The Detonators agree to stay strong and keep Zach safe

August 6, 2014

8:00-9:00 PM: The feeds returned after a couple hours of being down for halfway party. Zach was talking to Nicole in the HoH room and asked if she wants him gone this week. Nicole questioned if he actually thought he was not her target. She told him that he already told her that she is his target. Zach said that he wasn’t serious and that he has a crush on Nicole so there would be no reason to want her gone. He said that their showmance is going to blossom and he has full confidence in them. He continued on by saying that she is not his target whatsoever. Nicole pointed out that he said that before and then put her up. Zach said that he only did so in order to be able to backdoor Caleb or Amber. He apologized for hurting her feelings with his speech, saying that he only did it because he had no reason to nominate either of them so he had to think of something crazy. Zach let Nicole know that he is likely staying but she is not his target.

Meanwhile, in the bee hive room, Caleb was telling Frankie that they have Zach’s number while they definitely don’t have Jocasta’s number. Caleb was concerned that Christine would jump ship if they vote Zach out, leaving them in the minority. Frankie did not think that Christine would do that. He then went to get Derrick to speak to Caleb. Derrick told Caleb to let him think about it. Caleb told Frankie that he is cool with voting Zach out but said that they have to remember that there is another half of the house that has a number if they keep Jocasta. Frankie said that Zach has pissed people off to a point where it cannot be repaired. Derrick attempted to speak to Cody, telling him that there are three pairs in the house: the two of them, Nicole and Hayden, and Frankie and Christine. Derrick said that they will be screwed if they vote Zach out and then vote Christine out. He pointed out that Hayden and Nicole would have Donny and Jocasta.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie broke up Derrick and Cody’s talk, much to the dismay of Derrick. Derrick left the room and Christine entered it. Frankie filled Christine and Cody in on Caleb’s concern about losing a number if they vote Zach out. Frankie said that Zach’s behaviour has gotten to a point where they don’t know what he is going to do. Christine and Cody agreed that he cannot be trusted. They let Caleb know that Zach cannot be trusted. He said that he is 100% on board with getting rid of him then. Frankie then spoke to Christine and Cody to let them know that they need to stay strong as a four with Derrick, with Caleb and Hayden as interchangeable pieces on the outside. Frankie pointed out that Caleb is the target of everyone on the other side, so he is concerned because of that. Cody and Christine continued to talk things over. Cody told her that Donny said that she wanted him on the block. Christine said that Donny is lying and that she did not say that.

Derrick went in to the bedroom by himself and started talking to the camera. He said that he cannot get two minutes alone with Cody because Frankie is so paranoid. Derrick said that they need to make a move tonight and that he is going to stir things up because he is not getting played by doing the dirty work for someone else. He said that he will have his talk with Cody by the end of the night and the Hitmen will decide what to do. A short while later Derrick got his chance to talk to Cody. He said that Frankie is trying to protect Nicole and Hayden. Derrick said that they can end that by exposing that those two want to backdoor him. He said that they can either float along and vote Zach out or has everything out with the Detonators and keep him. Derrick said that he feels as though Nicole is playing them and that they cannot be beat if they keep Zach around and stay loyal. Derrick said that he would like to keep Zach. Derrick was then called to the diary room.

10:00-11:00 PM: While Derrick was in the diary room, Cody took it upon himself to go to Christine and tell her that he has been hearing all week that she and Frankie are trying to get him and Derrick on the block. He told her that Hayden and Nicole have been letting them know everything that Christine and Frankie have been saying. He then revealed that Frankie was going to be backdoored if she had used the veto. Christine said that she told Nicole that she could get Zach out if he were nominated next to Jocasta. She said that Frankie did not once say their names in front of her. Cody continued to explain what had gone down, including that Hayden and Nicole wanted to solidify something with him and Derrick to get Frankie and Christine out next. Christine said that it was unbelievable because Nicole is always talking about how close they are. Cody said that he would like to send Jocasta home to send a message to Hayden and Nicole, telling them to “beat us now”. Christine said that she kind of wants to keep Zach now. They agreed that Donny is the mastermind behind Hayden and Nicole.

