Frankie and Christine plan ahead; Amber remains on Caleb's mind

July 1, 2014

9:00-10:00 AM: Frankie spoke with Christine, letting her know that Caleb had started putting a plan into effect. Frankie explained that Caleb said that they need a smaller alliance so that they can take out Devin and Amber when the time is right. Frankie later told Christine that she was part of that alliance, along with Caleb, Derrick and Hayden. Frankie said that he is trying so hard to keep Caleb from blowing everything up right now, now that he is frustrated about the whole Amber situation. Frankie informed Christine that both Brittany and Caleb are on the Devin rampage. Frankie said that every single person in the house now hates Devin. Christine said that’s exactly what they need. Frankie told Christine that he tried to pin the Amber stuff on Devin, and Caleb bought it.

Christine said that Cody and Zach and Cody and Derrick keep telling her that they are with her until the end, but she can see what they are doing. Christine said that she is going to get into their heads and turn them against each other eventually. Frankie said that everyone has given them all of the info that they need to destroy their relationships with one another. For example, Frankie said that he can tell Derrick that Zach wants to take him to the Final 2. Frankie said that he expects everyone to self destruct at this point, particularly as the Amber situation continues to develop.

Frankie said that he is just waiting for America’s power. Christine said that it would always be them getting it. They then agreed that it could be Donny or even Captain America, Cody. Frankie said that he would give up on the world if the people watching the show thing that Caleb is doing a good job in the game and reward him. Both agreed that they don’t mind honouring their deal with Caleb. Devin, on the other hand, is someone that they agreed needs to go before they make it to the jury. Frankie believes that it is all falling into place for that to happen. Frankie said that because of Amber, Caleb no longer wants to send Brittany home. He said that they will send Devin home instead. They agreed that Brittany will be after Devin anyway. Both agreed that they have no idea where Jocasta's head is at, saying that she is so hard to read.

1:00-2:00 PM: Devin told Caleb that he asked Amber who she would want to go to the Final 2 with if she could pick anyone. Devin said that Amber mentioned Caleb, Devin, Frankie, Derrick and Christine as possibilities, but said Caleb’s name first. Caleb responded by saying that he is done with Amber, as he is not going to be the best friend of someone that talks bad about him. He said that he wont be mean to her. Devin told him to smile for the sake of the alliance, as he was completely stone faced last night.

Derrick and Zach discussed what went down last night, with regards to the Caleb/Devin/Amber situation. They discussed that Devin could blow up at any time, though they plan to pin everything on him since he dug his own grave. Zach mentioned that they are a five person alliance now (Zach/Derrick/Cody/Christine/Frankie). Derrick agreed but said that it is really all about the three (Derrick/Zach/Cody).

2:00-3:00 PM: Zach said that he is trying to figure out if there is another alliance in the house. Amber told him that she still has concerns over a potential all girls alliance, given that Joey was so open about saying that she made one and it failed. Amber said that she is worried that Donny and Victoria, amongst others, would win HoH and not nominate Brittany. They agreed that the Bomb Squad has to win HoH.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb spoke with Frankie and let him know that he would not be against nominating Amber if he were to win HoH again. He said that the only reason that he brought her in was because he liked her. Caleb said that it is eating him up that Amber used him because she knows that he is a good game player and could get her far in the game. Caleb told Frankie that his gut is telling him that he should put Amber on blast in front of everyone for saying that he is all about himself.

Frankie talked Caleb down and said that it would not be a good idea. Caleb agreed, saying that he wants to but wont. Frankie then went to Cody to fill him in on everything that had been happening with Caleb. They agreed that Caleb is worrying them. Frankie also said that it appears as though Devin is determine to explode, because there was no reason for him to tell those things to Caleb last night.

Caleb spoke with Zach about the Amber situation, letting him know that Amber had been using him to get to the end while talking crap about him. Caleb said that Amber will be the first Bomb Squad member to go. Christine joined them and mentioned that she heard about a change of plans. Caleb questioned what she was talking about it, but she was able to talk her way through it without doing any damage.

4:00-5:00 PM: Zach told Derrick that they need to tighten up the screws in the alliance, as Christine is going around saying stuff when she has no reason to be talking game at this point. He specifically outline what happened during his talk with Caleb. As for next week, Derrick told Zach that they should not be surprised if Caleb says that they should send Amber home next week. He added that there will be a good chance of Devin going home if he does not win HoH. Zach said that he hopes so and that he would love to see that happen.

