Paola is evicted 10-2, Nicole and Derrick win HoH

July 10, 2014

6:00-7:00 PM: During the live show, Paola was evicted by a vote of 10-2. Donny and Jocasta were the two votes to evict Zach. The HoH competition then took place. The scores were as follows:

Nicole 29, Derrick 28, Frankie 24, Jocasta 22, Caleb 21, Donny 20, Cody 17, Amber 17, Hayden 17, Brittany 16, Victoria 12, Zach 8, Christine 4

Nicole and Derrick were crowned the two HoHs for the week.

7:00-8:00 PM: When the feeds returned, Derrick was speaking to Caleb and asked him if he is on board with getting Devin out. Caleb said yes. Derrick plans to backdoor him but told Caleb not to let anyone know that that is the plan. Derrick said that Caleb wont be going up. Caleb told him to let Nicole know that he will take himself down and be coming after her if she puts him up.

Caleb said that he, Amber and Frankie are offering to be have-nots but they don’t want to be in there with Devin. Derrick said that he appreciates the offer but wants to put Devin in there so he will see what happens. Derrick let Caleb know that he doesn’t want to nominate Brittany for a third week in a row, seeing as she voted with them.

Cody warned Amber that there were rumours going around that she was going to flip her vote, so be prepared for that. Amber then went to Jocasta and mentioned that she had to vote Paola out, though she spoke with her beforehand. Elsewhere, Frankie was telling Cody and Zach that Derrick should nominate Jocasta and Donny for voting to evict Zach. Cody figured that Nicole will want to nominate Amber and that Caleb may volunteer to go up next to her. Derrick let Cody and Zach know that Devin already came to him and asked to be nominated. Zach questioned if Devin thinks that he is stupid. Derrick said that he will find out that he is not, as he is not putting him on the block. Derrick added that the nominees will be told that whoever wins the veto will use it so that Devin can go home. Devin later asked Derrick to make him an initial nominee so that he can play for veto and hopefully win a money prize if there is one.

8:00-9:00 PM: Hayden told Nicole that he thinks that she should nominate Amber. He explained that she could easily justify it since Amber nominated her and also because everyone knows that Amber was close to flipping and voting to evict Zach. Nicole then spoke to Brittany. Brittany said that she is there if Nicole needs someone to bounce some ideas off of. Brittany then revealed that Christine was talking with her, Donny and Jocasta yesterday, then ran back to Caleb and Amber with everything that was said. Nicole said that she wants to trust Christine but she is leaving her out of a lot of things. Nicole revealed that she would like to get Caleb or Amber out of the house. She said that Devin will always be a huge target. Meanwhile, Caleb was telling Amber that she will not be nominated this week. He said that he will offer to go up with her if so, and will then target Nicole once they come down.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie told Derrick that Brittany has been stuck to Nicole so he wouldn’t be surprised if she nominates Amber. Frankie then mentioned that Victoria and Amber told her that people were trying to flip the house in order to evict Zach. Derrick said that he will have to get to the bottom of it. Frankie said that it would be good if Nicole nominates Caleb and Amber, seeing as they would win and then Derrick would stay HoH. Derrick let Frankie know that he is safe this week so he can just relax and not talk any game.

Derrick told Cody that the goal is to get Devin out, seeing as nobody would be mad at him for doing so. Derrick asked Cody if he thought that this would be their opportunity to reel Brittany back in. Cody said yes. Derrick revealed that Jocasta is the only one that he is thinking of nominating at the moment. He said that she will definitely go up if she tried to flip the vote. Caleb suggested that Derrick nominate someone from their own alliance so that they can throw the competition to keep Derrick in power. Caleb again said that he will tell Nicole that he will come after her if she nominates either him or Amber.

11:00-12:00 AM: Just before Derrick and Nicole met up to discuss nominations, Derrick asked Victoria if anyone had approached her today about flipping the vote. Victoria said no. Derrick began his talk with Nicole by explaining his version of the Bomb Squad story. He said that it was not an alliance, as it was just a bunch of people making deals with Devin to vote a certain way. The two discussed that they should work together moving forward, building upon this opportunity that they have to talk. They also agreed not to backdoor each other this week. They named off many people that they do not want to nominate, such as Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden and Brittany.

