Brittany is evicted; Frankie and Zach win HoH

July 24, 2014

Frankie's letter from his family - Click here to read it

6:00-7:00 PM: Brittany was evicted by a unanimous vote of 10-0. The HoH competition was a knockout style competition. Derrick threw it to Frankie so that Frankie could see pictures of his grandfather. In the other final, Zach correctly answered the question to become the second HoH for the week. Julie announced that the four have-nots for the week will be Christine, Derrick, Caleb and Nicole. It was determined by the level of activity on their activity trackers. They were the four least active houseguests for the week.

7:00-8:00 PM: Frankie asked Zach to talk game now, before he got pictures of his grandfather, as he would be too emotional later. Zach told Frankie that he is giving him 100% control of this week but is there to get the blood on his hands. Frankie said that Zach needs to be the one to backdoor Caleb, so Frankie planned to nominate people that would be most likely to win the Battle of the Block. Frankie suggested that Zach nominate Donny and Jocasta. Zach said that he cannot put up Donny, as there is no way that he can burn that bridge this early when he is one of the only people that Donny trusts. Zach plans to talk to Donny even more now, trying to fully solidify his trust. Frankie asked if he could nominate Victoria instead. Zach agreed, even though he mentioned that he had told Victoria that he would not nominate her. He also said that he could nominate Nicole if needed. Zach asked if Caleb is for sure the target. Frankie said Caleb or Jocasta, with Jocasta going home if Zach’s nominations stayed the same.

Zach said that he is having second thoughts about targeting Caleb, because he is worried that Caleb will go up and not go home. Frankie assured him that Caleb will go home if he is on the block. They figured that the only person that would go home over Caleb would be Amber, but both agreed that it would be smarter to keep her. As for Frankie’s nominations, Nicole, Donny and Hayden’s names were thrown out there. Frankie was concerned that Nicole would be too weak, as a have-not, to win the competition. That being said, he too did not want to nominate Donny. Zach told him that nominating Donny and Hayden would give Frankie the best chance of losing HoH. Frankie said that he will talk to them. Zach also told Frankie that he will have to nominate Caleb if he by some chance stays HoH, otherwise he will lose trust with everyone. Zach noted that Caleb already got his $5,000, so they should send him out before jury.

8:00-9:00 PM: Zach spoke to Hayden to see who he wants to go home this week. Hayden said that his ego would like to see Caleb go but the better game move is to get rid of Amber. The logic behind that was that Caleb is going after people that they want out, specifically Victoria and Jocasta, while Amber would have no problem going after the guys. Frankie pulled Derrick aside to talk over the plan for the week. He asked Derrick if they want Zach staying HoH. Derrick said that they probably do not for their games. Frankie explained that he is in a really tough spot because Zach does not want to nominate Donny. Derrick thought that it was weird since Donny would likely nominate Zach. Derrick said that Zach doesn’t listen to him, so he won’t be able to get through to him. Frankie suggested getting Cody to try.

Frankie mentioned that Zach would like to nominate Jocasta with either Nicole or Victoria. Frankie pointed out that he would be left with nominating Donny alongside the remaining girl, Victoria or Nicole. Frankie revealed that he has one plan so far, thinking that he could go to Donny and Hayden to let them know that the plan is to backdoor Caleb, so he doesn’t want to stay HoH. Frankie would use that as his reasoning for nominating them, as Donny has won the most competitions and Hayden is the strongest competitor. He added that he would explain to Hayden that he is going up over Nicole because Nicole is on slop and may not be strong enough to win the competition.

Frankie told Hayden that he is thinking that they need to get Caleb out this week. Hayden told Frankie the same thing that he told Zach, that Caleb will not put any of them up even though he would like to see him go. Hayden felt that the biggest threats to their games are Amber and Jocasta. Hayden’s plan was to put up Amber and Victoria on one side, with Jocasta and Donny on the other side. He explained that either Amber or Jocasta can go home, or they can backdoor Caleb, so they are covered under every scenario. Frankie liked the plan and said that they will have to talk to Zach about it.