Derrick said that Devin’s demise was his addition of Christine and Amber to the Bomb Squad. Zach said that he can’t wait to go to Donny and let him know that Devin has been playing him and orchestrated the plan to target him this week. Cody then joined them, at which point Zach revealed that he would love to backdoor Devin if any of the three of them win HoH. Zach also filled Cody in on what had just happened with Christine.

Zach and Frankie met up for a brief chat, discussing what had just happened with Christine. They then pulled Christine into the HoH room to find out what she was thinking. Christine said that she was just going to ask Caleb about a possible change of plans in which Brittany would no longer be the target next week. She said that she realized that it was stupid and stopped herself. Zach and Frankie told her that she doesn’t need to be talking game, telling her to just chill and let them fill her in on things.

Zach spoke with Frankie alone after Christine left, informing him that he now feels bad because he told Cody and Derrick about Christine even though it ended up not being a big deal. He said that they will know not to open their mouths about anything. Frankie asked him to fix things with them to make sure that they know that it was nothing. Zach agreed to. Zach also let Frankie know that Christine informed him that Amber has been saying that both Devin and Caleb want he and Cody gone. Frankie told him not to worry because it doesn’t matter what they want at this point.

5:00-6:00 PM: Caleb was still shaken up over the Amber situation. He told Devin that he doesn’t want to have to protect Amber after she has been talking bad about him. Devin said that the only reason that he is taking it personally is because he liked Amber, so he cannot let it bother him. Caleb said that he wouldn’t have liked anyone that he is protecting to be talking bad about him. He explained that it hurt his feelings and that the other Bomb Squad members can protect her but he will not.

Devin told Caleb that he is clearly breaking down and that he cannot be heartbroken over someone that he knew for two weeks. Caleb said that he is not and then gave reassurance that he would not do anything to jeopardize the alliance. They then discussed Devin’s wishes to send Brittany home next week. He even offered to go up next to Brittany if they have two allies as HoHs, as he would then throw the Battle of the Block to ensure that Brittany stays on the block.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach told Christine that she is the only girl in the house that can be trusted. Christine agreed that the girls are not so good when it comes to the game, mentioning that her best friend Nicole even has no idea what she is doing. Christine did admit that the one person that she does not know well is Jocasta, so she would be scared if she ever won HoH. Zach and Christine discussed that they need to all point the finger and Devin whenever the Bomb Squad gets exposed.

9:00-10:00 PM: Caleb was again going around to nearly all of the houseguests, talking about Amber. Frankie told him that the timing was quite suspicious on Devin’s part, given that he waited to say anything until after nominations. Frankie had earlier told Christine that he was playing up this angle intentionally in order to get Caleb mad at Devin. Caleb was frustrated with Devin for not sticking up for him when Amber talked bad about him. Caleb said that Amber will hear what he has to say on the matter, and that he will do it when the whole world watches on an eviction night. He said that he would prepare a speech. Hayden briefly joined them and said that he is done with Nicole and is no longer going to be flirting with her or pursuing a showmance. After Hayden left, Frankie said that Hayden can replace Amber in the “eight”. Caleb agreed and said that once three or four people go, Amber is going up.

10:00-11:00 PM: Caleb had been making Devin feel guilty for not sticking up for him when it came to Amber. Devin spoke with him and let him know that he didn’t say a word to Amber all night, even when she sat down on the couch next to him. Devin said that he wouldn’t even look at her. Caleb said that’s good, because she doesn’t deserve a word spoken to her. Caleb then said that Amber likes Devin and wants a showmance with him. Devin said that he doesn’t like her that way, so Caleb needs to stop tripping and thinking about her so much.

Zach told Frankie that he would love to backdoor Devin if he wins HoH next week. He explained that Devin is bad for all of their games and they could really reel in Caleb once Devin is gone. Frankie said that Devin will have his time, but it may not necessarily be next week. He suggested that Devin could go if someone like Brittany were to win, but it may not be smart for Zach to do it himself. Zach reluctantly agreed but was happy to hear that Caleb had said that Amber and Devin need to go first once they make it to jury. Frankie and Zach agreed that Frankie needs to keep Caleb as close as possible.

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