Quiet day on the eve of the first eviction, as Joey appears to be on her way out

July 2, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: Nicole told Christine that it has been hard for her and Hayden to not really talk anymore, though she admitted that it was best for their game. Nicole and Christine discussed that Hayden has now been able to get himself in with the guys since the began distancing themselves from each other, so Hayden will be able to protect them on that end. Nicole also brought up her talk with Caleb yesterday. Though Caleb didn’t name Amber specifically, Nicole he had mentioned that a girl was using him to get to the end and had agreed to go there with him. Nicole deduced that it was Amber and that she had made a Final 2 with Caleb, which concerned Nicole even though it appeared that it was now over.

1:00-2:00 PM: Joey and Brittany briefly discussed tomorrow’s eviction. It is expected that Joey will go out by a unanimous vote at this point, though she is unsure of exactly where things are at. Joey said that the thought of possibly going home tomorrow actually makes her happy, due to how stressful it has been living in the Big Brother house. Brittany later brought up the vote, saying that is so many people are telling her that they are voting one way, her vote will be meaningless. Brittany explained that she would only be putting a target on her back by voting against them. Joey agreed with her and understood where she was coming from, even though Brittany didn’t come out and say which way the house was leaning.

2:00-3:00 PM: Joey approached Victoria and said that she doesn’t have to say anything but she would really love to have her vote to stay. She pleaded with Victoria to think with her heart and her brain when making her vote. Joey said that she would love the opportunity to participate in some competitions. Victoria then went to Amber and informed her about Joey’s pitch. Victoria said that voting to keep Joey would put a target on her and that she doesn’t want to keep Joey anyway. Joey then went to Hayden and told him not to believe all of the things that the house is saying, and please think of who you really want to be there.

Next up, Joey went to Christine and Nicole, making the same points as she had with both Victoria and Hayden previously. However, she made one additional point this time around, saying that if you are afraid of voting against Caleb now, that is going to go on the whole game.

Once Joey walked away, Nicole said to Christine that Joey makes some great points. Joey then went to Brittany and informed her that she has five votes that she feels are good and will be on her side.

Amber spoke with Derrick about her concerns with regards to Caleb and Devin. She said that both are acting weird and that they are up in the HoH room with Frankie. Amber was worried that they could be plotting something, as she noted that Caleb has moped around ever since their talk. Amber said that she hopes that the people that have given her their trust and loyalty wont turn.

Derrick said that he cannot speak for anyone else but he assured her that the two of them are good. He said that Caleb is no doubt a little bit hurt and embarrassed, given that he probably doesn’t get rejected too often. Victoria then spoke with Derrick and let him know that Joey keeps asking her for her vote. Derrick advised her to just say yes, as Joey would below up if she were to tell her the truth and say no. Derrick explained that he would have no problem telling her the truth that she doesn't have the votes and that he is voting her out if she wasn't a risk to blow up and start saying things that are untrue.

3:00-4:00 PM: Joey spoke with Zach, telling him that he wants her there more than Paola, so he should vote with his heart and brain. She told him that people are giving her a good vibe, making her think that her chances of staying are good. She said that she thinks that he 7 or possibly even 8 votes, with an 80% chance of staying at this point. She then went to Derrick and Cody to let them know that she would really appreciate a vote. Derrick said “done deal”.

4:00-5:00 PM: Frankie and Zach met up in the HoH room for one of their daily chats. Frankie said that Devin cannot be trusted and that even though he keeps saying that he wants to see a photo of his daughter, he would not drop out of the competition just to let Devin have that. They then pondered whether or not Devin would blow up the Bomb Squad if he left at the hands of Brittany. They discussed that he shouldn’t since he always talks about how loyal he is, but Frankie said that Devin is that volatile that there is no guarantee.

Caleb spoke with Cody in the storage room about Amber. He said that he hopes that Amber will come to her senses and apologize. Caleb added that Amber must notice that he and Devin are treating her differently. That being said, Caleb eventually mentioned that he is unsure of whether or not Devin made things sound worse than they were. The whole time that Caleb vented, Cody empathized with him and said that he would feel the exact same way if he were in Caleb’s shoes.

Cody suggested that Caleb speak with Amber to find out what was said directly from her. Caleb mentioned that it’s possible that deep down Amber really does like him but the fact that everyone was making jokes about it pissed her off and caused her to distance herself.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach vented to Frankie about Victoria, saying that he hates her because she is a huge snob. He said that it’s a game so he has to play nice. Zach revealed to Frankie that he wants to win HoH just so that he can make Victoria a have-not. Zach said that it has been on his mind all day. Victoria then entered the room and Frankie left her and Zach alone to talk. Victoria tried to get information out of Zach, such as who he would backdoor. Zach refused to tell, saying that there would be no upside to him doing so. Victoria said that it would build trust in their relationship. Zach asked Victoria to reveal who she doesn’t like in the house. She said that she likes everyone, which prompted Zach to say that she is lying. The back and forth continued for a while, with no one budging and revealing any information.

7:00-8:00 PM: Caleb spoke with Zach about Amber. Zach asked if he has had a talk with Amber about it yet. Caleb said that he doesn’t want to because he is afraid that Amber would run back to Devin, which could send Devin over the edge. Caleb said that he could understand if Amber said that Devin was all about himself, but he can’t see it with himself. Zach agreed.

Caleb said that he would really like to know if what Devin told him that Amber had said is true, but he doesn’t want the Bomb Squad to get blown up over it. Caleb said that Frankie is going to mention something to Amber eventually. He mentioned that he wouldn’t cut Amber first out of the Bomb Squad members if what Devin said was untrue. Zach said that they need to clear it up just to make sure that they are all on the same page.

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