Cody says that he is nominating Caleb, then nominates Donny

July 21, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Donny told Hayden that he would like two good minutes with Cody because he doesn’t feel good about today. Hayden said that Zach went around and pushed for Caleb to go up, but he doesn’t know if Zach necessarily went about it in the right way. Donny said that the thinks that Frankie has a Final 4 alliance with Caleb, Amber and Derrick. Donny felt that they were talking badly about Amber so that the rest of the house would nominate her if they win HoH. Hayden thought that they really did want Amber out of the house.

9:00-10:00 AM: Donny told Hayden that last night Derrick commented on how it would be nice if they knew what was going on. Donny said that there is never a time that Derrick doesn’t know what’s going on. Hayden told Donny that all that he knows is that if he goes up he wont go home. Hayden said that he wont vote Donny out and neither will a bunch of people. Hayden again said that he would love knock Amber out next week. Donny said he would love to win HoH and put Derrick and Frankie beside each other. He said that Amber would be the replacement nominee if one of them wins the veto. Hayden pointed out that that would be fun to watch. Donny said that it would be awesome and you would be able to see who everyone is with based on who they rooted for in the veto competition.

Donny said that people like Derrick don’t care who wins HoH because he knows he wont go up. Donny pointed out that Derrick talks so much crap about Victoria. Hayden said that Victoria is so easily convinced that you can have her vote any way you want. Donny told him that she would listen to Derrick over him. Donny mentioned that Derrick, Frankie, Amber and Caleb have a Final 4 deal. He felt that Cody and probably Christine were also with them, while Zach and Hayden are in the minority. Donny noted that Caleb and Amber are not the brains. He said that they are just the target of the brains when the opposition happens to win HoH. Hayden said that he would like to backdoor Amber since Derrick and Frankie are not after him right now.

Brittany asked Cody if he has any idea of who he wants to nominate. He said that he surprisingly got a lot of pushback over the person that he wanted to nominate. Brittany asked if it was Donny. Cody revealed that it was Caleb and that people said that they would not vote Caleb out. Brittany let Cody know that people have been telling her the opposite. She then said that Nicole is probably the only person that she has a shot at staying over. Cody said that he can’t nominate Nicole because she is the only one that tried to win the veto. Brittany said that she will not push for Donny to go up since he sat by her side the whole time as she battled through her punishment. Brittany told Cody that the only thing that he has to worry about is Caleb backdooring him if he wins HoH. Cody said that he knows that.

10:00-11:00 AM: Donny spoke to Nicole and asked her who the target was the week that he was nominated next to Amber. Nicole said that Devin was the target and that all four nominees were pawns. Donny then asked if Derrick knew that he was going on the block. Nicole explained that it was a last minute decision and that it was her decision. Donny then got his turn to speak to Cody. He advised Cody not to base his decisions off of what other people want him to do for their games, but rather think about his own game. Donny added that he will feel the same way about Cody no matter what happens today, as he knows that it would not be Cody’s decision if he ends up on the block. Cody revealed that the others did not want Caleb to go home over Brittany because they think that Brittany is after them. Donny pointed out that it doesn’t matter because Brittany is not after Cody.

Donny reiterated that they could play the game the honest way and make their families proud, and that he would not use Cody like some people are. Donny promised Cody his jury vote if he makes it that far. Cody discussed how it sucks that the only people that he can nominate to make it a landslide vote against Brittany would be people that he trusts, those being Donny and Hayden. Donny advised Cody to play his own game and not give in to the others. Donny said that he would be proud if he went home knowing that he played his own game. Cody was concerned that Donny may be aligned with Brittany and Jocasta. Donny said that he would have sat by Cody’s side if he got the punishment and that he would have used the veto on Cody if he was sick and could not fight for himself.

Donny made it clear that he is on his own and that he would vote Brittany out if that’s what Cody wanted. Cody came around and said that he would be pissed off if he nominated Donny or Hayden and then went home next week when he could have nominated Caleb. He also felt that his brother would think he is making a terrible decision for not nominating Caleb. Donny said that if the others are Cody’s true friends they will not hold it against him if he nominates them. Donny expressed concern that the brains of the group would try to flip the vote against him. Donny pointed out that Cody has a big decision to make, at which point Cody said that he has just made it and that he will not be putting Donny on the block.

11:00-12:00 PM: Cody made his way outside and told Frankie, Hayden and Nicole that he is nominating Caleb. He explained that Caleb is the one that put him in this position. Cody said that he fully expects Caleb to stay and come after him, but he is fine with that. Frankie then ran inside to wake Derrick up to inform him of Cody’s decision. Derrick then brought Cody up to the HoH room to talk. He said that Frankie just woke him up. Cody said that’s because Frankie is a little weasel. Derrick said that he thinks that Caleb will go home and that they will regret this but he will support Cody anyway. Cody said that he has a gut feeling that Caleb will be after him even though everyone says that he wont be, so there is no reason to nominate someone that he trusts. Derrick told Cody to go with his gut, though Derrick felt that they are missing something in the bigger picture and that Brittany will have the votes to stay. Derrick believes that Zach and Hayden will keep Brittany. Cody called Zach a puppet and said that Hayden will not turn on them. Derrick asked what happens if Caleb wins HoH next week. Cody said that Caleb can come after him and he would hope that the others would not vote him out.