Victoria pleaded with Zach to not put her on the block. She said that it is getting annoying and that she doesn’t want her to do that to her again. She added that Brittany will laugh at her because it will be playing out just like she said it would be. Zach promised her that she will not be going on the block. Zach went back to speak with Frankie and Christine. He asked Christine to throw the Battle of the Block. Christine said no. She said that there is no way that she will risk her own safety. Zach told her that it’s time for her to do something and earn her stripes. Christine would not agree to throw the competition. It was then discussed that perhaps Donny or Nicole would throw the competition. Zach said that he would nominate Hayden and Amber, having Hayden throw the competition. Hayden eventually joined them. Zach asked him if he would throw it. He said that he does not want to go up and that he wouldn’t want to throw it but he’ll do what he has to. Another plan was devised, that being to have Caleb volunteer to go up and throw the competition. They would explain to him that it would be to ensure that Victoria stays on the block, yet they would really do it to take a shot at him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Donny told Zach that Amber should be the target. He explained that Amber is more powerful and is using Caleb. He also pointed out that Christine has yet to be on the block. Zach agreed that she should go up. Zach then went to Cody and Derrick and said that someone is going to have to take one for the team and that it will have to be Christine. He pointed out that Donny paid it forward many times, including by getting Devin out for them. Zach also pointed out that Cody kept Caleb around for Christine and Nicole. Cody said not to forget that it was also for Frankie. Derrick told Zach that he trusts him to what’s good for him. Zach said that he wants to target Caleb or Amber.

Elsewhere, Donny filled Frankie in on the new Team America mission. He said that they have to get two houseguests to have a heated argument for 20 seconds or more at the nomination ceremony or veto meeting. Donny pointed out that Zach is a hot head and would be the ideal person to use in this mission. Frankie agreed. He thought that Zach and Amber would be a good pair to have argue. Frankie then talked nominations over with Nicole. She told him that he should put Victoria on whichever team he wants to have lose. Nicole asked if Caleb or Amber was the target. Frankie said that the target would be Jocasta for him, if he is able to stay HoH. Frankie mentioned that nominating Donny and Jocasta would be the least bloody move that he could make.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach spoke to Nicole and said that Cody made a good point that he took one for the team in order to get Brittany out for her, Christine and Victoria. Nicole said “and Frankie”. Zach then said that someone that hasn’t gone up is going to have to go up. Nicole did not want to go up but said that she would do what Zach wants, such as using the veto. Nicole spoke to Christine and filled her in on what Zach had said to her, including that Zach mentioned that Cody took one for the team for the two of them by evicting Brittany. Both agreed that they are not going to throw the competition. Nicole felt confident that she would be able to win if nominated next to Amber but not if she were to be nominated next to Victoria. Christine said that she is pissed off that Zach told her to earn her stripes. Christine said that Zach needs to shut his mouth. Both were frustrated that Victoria is not being nominated. Hayden then joined them and said that he will not throw the competition.

Zach went to Caleb next, telling him that he is in a tough spot since he is hearing that Amber is targeting him. Zach mentioned that both Christine and Nicole told him so. He later threw Frankie’s name out there as well. Caleb said that Amber has not said anything about that in a while, not since the two of them were butting heads about a week ago. Caleb felt that people were trying to deflect the attention on to Zach by telling him these things. Zach asked Caleb to speak to Amber to find out if she is after him, so that he knows whether or not to nominate her. Zach also fished to see if Caleb would throw the Battle of the Block. Caleb said that he would not put himself on the block again. Caleb told Amber that people are telling Zach that she is coming after him. He listed off Hayden, Nicole, Christine and Frankie as the source of the rumours. Amber said that she will not put Zach up but that he will be her target if he puts her up. Caleb warned Amber that she cannot trust everyone in the alliance.

Caleb reported back to Zach that Amber had not mentioned coming after him since last week. Zach was happy to hear that. Amber then went directly to Christine about what Caleb had told her. Zach saw this and Christine confirmed that Amber was indeed talking to her about having told Zach that he was her target. Christine was mad at Zach for having told Amber that she said that. Amber then went to Derrick and Christine to say that she is not talking to anyone from the alliance anymore. Caleb tried to pull her aside but she denied him. Caleb then explained to Derrick that people in the alliance told Zach that he is Amber’s target. Caleb said that if Amber is going to freak out like this then she is going to go up.

11:00-12:00 AM: Zach spoke to Frankie and expressed his frustrations with Christine. He said that she is selfish and doing nothing for the team. Zach said that he would rather nominate her than Victoria. Zach said that he will tell Christine that she will throw the competition or he will hate her and will be throwing her under the bus to everyone. Caleb joined them and informed Zach that he spilled the beans about who told Zach that she was after him. Caleb was frustrated with Amber, so Zach asked if he will have anything against him if he sends her home. Caleb said that Zach can do whatever he needs to do but they can only get her out by putting her up with someone that will throw it or by backdooring her. Caleb also revealed that Amber said that she will blow up the alliance if she is nominated again. He said that it is best not to nominate her until jury.

