Devin campaigns with no success; Alliances are named

July 15, 2014

11:00-12:00 PM: Devin began his campaigning this morning, speaking to Jocasta, Hayden and Brittany individually. Devin took the same approach with each of them, explaining that leaving Caleb and Amber in the game together is dangerous. He used the term “power attraction” to explain their relationship, admitting that it was one sided. Devin said that Caleb has already told everyone that he will do anything to save Amber, which makes it difficult for anyone that ever ends up on the block with her. He pointed out that Caleb will always vote for Amber to stay and will use the Power of Veto on her. On the other hand, Devin explained that he is on his own and can be of more use to them in the game. Devin told Brittany that he already used a PoV on her. He also told Jocasta that he would have used it on her this week if he had won. Finally, Devin pointed out that his is a stronger competitor than Caleb, particularly in mental competitions, so he would make for a better ally.

12:00-1:00 PM: Devin spoke with Cody next. He told Cody that the biggest threats in the house right now are Amber and Caleb. He explained it in the same way as he did to the others. Devin let Cody know that he would be willing to work with him, Derrick and even Zach if they can put a little group together and keep him in the game. Devin said that he would do whatever he can to protect them. Devin told Cody that he is willing to own up to his mistakes, noting that he would have nominated Victoria in Zach’s place if he could do it all over again. Cody agreed with Devin that he is a more useful player than Caleb is. He said that the biggest hesitation with it all is that it would look bad in the eyes of the house if they were to keep him after everything that has happened.

1:00-2:00 PM: Devin spoke to Donny. In addition to the same pitch that he made to everyone else, he told Donny that he has always come to him with truthful information. Devin admitted that he targeted Donny early on, attributing it to paranoia. That being said, Devin made it clear that he has been trying to right the wrongs. Devin told Donny that his loyalty lies with him. He pointed out that Donny was the first one that he came to when things went south with the Bomb Squad. Donny told Devin that he knows all of the things that Devin is saying, telling him that he is right about it. He cautioned Devin not to say anything that will look badly upon him, as he will regret it.

Donny and Jocasta then spent some time talking outside. Jocasta asked him what he thinks about Brittany. Donny said that she has grown on him. He then noted that the two of them, Brittany and Victoria are likely to be on the block if certain people win HoH. Donny said that they get categorized together whether they want to be or not. Donny felt that Victoria is being used as the new Paola, but he, Brittany and Jocasta need to remain on the same page and not target each other if they are to win HoH. Donny also pointed out that the others in the house need to realize that they need them to help get their people out, as only one person can win the game. Both agreed that Hayden is one of the better “kids” in the house. Donny revealed that he sees Derrick as the ringleader of the group. Jocasta agreed. Donny did, however, say that he likes Derrick. Brittany then joined them and said that Devin makes good points but there is no way that he will get the votes to stay. She mentioned that everyone is too scared to vote that way.

2:00-3:00 PM: Once Frankie woke up, Devin began campaigning to him. Frankie took it all in and said that it sucks that Devin and Caleb are on the block together, as he wishes that they could both stay. Amber then went to Frankie with her concerns that Devin is campaigning and saying that he already has the six votes to stay. Frankie assured her that he does not and that it is a lie. Frankie then went to Caleb and Derrick, informing them that Devin has been campaigning. Caleb told them that Devin came to him this morning, covered up their mics, and whispered to him that “they called me to the diary room and told me I had to”, in reference to the campaigning.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amber spoke to Christine about her frustrations with Devin and Caleb. She pointed out that she told Devin that he was her type early on, yet she has seen that he is someone that she would never date. Amber mentioned that she had wanted to find one guy to stick with throughout the game, which she has in Caleb, but it is not what she expected it to be. She pointed out that she should not have to go address with everyone that there is nothing going on between her and Caleb. Amber said that she didn’t put herself in this position.

4:00-5:00 PM: After speaking with Christine, Amber went to voice her frustrations to Jocasta. She is concerned that Caleb isn’t getting the message that she isn’t in to him in the same way that he is in to her. Amber said that she hates hurting people’s feelings, but felt that she may need to distance herself from Caleb. She is considering speaking with Caleb about it again later on. She told Jocasta that she will need to speak with her again beforehand in order to figure out the best way to deal with it all.

8:00-9:00 PM: Zach and Cody discussed that Brittany and Amber have it out for each other. Zach let Cody know that he was talking it over with Brittany earlier. Cody told him to be careful in case those two girls ever talk and make him look bad. Zach admitted that he is not actually Amanda’s cousin, something that didn’t surprise Cody at all. Zach said that he is making everyone believe it in order to entertain himself. Both guys agreed that they are fine with Caleb leaving at any time. Zach thought that they may have to backdoor him. Cody said that he would be fine with nominating Caleb right away once the Battle of the Block twist ends.

Zach had been telling people all day that he planned to let Victoria know that he would not put her up, even though he would. He got his chance to talk to her and said that he will not nominate her, Derrick or Cody. Victoria said that she finds Donny to be sketchy. Zach said that he will be nominating Donny and Jocasta. Victoria pointed out that Donny is the PoV king and said that he will win the veto if they nominate her. Victoria mentioned Frankie as a potential nominee, explaining that it would only be fair since he nominated her. Zach said that Frankie is a good friend of theirs so he would not vote him out. Victoria agreed but still felt that he is the male that she would nominate. Zach said that he wants Frankie gone sooner than later because he has control over people and is a better player than him.

