Andy wins Big Brother 15

September 18, 2013

A Recap of Day 90 in the Big Brother 15 House

Part 1 and Part 2 Recap

The Big Brother 15 finale kicked off by showing Parts 1 and 2 of the final HoH competition. As the live feeders have known for days, GinaMarie won Part 1 and Andy won Part 2. Andy revealed relatively little in his diary room session, mainly pointing out that he is working on getting GinaMarie to take him to the end in the event that he fails to win Part 3. GinaMarie's diary room session revealed that she is leaning towards taking Andy to the end. GinaMarie acknowledged that she doesn't think that she can beat Andy in terms of votes but she feels that Andy deserves it so much more than Spencer does. A crying GinaMarie said that the difference between $50,000 and $500,000 is life changing and that she doesn't want to make a mistake by taking the wrong person and getting no votes against Andy because everybody loves him. She ended by saying that she doesn't know what to do.

Dr. Will leads the jury house discussion

McCrae showed up at the jury house and told the jury that he now knows everything about The Exterminators and the votes. He apologized to Elissa. Dr. Will then began moderating the discussion. Dr. Will asked if a few weeks in the jury house fix the relationships between the houseguests. Candice said that she and Aaryn have exchanged apologies and became "really, really good friends". Both Candice and Aaryn said that they got along the entire time that they were in the jury house together.

Dr. Will then asked "did GinaMarie make the biggest move of the summer?". Helen responded by saying "Oh yeah. She made the move that everyone was afraid to do". Judd said "I was so jealous cause I wanted to do it". Elissa added that GinaMarie "did it flawlessly" and said that "the girl has guts". Amanda said that it's about what GinaMarie didn't do, saying that "she did not really play the game up until she joined The Exterminators alliance". Amanda suggested that The Exterminators likely advised GinaMarie to nominate her and McCrae. Aaryn said "I think it's awesome that you (Amanda) couldn't manipulate her", adding that "the fact that you couldn't manipulate her makes me want to vote for her (GinaMarie) even more". Candice noted that she came there to play a game but a lot of things were really personal. Dr. Will pointed out that it seems as though Candice is voting solely based on character. Candice's response was "Yeah. GinaMarie really hurt me".

Dr. Will then asked "What's the single best move that Andy made that can win him this game?". Judd answered by saying "I think finally working with a group of the end and settling for it and not being such a floater". Dr. Will replied with "So his big move is deciding to not be a floater now that he is in the Final 3? That sounds like the world's worst big move". Elissa then answered Dr. Will's questioned by saying that Andy's biggest move was "framing me for the vote to get Amanda out". Jessie said that Andy did backstab a lot of people, making her question when that factors into it. Aaryn said that it doesn't because it's a game. Candice said that Andy is cute when he backstabs. Judd said to vote for who played the best game, not who your friend was. McCrae said that Andy played a more tactful game than GinaMarie, so he would give it to Andy over GinaMarie.

As for Spencer, Aaryn said that people are keeping him around because they know that they can beat him. McCrae said that pawns go home, yet Spencer is the biggest pawn and didn't go home. McCrae pointed out that there is something to be said for that. Judd said that Spencer did nothing other than that. Helen believes that Spencer had the toughest road and was able to survive the demise of the Moving Company. Dr. Will advised the jury members to vote how they want to and not to be influenced by others.

HoH competition and eviction

It was then time for Part 3 of the Final HoH competition. Andy answered five questions correctly, while GinaMarie answered four questions correctly, and won the final HoH competition of the season. Andy was given the task of evicting either Spencer or GinaMarie. Andy told Spencer that "my word has been good to you this entire gameā€¦but I gave GinaMarie my word on night one. Spencer, I have to evict you. I'm sorry".

Jury questions

During the jury question segment, Andy removed any doubt that he was about to win Big Brother 15. While GinaMarie's answers did not have much substance, Andy gave the jury what they wanted and needed to hear. Elissa asked Andy what his biggest game move was prior to joining The Exterminators. Andy said that his biggest game move was aligning with Amanda and McCrae. He said that nobody knew how close he was to them and that everyone brushed him off as not being much of a threat. Secondly, he said that convincing Elissa to put up Nick was another big move.

McCrae asked Andy why they should vote for him when he stabbed everyone in the back and said that he would be a bitter jury member if he got stabbed in the back. Andy said that he wouldn't actually be a bitter jury member. He said that he loves everyone there. He said that he got everything that he wanted in the game and that it's because he played a really strong, strategic game.

Jessie asked Andy why he lied to so many jury member unnecessarily. Andy said that it was partly because he was a coward. He said that he was scared that people would be upset with him. He also noted that people could not rat him out if he kept them in the dark until they walked out the door.

Finally, Spencer asked Andy why he should vote for him when Andy just cost him a ton of money. Andy said because he has played such a strong game. He explained that one of the main reasons that he took GinaMarie is because he knew that people would be saying that he was not loyal, but he promised GinaMarie on night one that he would never backstab her and that he would have her back through everything. Andy said that that was the loyalty that people thought that his game was missing and was the final element of his well rounded game.

The Voting

The voting breakdown was as follows, with Andy winning Big Brother 15 by a vote of 7-2:

Votes for Andy- Candice, Jessie, Helen, Amanda, Elissa, McCrae, Spencer

Votes for GinaMarie- Aaryn, Judd

As for America's Favorite Houseguest, Elissa took home the $25,000 prize. Elissa, Judd and Howard were the top three vote getters.

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