Frankie entered the room and Cody and Christine filled him in on everything. Cody said that they are playing right in to Nicole and Hayden’s hand. Frankie questioned if they are keeping Zach then. He said that Zach should stay now after hearing everything that has been going on. He pointed out that the four votes of the Detonators plus Caleb’s would be enough to save him. Derrick came out of the diary room and joined in on the conversation. He asked Frankie and Christine if they are done playing games now. They both said yes. Derrick said that they are keeping Zach and keeping the numbers on their side. He pointed out that it will be 7 on 2 in the HoH competition, as the only people that they have to worry about winning are Hayden and Donny. They discussed that Zach will not nominate them and that there is an opportunity for him to work with them, while Jocasta would not work with them at all. Cody pointed out that Donny or Nicole need to go since they are the brains of the operation.

11:00-12:00 AM: Caleb got out of bed and joined in on the conversation. Frankie told him that he is 100% right about keeping Zach. Caleb’s response was “Duh!”. Derrick informed Caleb that they are being played by Hayden, Nicole and Donny, so it is everyone against Hayden and Donny in the HoH competition. Caleb asked if Victoria is really on their side. Derrick said that she will be once he tells her some information. He said that it will be proven once the vote comes up 6-2. Caleb questioned if Hayden would really vote Zach out. Derrick said 100%. He told Caleb that they need to continue to play it up that Zach is going home. Derrick then spoke to Frankie and Cody about a plan to tell Victoria that Hayden has been saying that he will nominate her and Jocasta. He wanted Cody and Frankie to reinforce that with Victoria so that it seems more believable. The guys figured that she may run back to Hayden, but Derrick didn’t want to hang her out to dry by not telling her to evict Jocasta. They also debated whether or not it was best to blindside Hayden and Nicole or to tell them. They eventually settled on the blindside. Cody said that he cannot wait to see Nicole’s face tomorrow.

12:00-1:00 AM: Hayden asked Frankie if everything is still on track. Frankie told him that Zach has done so much to break people’s trust that it should be a unanimous vote to evict him. Frankie played it up as though he was still trying to figure out how best to handle Zach after the eviction in order to prevent him from blowing up. Elsewhere, Derrick and Jocasta prayed together and then talked things over. Derrick let her know that he thinks that she will be fine. Jocasta was worried that it would be a split vote and that Nicole would have to break the tie. He advised her to talk to Nicole. Jocasta then went up to the HoH room. Nicole gave Jocasta her word that she would vote to evict Zach in the even of a tie.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie and Caleb spoke with Zach. Frankie said that Hayden and Nicole are actively working to get him out and think that he is leaving unanimously. Frankie said that they will be blindsiding Hayden, Nicole and Donny. He explained that it will be 5-3 or 6-2 depending on whether or not they get Victoria on board. Caleb told Zach that Hayden and Nicole have been trying to get Frankie, Christine, Cody and Derrick to turn on each other. Derrick then joined them and said that Zach is 100% safe and that he will make sure that Victoria votes for him to stay as well. Zach asked if they need to worry about Christine at all. All three guys said no and Frankie told Zach to stop saying that.

Derrick said that they will play it off as though they only kept Zach because he is the bigger target. They told Zach to act like he knows nothing about this plan. Zach said that he wont say anything. He said thank you so much to the guys. Derrick let him know that nominating any combination of Hayden, Donny and Nicole is fine, as those three need to go. Derrick mentioned that it may be best not to blindside the others, as it may stop Hayden from coming after to of them. Frankie spoke to Zach alone and let him know that his was a real team effort and that it could have gotten ugly if not for Derrick and Cody helping out. He said that they all need to sit down and hash things out once they get the HoH room, because they need to stick together and trust each other.

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