Donny uses the Power of Veto on himself; Joey is the replacement nominee

June 29, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Devin filled Frankie in on last night’s conversation with Brittany. He explained to Frankie that Brittany was upset about an earlier situation in which he was cleaning up and asked her if some lotion was hers. Devin pointed out that Brittany said that Frankie had also felt that he was being unreasonable with the way that he acted. Frankie played it off. Devin also questioned if he is really making people uncomfortable and making the girls cry like Brittany said. Frankie again played it off and denied it. After talking to Devin, Frankie spoke with Christine and said that he is going to remove himself from the Brittany and Devin drama, even though both of them tried bringing him into it. They discussed that Brittany has now made herself Public Enemy #2 with the way she has been acting. Frankie and Christine joked about how bad everyone in the house is at playing the game. They said that they will sit back and wait for Devin and Brittany to self destruct.

10:00-11:00 AM: Devin again spoke with Frankie, telling him that he should be trying to neutralize things rather than contributing to them when issues comes up with the girls. Frankie explained that he did just that, even though Brittany didn’t make it seem that way. Devin asked Frankie to reiterate with Brittany that he is a softie and a teddy bear in case Brittany gets in power. Frankie said that he is just going to stay out of it. It was evident that things continued to weigh on Devin’s mind, as he was mumbling to himself about Frankie while cooking breakfast. Frankie later spoke with Devin to explain that he has Devin's back 100% but it's tough to defend him when dealing with someone like Brittany, given the way that she deals with things. Devin said that he understands and that he will just have to win HoH to ensure that Brittany cannot nominate him.

Caleb told Frankie that he is going to try to speak to some people before the veto ceremony, but he asked if Frankie could go around and see if anyone will say Devin’s name. Caleb was concerned about the potential fallout if he didn’t nominate based on the house vote, but he said that Brittany would be the only one that is upset with him.

Frankie assured Caleb that the entire house does now want Joey nominated since she is such a loose cannon. Frankie said that nobody will say Devin’s name anymore after what went down last night. Caleb said that he will still try to talk to people today but Joey will be the one that is going on the block.

Afterwards, Caleb went to Donny to see where his head was at. Donny refused to give a name to Caleb, simply saying that he doesn’t have any super close ties and doesn’t care who Caleb nominates. Caleb then asked Victoria who she would like to see go. Victoria said that she doesn’t know. Once Caleb said that the house wants Joey nominated after what went down last night, Victoria implied that she would be fine with that as well.

11:00-12:00 PM: The feeds went down at 11:11 for the veto ceremony.

12:00-1:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Donny had used the Power of Veto on himself. Caleb nominated Joey in his place. Joey told Caleb that there are no hard feelings but she doesn’t think that decision is what the house wanted, so it was a big mistake.

Elsewhere, Brittany was telling Paola that she feels as though most of the house is planning to evict Joey. Paola asked Brittany if she has her vote. Brittany said that she doesn’t know how to vote but thinks that she will have to evict Joey. Paola said that they can go after Devin next week if either of them wins HoH. Brittany cautioned Paola about telling too much to Amber, as she believes that Amber just goes right back to the guys with that information. When Paola asked Brittany what she should do to campaign, Brittany suggested that she lay low and just tell people that she hasn’t stirred anything up with anyone.

Frankie and Zach discussed that Devin continues to prove that he is the biggest liability in the Bomb Squad. Frankie pointed out that Devin threw him under the bus with Brittany by telling Brittany that he had said that Devin did nothing wrong in his talk with Brittany. The guys agreed that they want Devin to win HoH because he will go crazy. Frankie said that he also wouldn’t mind if Brittany won because they wouldn’t have to get the blood on their hands when she went after Devin. As for this week, the guys agreed that Joey is going home and that nothing will change that. Zach said that they should tell her that so that she really begins to stir the pot. Frankie said that he will be staying out of it.