12:00-1:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Victoria used the Power of Veto on herself. Cody nominated Donny in her place. Cody was visibly upset about what he had just done. He told his allies that he just couldn’t go through with nominating Caleb. Cody said that he feels like such a bitch. Derrick asked what led to the change of heart. Cody said that he believed that he would be the next Devin. He thought that Caleb would have blown up. Frankie assured Cody that he made the best move. Donny told Hayden that he tried and that Cody even told him that he was not going on the block. Hayden assured Donny that he will not go home and that he would have his vote. Frankie then went to Donny and told him that everyone loves him and wants him there. Caleb then did the same, saying that Cody likely did this in order to ensure that Brittany goes home. Derrick was the next to speak with Donny, promising him that there is no way that he will vote him out. Derrick confirmed that Donny was put up in order to ensure that Brittany leaves. He again reiterated that he and Frankie will not vote Donny out since he is best for their game and also is needed for completing the Team America missions

1:00-2:00 PM: Caleb and Frankie talked things over. Caleb is unaware that Cody was ever planning to nominate him. They discussed that they have a solid Final 4 with Derrick and Amber. Frankie pointed out that they also have Christine. As for next week, both agreed about nominating and targeting Victoria and Jocasta. Caleb said that they need to go up on opposing sides so that one can leave. Nicole went to Cody and thanked him for what he did, as she felt that Brittany staying would hurt her game. Nicole said that even though Cody may have wanted to nominate Caleb, she doesn’t think that it would have been good for his game. Cody said that he doesn’t want Caleb in the house and that the only reason that he didn’t nominate him was that he didn’t think that Caleb would go home. Cody told Nicole that if Caleb doesn’t win HoH next week he will tell him that he didn’t have his back with this veto competition so he will be going after him. Nicole said that she is willing to backdoor Caleb or do whatever the group wants if she wins HoH. Cody pointed out that America probably thinks that he is an idiot for not nominating Caleb. Nicole told him that it would have been too early to make that move.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that there is no way in hell that Brittany stays this week. Derrick told Cody that they can’t take Caleb out until they know that they have the numbers to do it and until they know that they have the numbers to be fine afterwards. Cody said that one of the biggest things that stopped him from making the move is that he couldn’t talk to Caleb beforehand. Derrick said that Caleb wont be after Cody for a couple more weeks. Cody said that he doesn’t know that for sure. They discussed that Nicole and Christine would have been questioning Cody if he had nominated Caleb. Derrick pointed out that the two of them are running the house and nobody realizes it. Cody told Derrick that if he didn’t show concern over Caleb going up then it would have happened. Cody said that Frankie’s and Nicole’s faces dropped when he told them that he was nominating Caleb. Derrick said that the girls would have kept Caleb in the game and then Cody would have lost him.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jocasta and Donny discussed that the evictions are playing out just like Devin said. Donny pointed out that he was told that there was no other option but to nominate him just because there is a huge group. They discussed that they believe Hayden when he says that he will vote to keep Donny. Both agreed that Christine and Nicole cannot be trusted. Jocasta mentioned that the only time that she had ever said anything to Christine she brought it straight to Frankie. Jocasta was crying and saying that she cannot have Donny go home. Donny said that he is not going anywhere and not to worry about it. Donny said that there is a leader somewhere that is dictating things, cause he doesn’t think that Cody would put him up. Donny pointed out that there are four people that haven’t been on the block yet, those being Christine, Frankie, Cody and Derrick. Donny said that those people don’t know what it feels like. He encouraged Jocasta to think about who she would nominate before Thursday.

7:00-8:00 PM: Donny and Nicole were walking in the backyard together when Donny revealed that he has found someone that he can trust in Hayden. He then asked Nicole if she trusts him. Nicole said yes but she feels bad about what she did to him. Donny said that he doesn’t hold it against her and still trusts her. He said that she and Hayden are the only two that he trusts. He pointed out that Jocasta probably wouldn’t nominate him but he doesn’t tell her things in case she accidentally lets them slip. Donny said that he plans to talk as little game this week as possible, not giving anyone anything to use against him. He did say that if he wins HoH he would tell everyone not to come up there, otherwise he will nominate them. Donny said that he needs time to think it over himself and also to talk to Cody to find out who was behind sacrificing him.

Hayden and Zach agreed that they would both like to nominate Jocasta and Victoria next week in order to backdoor Amber. If the nominees remained the same, they would like to see Jocasta go home. Donny then spoke to Zach and said that his nomination told him that he is expendable and that someone doesn’t care if he goes home if things go wrong. Zach reassured Donny that he will be safe this week. That being said, Zach noted that things did not go as planned and that he tried to talk Cody in to nominating Caleb. Zach also spoke to Christine, who told him that Amber wanted him to be the replacement nominee. Christine, Cody and Derrick all told Zach that he cannot go off on Amber or say anything to her.


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