Caleb is moving on from Amber

June 30, 2014

1:00-2:00 AM: Devin, seeing that Caleb was down and that Amber was weighing on his mind, went to Caleb and revealed some information to him. He told Caleb that Amber was saying Caleb is all about himself, while a number of other houseguests were around and listening. Devin said that her point was that Caleb was all about Caleb. Devin let Caleb know that he told her to stop at that point. He added that Amber said that she wants people to stop talking about her and Caleb because she does not like him like that.

Devin then told Caleb that he and Amber had a heart to heart one day and Amber let him know that she has always dated black guys and that Devin is her type, though she is not looking for a showmance. Caleb said "it is what it is, dude". Devin said that she is not the one for him. Caleb agreed and said that if she doesn't feel the same way, she is not it.

2:00-3:00 AM: Caleb informed Frankie that Devin let him know that Amber had said that he (Devin) is her type of guy and that she has only dated black guys before. Caleb and Frankie discussed that Caleb guessed that she liked Devin the other night. Caleb said that Devin let him know that he doesn’t like Amber like that, but it irritates him that Devin hadn’t let him know what Amber had said. Caleb said that he would still be nice to Amber but would not go out of his way to be super nice to her. He said that it is game from here on out. Frankie said that he didn’t understand why Devin even brought her into the alliance to begin with, as she has nothing to offer.

Caleb said that just because Amber is in his alliance, it doesn’t mean that he has to be nice to her. He said that if she walks in a room, he will leave. Caleb said that if Amber mentions that he is acting differently, he will let her know that he heard how she really feels and that is all he needed. Caleb speculated that Amber told Devin that she really likes him, so Devin then brought her into the Bomb Squad so that she would like him even more. Frankie expressed concern over Devin, relaying his conversation with him the other day. Frankie said that Devin was crying to him about feeling bad about lying to everyone. He also mentioned that Devin said that he thinks that the Bomb Squad is going to fall apart, leading Frankie to believe that Devin may be lying to them.

Caleb said that when it gets down to the Final 8 (Bomb Squad), they will have to form another secret alliance. Caleb then said that he is taking Hayden to the end, as he is a heck of a competitor and will be loyal at the end of the day. Caleb said that Derrick will also be loyal. Frankie agreed and said that it would be a good group of four. Caleb said that if it came down to it and they turned, Devin would definitely be gone. Frankie said that Christine would be a huge asset to them because she knows the game so well. Caleb agreed.

Zach and Cody were playing a game of pool when Zach told Cody that he has his back more than anybody’s in the house. Zach admitted that Frankie is probably on that level as well. They then discussed whether or not the whole Caleb and Amber situation will hurt them. There was some concern that Caleb will want to take Amber out now that he realized that she doesn’t like him, as his ego is that big that he wouldn’t be fine with keeping her around.

Caleb mentioned to Frankie that Brittany could be a good asset, so they shouldn’t go after her this week. Frankie said that he is a little nervous about what she would do if in power. They agreed that she would nominate Devin. Frankie eventually said that he is fine with keeping Brittany around as long as she will keep him safe, otherwise she is dangerous.

3:00-4:00 AM: Caleb told Devin that he wishes that he would have told him what Amber said to him when she said it to him, so that he wouldn’t have wasted his time with Amber. Devin explained that Amber simply told him that he is her type, but he took it with a grain of salt. Caleb says that he feels like he has been wasting his time, but it’s game time now. He added that “to me, she only exists because she is in the alliance”. Caleb revealed that his head hasn’t been in the game because of Amber, but now he is back. He admitted that half of his diary rooms were about Amber, and everything was focused on taking Amber out after the show and getting to the end with her. Caleb told Devin that Amber said that she was going to take him to the end. The guys agreed that she was looking for someone to carry her through the game.

Caleb asked asked Devin about bringing the two girls into the Bomb Squad. Devin said that they would have two extra numbers. He said that Christine really knew the game, while Amber is a sweetheart that everyone would get along with. He also said that he brought Amber in since Caleb had feelings for her and some of the guys would get frustrated if she was on the outside and getting so much attention from Caleb. Devin said that he is frustrated that Amber would use Caleb, leading him on and hoping that he will take her to the end. Caleb said that he’s frustrated that she is talking crap about him. Caleb told Devin that “I feel like me, you and Frankie are the top three” and that he doesn’t care about anyone else. Devin again brought up Amber was using him. Caleb agreed and said that Frankie feels the same way.

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