Joey Campaigns, reveals that she was voted "America's Favorite"

June 30, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: Cody told Christine that he feels like they are in so close with everyone that he feels that they can afford not being HoH. Christine agreed. She said that Cody, as a man, has to be more concerned about becoming a threat my winning too much. Cody said that he wants to win to protect those close to him, naming off Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Zach. Cody said that he doesn’t know where Hayden’s head is at but he knows that he is tight with Caleb.

Cody advised Christine to be careful with Frankie, noting that he is playing very very hard. Cody said that everyone is showing their cards to Frankie. Therefore, Cody said that he doesn’t want Frankie to know what he is thinking since Frankie would know how to make him vulnerable. Christine agreed that Frankie is dangerous in that way. Cody told Christine that she is flying under the radar, so it’s good and keep doing it. Christine said that nobody mentions Cody in a game sense either.

Joey spoke with Christine to see where her head was at in terms of the vote. Christine said that she has to go with what the house wants or else she will be the next target. Joey began campaigning by saying that she has a better shot at winning competitions than Paola does, so she can offer safety and protection. Christine agreed that the only reason to keep Paola around is that she sucks so badly. She then advised Joey to speak with Devin and Caleb, since they are the ones in power, and offer them a 3 week deal.

1:00-2:00 PM: Joey went to Caleb and said that she feels that she has no chance in hell of staying if he doesn’t use his power to influence the vote in her favour. Caleb said that he will tell her how campaigning works, cause he doesn’t think that she knows how it does. Joey said that you go around and ask people to keep you. Caleb told her that you have to give reasons. Joey said that she is a better competitor than Paola and can offer him safety if she wins competitions. Joey still wanted Caleb to talk to people for her. Caleb explained that he doesn’t want to do something for her that he isn’t doing for Paola. He said that everything is out of his hands now and it is up to her, though he can tell people that she is offering protection.

Joey then spoke with Hayden, promising to keep him safe for three weeks if he keeps her around. She then told him that she has something that can be used to help people out but it doesn’t start until after this Thursday, so she can’t have a chance to use it unless she stays. She then said that she was voted America’s Favorite. She said that it was a group of them. Hayden questioned what that means and if she knows what it does. Joey struggled with what to say. Hayden told her to think it over if she doesn’t know if she should say anything. He said to definitely use it to her advantage while campaigning if she thinks that it can help her. Hayden said that he wont say a word to anyone. Joey said that she trusts him.

Joey next went to Zach to campaign. She said that she has things to offer but cannot say what those things are. Zach immediately said that he would much rather keep her there than Paola. However, Zach explained that he cannot go against the house and cannot campaign for her to Caleb and Devin, who he referred to as the dictators of the house, because it would not be good for his game. Zach suggested that Joey attempt to work on Devin and Caleb, telling them that she will keep them safe if she wins HoH as opposed to Paola who brings nothing to the table. Zach told her that he feels as though the house is leaning towards evicting her but there is plenty of time between now and the vote.

Caleb spent some time telling fellow houseguests about his talk with Amber last night. He told Zach about it all, saying that Amber was smiling the whole time and saying that she was really shocked. Amber was then called to the diary room. Caleb said that he wishes that he could sneak in there and hear what she was saying, cause he knew that they had just asked him about their talk and would be doing the same to her. Caleb then said that it doesn’t really matter since he already knows how she feels. He also did the same with Paola, who questioned if Amber said anything back to him. Caleb said that she didn’t really say much. Paola said that’s why she told him to wait a bit before talking to Amber. Caleb explained that he needed to get it out. He also said that he feels that Amber was lying to him when she denied having told someone (Hayden) that she would probably go on a date with him.

2:00-3:00 PM: Joey made her pitch to both Devin and Caleb. She said that she has a better chance at winning competitions than Paola does, so she can better protect them. However, Joey’s main concern was that the house is afraid to go against the two of them. She asked the guys to help her out in that regard. Devin said that he has already promised her his vote. She then turned to Caleb and said that his mouth is powerful and she needs it in order to persuade others. Both guys advised her to go around to everyone and pull them to side in order to sell herself and her pitch.

Caleb said that he will let people know what Joey is offering to bring to the table, but it will be up to them to decide which way they want to vote. He did admit that he agrees with her that she has a better chance of winning competitions than does Paola. Caleb then spoke with Paola. He had already told her that Joey had asked him to campaign on her behalf. Caleb reassured Paola that he wants her to stay, mentioning that Amber wants her there so he wants her there because he does not want to make Amber miserable. Caleb said that he cannot say with 100% certainty that she is staying, but it’s a very strong possibility. Caleb explained that Paola likely does not need to campaign, as Joey’s campaigning is not working since she has already messed up twice. Caleb named Brittany as the only person that may vote for Joey. Paola said that that’s not cool, seeing as she has protected Joey in the past.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb spoke with Brittany, letting her know that if there is one vote to evict Paola, everyone is going to suspect that it was her. He said that she would then be the main target heading into next week. Brittany understood and said that is not what she wants at all. Brittany made it clear that she is close with both girls and doesn’t even have her mind made up, yet people keep associating her with Joey. Brittany said that it has been scaring her that Joey goes around including her name in things. Caleb let Brittany know that Paola is really going to be hurt if she stays and Brittany was the lone vote against her. By the end of the talk, Caleb flat out said that Joey is the one that will be leaving on Thursday. Brittany understood and said that she just hopes that nobody tries to set her by making it look like she made a lone vote against Paola.

