would vote to evict Judd. Andy said that he doesn't want to jeopardize McCrae's safety at all but he honestly feels that GinaMarie means it that she would throw HoH. McCrae's reaction that it was such a smart plan and that he couldn't believe that GinaMarie would come up with such a thing. McCrae said that if he didn't use the veto on Amanda, why would he ever use it on GinaMarie? He said that it would be the stupidest move if he did that and then got voted out by Spencer and Andy. McCrae later told Spencer that he wasn't going to use the veto on GinaMarie.

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