Andy appears to be leaning towards taking GM to the Final 2

September 17, 2013

A Recap of Day 89 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 PM: Andy checked in with GinaMarie to make sure that everything was still fine and that she would be taking him to the end. GinaMarie emphatically replied with a "yes!". Andy said that GinaMarie has to understand that it is just so much money, so he is like "oh my God". GinaMarie said that the diary room told her that she would have to let them know if she changes her mind on who she is taking but she said that it won't be changing.

Andy told GinaMarie that he believes that the jury will respect whichever one of them wins for taking the other over Spencer. GinaMarie agreed. Andy said that there isn't a person that he would rather have in the Final 2 with him that GinaMarie, which GinaMarie agreed with on her end. They discussed that they are more deserving than Spencer and that they had a connection right from the start. Andy explained that the jury would be like "fuck you" to him if he won Part 3, screwed GinaMarie over and took Spencer to the end. He added that it would be his biggest regret in life if he did that to her.

Spencer asked Andy what his thought process was in terms of the Final 2. Andy was a lot less talkative with him than he was with GinaMarie. He simply said that his mind has not changed and that GinaMarie worries him because she has not given him a straight up answer as to who she would take to the end. Andy did mention that everything that he is saying to GinaMarie is about him and is not done to bash Spencer. Spencer said that he fully expects Andy to win Part 3 and to take him to the end. All that Andy replied with was a "yeah".

While things could go either way, Andy appeared to be giving off the vibe that he is leaning towards taking GinaMarie to the end with him.

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