Amber was filling cody in on a couple of things that she had heard tonight. She said that she no longer trusts anyone right now. Amber mentioned that Zach apparently told Nicole that the Bomb Squad still exists and is working together so she doesn’t stand a chance. Cody was frustrated with Zach and said that he is ruining their games. Cody revealed that he has also heard that Zach is telling people that he said to nominate Nicole and Christine. Amber didn’t know who can be trusted, even saying that she doesn’t trust Frankie at the moment. Back in the HoH room, Zach was telling the others that Caleb made it easier on him by saying that he is okay with Amber going up. Hayden said that if Amber is kept off the block and they backdoor Caleb, then Amber will love them all for sticking to the plan. Zach was on board with sending Caleb home.

12:00-1:00 AM: Victoria asked Zach what his plan is. He said that he wants to get rid of Caleb or Amber. Zach said that he needs someone to throw the competition. Victoria told him that she will not do it. Zach again mentioned getting Christine to do it, and told Victoria that he will not nominate her. Victoria then spoke to Frankie and said that she is so over going on the block all the time, while others are just chilling. She wanted people to respect her as a game player. Frankie said that he isn’t planning to put her up but may have to do so if Zach takes his nominations. Amber then talked to Frankie and said that Zach is stirring so much stuff up. Amber told Frankie that Zach is saying that he can’t trust her.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach spoke to Cody and clarified to him that all that he said to Nicole was that Cody kept Caleb around for the good of the group and that others need to do their part. Cody continually questioned if Zach told people that he said that he wants Nicole and Christine on the block. Zach said that he is offended that Cody would even believe that. Zach also denied having told Nicole that the Bomb Squad is still together. Talk then turned back to nominations. Zach continued to say that he wants to nominate Christine over Nicole. He asked Frankie and Cody if he is being irrational. They said yes. Cody pointed out that Zach just created The Detonators and now wants to nominate a member. Christine joined them and told Zach that he should nominate Nicole and Amber. Zach continued to go in circles about who to nominate. Frankie told Derrick that he is nominating Jocasta and Victoria. He said that he will need Derrick to do damage control with Victoria for him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Zach was grilling Nicole about what he should do. Nicole would not give up any information. Zach asked her if she would be after him if he nominated her. Nicole said that she would be upset. She later implied that she would be after him. Zach said that he wont put her up then. Zach tried to pry information from Nicole about how much she trusts Christine. He kept telling her that there is so much that he wants to say but he thinks that she may run back to people with the information. Zach then spoke to Frankie again. Frankie said that he is nominating Victoria and Jocasta. He told Zach to nominate Amber and someone. Zach said that Nicole is the only real option. Zach was concerned that Frankie would then remain HoH. Frankie said that they could backdoor Caleb if that was the case. Minutes later, Zach’s plan changed again. He mentioned nominating Hayden and Nicole to ensure that Frankie stays HoH and can backdoor Amber.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick and Cody eventually joined the conversation, at which point Zach’s nominations changed again. He decided that he would nominate Nicole and Christine. The goal would be to target Amber. Zach said that his nomination speech to Christine would be “Christine, if we pull out the Big Brother dictionary today and looked up the word floater, there would be a picture of you and Jenn City holding hands, never being called to the diary room. Basically irrelevant”. All of the guys cracked up. Derrick, knowing that he has to cause a heated argument, said that it would be perfect. Cody said that the problem is that Christine will never speak to Zach again. Frankie encouraged Zach so yell. Derrick said that the highlight of his season was Zach’s speech to Devin, further encouraging Zach to use the speech. Hayden said that it’s a horrible idea but it would be hilarious. Zach said that it would be TV gold. Zach then said that he would say to Nicole that “Nicole, you claim to be a superfan. Bet you didn’t see this coming!” Zach said that they are going to hate him but it’s good. He laughed.

Meanwhile, Nicole was downstairs telling Christine that Zach was implying that she cannot trust her. Christine played it off as though Zach just wants to break them up and turn them on each other. Frankie and Derrick got a chance to talk alone. They discussed that they have to go with a change of plans for Team America, puppeteering an argument between Zach and Christine instead of Zach and Amber. Frankie said that he is worried that if the PoV is used he will be pressured to put Zach up. Derrick said that they can deal with it when it comes but they can squash that since the guys will not be wanting to nominate him. Frankie also pointed out that people hate Amber more. Derrick told him that he has a million ways to get out of it.

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