McCrae moves forward with the plan, nominating Elissa

June 29, 2013

A Recap of Day 9 in the Big Brother 15 House

12:00-1:00 PM: Prior to the veto ceremony, Elissa checked in with Amanda. Elissa was concerned that she is out of the trust loop, but Amanda reassured her that she is in the loop. Amanda said that the plan is to keep her around, even though McCrae has to put her on the block. Elissa said that it's just hard to believe that seeing as McCrae has lied to her so many times already. Amanda said that she would not lie to all of the Rachel fans out there, and that they all finally realized how valuable it is to have her around, seeing as they can take advantage of the MVP twist. Amanda said that they will protecting Elissa now and it won't be her against the entire house.

David found himself in a bit of trouble with Aaryn, yet again. Jessie also got on Aaryn's bad side, as she asked David to put some sunscreen on her back for her. Aaryn saw this and said "a friend putting sunscreen on you is kinda like wipe wipe wipe wipe wipe, but I sat there and saw it for a good 30 seconds." Jessie has been getting under a number of the girls' skin, as she is flirtatious with the guys. Amanda and Kaitlin have also had problems with Jessie.

1:00-2:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place, and things went as expected. McCrae chose to use the Power of Veto on Candice. He then named Elissa as the replacement nominee. Following the ceremony, Jeremy went to the HoH room and spoke with McCrae and Amanda. Amanda asked him if he was feeling better about things now that Elissa is nominated. Jeremy said that he expected it to happen and that now they need to make sure that they have the votes. He added that Elissa has too much of this game in her favour for her to stay.

When asked who he was gunning for, Jeremy said that he would likely nominate Candice again. He also mentioned Judd's name, saying that he doesn't want a floater to win. Amanda asked who the floaters were, and Jeremy threw out the names of Candice, Judd, Helen, GinaMarie, Howard and Nick. Jeremy said that he isn't scared of anyone, and nobody is safe when he's HoH. He went on to say that he would even nominate Kaitlin.

3:00-4:00 PM: Nick let his fellow Moving Company alliance member in on the plan to evict David. Nick said that the two of them are going to be the final votes to get David out. Jeremy said that he was nervous about the plan. Nick explained that the Moving Company is voting to evict David and will be looking out for each other from opposite sides of the house. Nick and Jeremy are working with the Boats and Hoes alliance (along with David, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie), while McCrae, Howard and Spencer are in an alliance with the rest of the house. Nick said that it's important that the Boats and Hoes alliance be seen together throughout the remainder of the week.

Once David is out of the picture, Nick believes that the Moving Company will steamroll through the house. His plan is for them to win HoH each week and pick off people from alternating sides of the house, starting with Amanda and Aaryn. Jeremy said that he is down for whatever the Moving Company wants, but he already started shit with Elissa. Nick assured him that it won't be an issue since Howard and McCrae are tight with her. Jeremy said that they will have his vote to evict David.

Amanda suggested, to Andy and McCrae, a Final 4 with Spencer. Andy said that he is on board and that Helen is someone that he also has a lot of trust in. Elissa then joined those three in the HoH room and revealed that she is Rachel's sister. Andy was the only one of the three that Elissa had not previously told this to. Andy said that it's good to hear it from Elissa herself. Elissa also admitted that she was the MVP this week. Andy said that he believes that either Elissa or McCrae will win the next MVP, so the alliance should be in a good position.

4:00-5:00 PM: McCrae cautioned Amanda that she needs to start laying low, otherwise she is going to get herself into trouble. He mentioned that Kaitlin had said that she would be after Amanda and Candice if she were to win HoH. Amanda got quite upset at the news, and felt betrayed by Kaitlin. McCrae told her that she can't be pushing people anymore. McCrae said that you need to be delicate, have a gentle touch, and cant be pushing people's names out there. He also said that he will now have to be working to keep them safe, as they will be big targets.

6:00-7:00 PM: Spencer cautioned Helen about getting too close with Elissa, cause he said that Elissa told McCrae that she didn't want to be there. Spencer claimed that Elissa has said that she wants to go home before jury. His plan for Elissa is to use her as a sacrificial lamb when the other side wins HoH. As soon as Elissa stops winning MVP, Spencer feels that she should be out the door cause they can no longer use her. Aaryn is someone that Spencer feels is a threat to win MVP, so he wants her gone in the next two weeks. Moving forward, Helen and Spencer agreed that they will be closest to each other, Howard, Andy and McCrae.

10:00-11:00 PM: Andy took some time to ask Elissa more about Rachel, after finding out straight from the source that Rachel is Elissa's sister. Elissa explained that she said coming in that she would not lie about being Rachel's sister, but she was not going to walk in and introduce herself as Rachel's sister. She said that being Rachel's sister is not her identity. She wanted people to get to know her for her and her game, not Rachel's.