4:00-5:00 PM: Brittany asked Paola if she thinks that she is voting to keep Joey. Paola said yes. Brittany said that everyone thinks that but they need to look at the big picture. She went on to say that everyone is distancing themselves from Joey, so Joey has been sticking with her. Brittany explained thats he is in a tough spot since she is close with both girls but she doesn’t want to put a target on her back by being the only one to vote for Joey to stay. Elsewhere, Cody and Amber were discussing that Joey needs to go this week. Cody said that Paola is a non-existent person in the house, so it makes no sense to get rid of her. As for Caleb, Amber told Cody that she does not like him at all. Cody said that Caleb is so nice though. Amber said that doesn’t mean anything. While everyone else was outside talking, Joey was in the storage room crying by herself. She said that the game and hunger was getting to her, as she is a have-not this week.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amber talked to Christine about this week’s vote. They agreed that Joey has got to go. As for next week, they plan to target Brittany. Amber’s ideal order of eviction for those not in the Bomb Squad is Joey, Brittany, Paola, Hayden, Jocasta, Nicole and then Donny. Amber and Christine then spoke about what will happen once the Bomb Squad gets to the Final 8. Amber suggested that Caleb will have to be the first to go. She said that while he and Devin are the leaders, Devin is content with getting to jury. Amber said that if both are gone, they will be able to take control of the alliance. Christine liked the idea. Amber’s order of eviction for the Bomb Squad was Caleb, Devin, Zach, Derrick and then Cody, with Frankie making it to the Final 3 with them.

7:00-8:00 PM: Nicole made her rounds, finding who everyone plans on voting out. Both Amber and Cody told her that Joey seems to be the target as of now. Nicole then had a chat with Caleb, who told her that the majority of the house wants Joey out of there. Caleb then changed the subject to Amber. He said that the fact that they are mic’d up and being filmed on TV is what is stopping Amber from coming out and saying that she likes him too. He explained that Amber may not like him at all but, if not, she does a good job of making him think that she does.

Zach asked Frankie if they are sending Joey home. Frankie said absolutely, as she is a mess. Frankie let Zach know that while Devin is making people think that he is conflicted about the vote, he is 100% voting to evict Joey. Frankie said that Brittany is also someone that needs to go. He explained that Brittany is smart but stupid, seeing what’s going on but not knowing what to do about it. He was concerned that her information might end up in the hands of the wrong people. Talk turned to Caleb and Amber. Zach said that Caleb is so obsessed with her and is not afraid to say it to anyone. Frankie said that there is no way that it will end well, but it is good for the two of them anyway.

They discussed that they need to keep Caleb as close as possible to them. As for Cody, Zach said that they can use it to their advantage that he does not feel that he was a true member of the Bomb Squad, as he won’t have the same loyalty to Devin and Caleb. Zach continually mentioned that he and Frankie were put in such a good position without doing anything, essentially being handed the Final 4 on Day 2. Zach praised Frankie for playing such a good game and for making things so much easier on him.

10:00-11:00 PM: Nicole has become frustrated with the houseguests bugging her about a potential showmance with Hayden. Nicole told Hayden that she and Christine have been talking things over and have decided that Christine will be the go between for the two of them so that they no longer have to talk. Nicole said that nobody will suspect anything if Christine and Hayden are talking. Nicole and Hayden then agreed that Joey needs to go.

Hayden said that the things that Joey told him were ridiculous but he can’t tell anyone. Hayden went on to say that what Joey told him (about Team America) is what he sees as an “extravagant lie”. Hayden explained that he doesn’t want to spread it in case people actually believe it, as there is no telling how they will react to that information. Before the talk ended, Hayden and Nicole agreed that faking a fight could help their games. They agreed that they will continue to look out for each other but they will act as though things are over between each other.

12:00-1:00 AM: Christine informed Derrick that the girls see him as being associated with Devin and Caleb. Derrick said that he would prefer to just alienate those two, but they will be needed if either of them ever get into power. Derrick said that he will keep that in mind but thinks that it’s weird that the girls come to him to talk shit about Devin. Therefore, he concluded that they can’t think that he is too close to Devin.

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