Nicole said that she could nominate Amber as one of her nominees. Derrick said that he could go to Caleb and try to get him to throw the Battle of the Block competition. He would then nominate Caleb and Jocasta. Nicole said that would be perfect and that Derrick could backdoor Devin if so. Derrick wanted to take down Caleb and put Devin up in his place. Nicole told him that it would be smarter to nominate Devin next to Caleb so that one of the big targets goes home. Derrick tried to explain that nobody would keep Devin in the game. Nicole continued to struggle with figuring out who to nominate. They decided that they would talk again later.

1:00-2:00 AM: Nicole and Derrick spoke again. She questioned Derrick about the whole Bomb Squad and why he is denying that it was an alliance. Derrick explained it away on a technicality, saying that an alliance to him is more like The Brigade. Derrick asked if they are going to call their alliance a Final 2. They then discussed nominations again. Nicole said that Jocasta is for sure going up since she will put her up if Derrick doesn’t. Derrick said that he will nominate Caleb, but only if Caleb volunteers in order to throw the competition to save Amber.

Derrick said that Caleb will be gone if he is up with Jocasta and Devin wins the PoV. Derrick mentioned that he would have to get Caleb to agree to let him say out loud to the house that he volunteered to go up. Nicole said that she wants to hear back from Caleb before deciding on her second nominee.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick spoke to Caleb and said that Nicole agreed that they need to backdoor Devin. Derrick mentioned that Amber is going to be one of Nicole’s nominees since Amber nominated her. Derrick then said that Caleb could go up as one of his nominees in order to save Amber by throwing the competition. Caleb said that he shouldn’t be worried too much since he has the votes either way. Derrick told Caleb that it is his call, as he wont nominate him without his blessing. He added that he would have to tell everyone in the nomination speech that Caleb volunteered to go up. Caleb then said if Amber is going up, he will go up and throw the Battle of the Block. He said that he has to save his queen. Derrick admitted that he personally would not put himself in that position. Caleb decided that he would talk it over with Amber before making a final decision.

Caleb told Amber that Nicole plans to nominate her. He said that they all know that Devin is the target though. Caleb then revealed that he told Derrick to put him up so that he can throw the competition in order to keep her safe and keep Derrick as HoH. Caleb asked Amber how she felt about it. Amber said that she was already expecting to go up so there are no hard feelings. Caleb said that he wont do it if she doesn’t want him to. Amber again said she already knows that she is going up. Caleb told her that she is missing the point and that he is taking a risk in order to save her. Amber said that Derrick, as HoH, can put someone up that will go home over him. Amber said that she doesn’t want him to do it, though Caleb said that he is not scared.

Derrick informed Frankie that he got their first Team America mission. The mission is to convince three houseguests that one of the currents houseguests are related to past houseguests. Derrick said that they need three different people to spread the rumour by Monday night at eight minutes past midnight. Elsewhere, Nicole questioned Hayden about the Bomb Squad. He said that it is still intact. Nicole asked if Derrick knows. Hayden said that he is trying to keep it together. Nicole then said that Derrick is playing him hard, trying to get a Final 2 with her and saying that there is no Bomb Squad. Hayden told Nicole not to trust Derrick. Nicole revealed that she wanted to backdoor Caleb this week.

Hayden said that that would have been ideal. Hayden then backtracked and said that Derrick can be trusted for now and that they can get rid of him later by revealing all of his Final 2 and Final 3 deals. Hayden then mentioned that Christine is the girl version of Derrick. He said that no one will ever put her up and everyone will want to take her to the end.

3:00-4:00 AM: Nicole spoke to Zach and said that she is going back and forth between nominating Donny or Victoria. Zach suggested that she nominate Victoria since she has no one backing her and thus has no ability to come after Nicole. Zach told Nicole that she is the last person that he would ever put up, other than Cody. He said that he would like to work with her, Cody and Christine until the end. Zach said that there are not many people that he would take to the end over her. Zach revealed that he has no problem slitting Caleb’s throat. He also said that he would rather be sitting at the end with Nicole over someone like Caleb or Frankie.

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