GinaMarie went over the scenarios for the upcoming vote with NIck. Somehow, her math tells her that there are ten people voting this week. She reached the conclusion that Elissa will be evicted this week. She noted that MVP will be up for grabs once Elissa leaves, and said that she will be "grabbing that shit". Nick played dumb throughout the whole conversation, knowing full well that David will be the one going home. GinaMarie expects the Boats and Hoes alliance to cruise through the house, and she would like to see Candice and Amanda nominated next week. Jessie is another person that she is not particularly fond of and wouldn't mind seeing on the block.

11:00-12:00 AM: Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Jessie were talking on the hammock and were not hiding their feelings about anyone. The girls are not happy that Helen has been bashing the "22 year olds". They feel as though Helen is blaming them for Elissa going home. Aaryn said that Helen is making a mistake in bashing the showmances, and will pay for it next week. They are also becoming increasingly unhappy with Andy. Kaitlin raised the concern that Andy may win MVP. Aaryn replied by saying "he probably will., cause everyone loves the queers". Later in the evening, Aaryn made a racist comment in reference to Helen, saying: "Dude, shut up. Go make some rice."

Jeremy and McCrae got a rare opportunity to speak alone, and Jeremy questioned if McCrae is getting too close to Amanda. McCrae said that he is, but that he feels that he can work her. He said that the Moving Company has to understand that Amanda is his #2, like Kaitlin is Jeremy's #2, and that they can trust him. He said that he has warned Amanda that she needs to back off a bit in terms of her approach in talking to others. If she doesn't listen, McCrae acknowledged that they will have to take her out.

Jeremy revealed the Boats and Hoes alliance to McCrae, admitting that people watching at home will think that he is crazy for doing so. He explained that there is only one alliance, The Moving Company, that he is loyal to, so he is fine with revealing it all. He added that voting out his dude, David, will show where his loyalty lies. Looking ahead to next week, Jeremy threw out the names of Helen, Elissa and Andy as potential nominees. Jeremy believes that Elissa needs to be taken out sooner rather than later.

12:00-1:00 AM: Helen is concerned that they may not have the votes to evict David, and that it may end up being a tie. McCrae told her that, if it came down to it, he would break the tie in Elissa's favour and send David home. Helen feels that Candice's vote is quite critical in order to avoid forcing McCrae to break the tie. Helen said that she will work on getting Candice's vote, particularly by asking whether Candice want to side with them (7 people) or the other side (5 people) moving forward.

1:00-2:00 AM: Helen went ahead with talking to Candice, informing her that there is a master plan in place. Helen did not reveal specific details, opting instead to tell Candice that someone will be speaking with her soon. She explained that there is a reason why McCrae took her off of the block, cause she is part of the plan. She also mentioned that there is a reason why David stayed on the block, but she would not expand when Candice asked if Elissa would be staying. Candice warned Helen that Aaryn has brought her name up a couple of times. Candice is also concerned about Aaryn, because she snapped on her for wearing her hat. Aaryn felt that someone had bent her hat. As for Amanda, both Helen and Candice do not trust her, but Helen said that she is needed for this week and maybe next week as well.

2:00-3:00 AM: Jeremy mentioned to Kaitlin that he feels as though Elissa may have a deal with people to stay, otherwise she would definitely be crying. He mentioned Helen and Andy as people that Elissa may have a deal with. Kaitlin feels as though Amanda may be involved as well. Kaitlin said that it would break her heart to vote against Jess and that McCrae is going to freak out if Elissa doesn't leave. Jeremy said that he talked to McCrae today and that the was pissed.

Kaitlin said that they will be huge targets if they vote to evict Elissa and she ends up staying. She was still puzzled how this could have happened, as she thought that the entire house was on board with evicting Elissa. Jeremy said that he felt the same way until about 2:00 today. Kaitlin feels that it would be stupid to keep Elissa. Jeremy agreed and said that he would nominate Elissa and Helen, and make sure that Elissa was the one to go home. Kaitlin eventually pointed out that it may be David that leaves, rather than Jessie, if this is about getting rid of a threat. She said that Aaryn will flip if she loses David.

4:00-5:00 AM:Nick explained the Moving Company's plan to Jeremy, telling him that they are dividing the house in two and placing two member on one side and three on the other. From there, they will nominate people that aren't in the Moving Company over the next five weeks and then they will be in jury. Once they make it to the Final 9, Nick explained that they will now be the majority. Jeremy and Nick agreed that they will be pissed if anyone other than the Moving Company makes it to the Final 5. Jeremy voiced his concern that Howard or McCrae may think that he is too close with Kaitlin, but said that "I'll kick that bitch out as soon as it comes down to it." Both agreed that they would like to be in the Final 2 together. Nick wants the alliance to go "radio silent" for a couple of days until it is necessary for them to meet up and discuss the best plan for the votes.

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