11:00-12:00 AM: Nicole and Christine discussed their plans for the upcoming eviction vote. Christine said that they could vote for Caleb to be evicted in order to frame two of Donny, Jocasta and Brittany. Nicole and Christine said that they have been waiting to do this since Week 1. Christine said that this would be the week to do it. Christine also mentioned that Zach is going around saying that Devin has three sure votes already. Nicole said “let’s do it”. They agreed that they cannot tell anyone else about the plan. Christine said that the 10-2 vote will look like Donny and Jocasta did it. Christine felt that the house would never think that it was the two of them that did it.

Cody and Amber spent over an hour in the hammock together, discussing various things. For much of the time, Caleb was glaring over from across the yard. Amber said that she has heard from several people that Caleb wants a showmance, which is not something that she is wanting. Cody said that Caleb really thinks that she is in to him. Amber said that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Cody told her that he hates that she is in the situation that she is in, as Caleb will be upset if she tells him how she feels. Cody said that he is also over the fact that Caleb gets mad when he talks to her. As for the game, Amber felt that she needed to begin making a side alliance. She mentioned Christine, Cody and Derrick as allies. She also hoped that she could bring another girl in, in Nicole. Cody later revealed to Zach, Frankie, Derrick and Christine that he doesn’t buy what Amber tells him in a game sense, as he can see that she is just trying to distance herself from Caleb by coming to him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach told Cody that he thinks that he is going to throw HoH. Cody advised him not to say that to people. Cody said that he would not throw HoH because he doesn’t wan to be on the block and you never know what can happen. Cody pointed out that the others could easily nominate them by using the excuse that they have never been an initial nominee. Cody said that he would nominate Victoria and Jocasta. Zach wondered who he could nominate alongside of Jocasta. He didn’t want to nominate Victoria anymore now that he promised her that he wouldn’t. Both guys agreed that Donny and and Brittany are not going up if they win.

The guys discussed that Brittany had mentioned wanting to start an alliance with the two of them and Derrick. Zach didn’t see the downside in doing so, while Cody wasn’t so sure. He said that he wants to trust Brittany so badly but there are so many red flags popping up. Zach felt that they needed to target Caleb next, as both Frankie and Amber would then have no one. Cody was not opposed to the idea. Cody said that he is in a tough spot, being friends with everyone. Zach said that Frankie is in the same spot but doesn't care as much and is willing to screw anyone over. Zach said that Frankie will do it to him the first chance he gets. Cody said that's why it's good to get Caleb out so that Frankie will scramble towards them.

3:00-4:00 AM: Devin told Caleb that the only thing that he used to campaign against him was that they have a “power attraction” and that Caleb will always save Amber if she is on the block. Devin admitted that he knew that he wouldn’t get any votes but he had to try. Devin said that the connection is going to hurt him in this game. Caleb said that he is going to distance himself from her. Devin suggested that he does his best to get Amber out if she goes on the block, as she is only going to hurt his game. Caleb said that he has been feeling that for a few days now. Devin said that he feels in his heart that Amber is using Caleb for her game. Devin suggested that Caleb begin to focus on the mental side of the game, as it will become a bigger part of the competitions moving forward. Devin said that he is telling this to Caleb as a friend and wants him to be the final guy that he gives a hug to before he walks out the door.

Frankie, Zach, Christine, Derrick and Cody have had a five person alliance all along. They met up tonight and decided on an alliance name. They are now calling themselves “The Detonators”, as they wanted it to have some relevance to The Bomb Squad. They discussed who would give them problems in terms of nominating them. Frankie was afraid of Donny and Jocasta. Given that Zach is the only alliance member to have been nominated, they figured that they would be easy outs as nominees. Zach revealed that Donny has been talking to he and Cody about an alliance with Hayden. Zach thought it was a good idea to solidify it, but Cody didn’t want to because it might get back to people like Brittany. Zach said that he can still promise to keep Donny safe, as he would be fine with nominating Caleb, Amber and Hayden. Frankie said that they need to be careful not to draw the line too soon. He felt that they had lost Amber to Donny, Brittany and Jocasta. They agreed to avoid breaking up the Bomb Squad next week if at all possible.

4:00-5:00 AM: Hayden told Nicole that the only Bomb Squad members that he feels obligated not to put up are Derrick, Cody and Zach, given that they tell him a lot of information. Hayden told Nicole that he trusts Donny more than he trusts Christine. Nicole said that she is so paranoid that she thinks that Donny is America’s Player. Hayden said that he hopes that Donny is America’s Player, because he feels that he is tighter with Donny that any other houseguest is. Hayden said that he would love to work with Donny. Hayden said that he is afraid to formalize an alliance with Donny because he is already with the Bomb Squad and with Nicole and Christine.

6:00-7:00 AM: Derrick and Cody were talking in the HoH room and came up with an alliance name for their Final 2. They decided on “The Hitmen”. After Cody left, Derrick began talking to the live feeders, revealing his thoughts on the game. Derrick said that he is “Team America” all the way, and he is also staying loyal to “The Hitmen”. Derrick mentioned that every other alliance is a buffer to keep him out of the line of fire. He said that the Bomb Squad is a joke. Derrick said that he definitely trusts Cody and thinks that he is loyal and that they can go to the end together. Derrick felt that “The Detonators” could work but there are some people that talk too much. As for “Los Tres Amigos” (Derrick/Cody/Zach), Derrick said that it is just something that Zach made up. Derrick said that his strategy is to not have to make moves for a bit, fade into the background, and then win when he has to.

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