Devin and Joey talked things over, with Devin telling Joey that he would be willing to give her his vote if she cleans up her mess and rights some wrongs. Devin wanted Joey’s help in fixing his relationship with Brittany.

Devin explained that he wants Paola to go home over Joey, so he would be willing to be “silent allies” with Joey. Joey said that she clearly needs votes so she would be willing to fix things and will have Devin’s back. They ultimately agreed to keep things quiet but to look out for each.

Paola pulled Caleb aside to speak with him about what she should do. Caleb told her that Joey has dug her own grave, so Paola should simply lay low. Paola then mentioned how she has stirred up no drama, unlike Joey. She said that she is even a little bit scared of Joey at this point. Caleb let Paola know that the majority wants Joey out, though he doesn’t want to tell her that she is safe. He advised her to continue to do her and she will be fine. Caleb reminded Paola that she was put up for no reason at all, just because she was the first one out of the HoH competition.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paola went to Amber to ask her where her head is at in terms of the vote. Amber said that she has already told Paola that she would be keeping her. Amber advised Paola to lay low and let Joey continue to dig her own grave. Next up, Paola went to Devin. She revealed that Joey is the one that she was protecting when she wouldn’t tell him who was accusing the guys of having an alliance. Devin told Paola that he is going to give her advice, which ended up being that she should not say a word to anybody about the vote or else she could end up going home. Devin then said repeatedly that he could not tell Paola how he was going to vote, though he eventually said that he is obviously keeping her since Joey tried to get him nominated both last night and today.

2:00-3:00 PM: Cody told Derrick that if he wins HoH next week he will be pushed so hard to nominate Brittany but he never will. He also said that the doesn’t want to nominate Donny, so he may have to nominate Paola and Victoria. Cody and Derrick discussed that it’s almost better not to win HoH right now because there is no guaranteed safety. Cody and Derrick discussed that if Devin ends up on the block, they would vote him out. They said that they could explain to Devin that he is bad for their game and is going to blow the alliance up.

Cody and Derrick agreed that it would be good if Christine were HoH too, as she would backdoor Devin. Cody said that he will make the move himself if he gets the chance, as it would solidify his spot with the other side of the house and because you need to make moves to win. Derrick said that he would be willing to do it as long as he is HoH after Battle of the Block and one of their allies wins the PoV. Derrick was unsure of whether or not Frankie would be on board with taking Devin out this early, however they discussed that they wouldn’t even need Frankie’s vote. Derrick said that they may not have a choice but to make the move next week because they may not get another shot. Cody agreed and said that he doesn’t want to give Devin a chance to strike first.

Devin and Brittany talked things over to clear the air after last night. Devin explained that he moody because it was his daughter’s birthday and he had not seen her in months. He said that prior to coming on the show he was so close to her, while sequestered in California, but he was unable to see her in person and it really got to him. On the other hand, Brittany said that all that she was trying to do was have an honest conversation with Devin. As for game talk, Devin told Brittany that he has promised Joey his vote and that he does not want to break that promise. He said that he doesn’t even mind going against the house because nobody will know how the votes played out.

3:00-4:00 PM: Devin informed Caleb that he had promised Joey his vote, saying that they can be silent allies with each other and with Brittany. He explained that the purpose of this was to get Joey to go around and tell people that he is a good guy, cleaning up the mess that she made when she came after him last night. Devin said that Joey doesn’t have the votes anyway, and he can tell her that he was one of the people that voted to keep her.

4:00-5:00 PM: Caleb told Frankie that he is going to tell Amber that he really likes her and can’t wait until they get out of the house so that he can show her. He said that he will let her know that he would like to continue to get to know her while they are in the house. Caleb explained that he wanted it to be something simple that would just get it on Amber’s mind that he likes her and wants to take her out once they get back into the outside world. Caleb said that he bets that Amber is waiting to hear something like that from him. Frankie said absolutely, even though he has told Zach and others that he knows that it will not go well.

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