Nicole is evicted; Frankie and Derrick win HoH

August 14, 2014

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction show, Nicole was evicted by a vote of 6-0. Derrick and Frankie won HoH. Julie announced to the viewers that this week’s Battle of the Block competition will be the final one of the season. She also announced that either Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole or the next evicted houseguest will reenter the game next Thursday. Zingbot will be visiting the house this week, likely for the veto competition.

7:00-8:00 PM: Cody and Caleb spoke to Derrick and said that he needs to remain HoH over Frankie. The three then discussed nominations, talking about nominating Zach and Donny together. Derrick said that Donny would then be happy because he would feel that he has a chance to win, unlike if he was nominated alongside Victoria. Frankie joined them and they all discussed that Donny will go to bed early so they will have plenty of time to talk. Derrick suggested that they tell Victoria that she is not going up, so that she will leave the rest of them alone to talk. They don’t want to nominate both Victoria and Donny, as they want to ensure that one remains as a potential replacement nominee. Caleb suggested nominating Christine on the opposite side of Donny, just in case things go wrong and they cannot evict Donny and they need to evict someone else. Zach then came by and said that he is willing to go up next to Donny and throw the Battle of the Block.

Zach said that the one thing that scares him is that it only takes three votes to get him out. The guys assured him that he would be safe. Zach told Derrick to put him up then. Derrick asked Frankie if that is what he wants, or if he wants to remain HoH. They ultimately agreed that the fairest way to decide who gets to remain HoH is to have whoever draws the egg with the #1 nominate Donny and Zach. Victoria came by to speak to the guys. Derrick informed her that she is safe and that neither he nor Frankie will be nominating her. She was excited to hear the news. Zach then told Cody and Frankie that he is going to go up with Donny, throw the competition, take one for the team and trust them. He said that he would like for one of the Detonators to take him off of the block if they win the veto. Cody said that he was going to mention that as well. Frankie was fine with it. Zach said that Victoria could then go on the block. It was discussed by Derrick, Frankie and Caleb that they will have the alliance members decide who else goes on the block. Derrick wants it to be a group decision. Caleb suggested that Cody should go on the block since he has not been nominated.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick and Frankie agreed that it’s a great week but it sucks because Donny has to go up. Frankie and Derrick agreed that they should let Donny know in the morning. Derrick said that he will stay HoH this week because he believes that it will be an endurance competition next week, so Frankie would be better at it. Frankie said that he was thinking the same thing. Derrick said that there is no chance that he would backdoor Frankie. They agreed to pretend that Derrick lost rock paper scissors, so he will stay HoH. Frankie told Derrick that he trusts him a lot and that Caleb is the only person that he wants to be at the end with them. Derrick said that he trusts Caleb to an extent as well. Frankie told Derrick that Cody should have volunteered to go on the block. They agreed that Zach going up next to Donny, as Derrick’s nominees, is best since he has already volunteered. Derrick said that they can tell Donny that people wanted him up next to Victoria but they are putting him up next to Zach to give him a shot. They agreed that Donny needs to save himself, and pointed out that they have kept him in the game until this point. They discussed telling Donny that Zach is the target.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie and Derrick continued to talk things over. Derrick was concerned that people may want to send Zach home if he is up against Victoria. Frankie thought that they could save Zach. As for Frankie’s nominees, they felt that Cody and Christine would be the best choices. Frankie thought that Christine should have been owed safety, so the best way to explain his nominations would be to say that they have been nominated the fewest times out of the alliance members. Derrick said that he needs Frankie to ensure that Donny goes home if he remains on the block. Derrick pointed out that Donny will have lost trust in them for nominating him, so he will need to go. They agreed that Donny would likely be done with Team America even if he stayed. Frankie said that he also doesn’t want to give Donny the chance to reunite with one of the jury members if they return to the game. Derrick went to Cody and informed him that he will be staying HoH this week because he lost rock paper scissors. He said that Cody will need to pick him up next week. He also told Cody that this is the only way to ensure his safety this week. He asked Cody if he is thinking about volunteering to go up on the safe side of nominations. Cody said yes.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick spoke to Donny. He told him that if by chance everyone says that Donny should go up he doesn’t want to nominate him next to Victoria. Donny said that he has been up four times already and Derrick could tell everyone else that it’s their turn. Derrick pointed out that most of them will be going on the block. Donny mentioned that it would be tough for him to stay if he is on the block come eviction night, as he would only be going up if everyone told them to nominate him. He felt that they would therefore want him out. Derrick said that Donny is obviously not the target for he or Frankie. Derrick told him that everyone knows that Victoria is likely the person going home this week. Derrick noted that it would be best to keep Victoria off of the block so that they don’t get backed in to a corner in the event that a replacement nominee is needed. Donny agreed that it was smart to keep her off of the block originally. Derrick tried to get Donny to be okay with going up, saying that he would have two shots to save himself. He pointed out that there may be no choice but to put him up if the veto is used, cause there are only two potential replacement nominees. Donny still did not want to go on the block. He eventually said that the only way that he would be okay with it is if everyone is in on plan and is collectively working as a team to win the veto and use it so that Victoria can go home.

Zach went to Derrick and asked what will happen if it’s a competition that cannot be thrown. Derrick said that they will need to collectively come up with a plan tonight. Derrick told Zach to do what is good for him. Zach said that if he is the push of a button away from winning the competition, he is going to win the competition. He suggested that Christine be nominated on the opposite side of him in case he and Donny do end up winning. Derrick told Zach that he will need to spit his best game later tonight when they have their group talk, convincing them of what is best for Zach. Zach was wondering why they cannot just nominate both Donny and Victoria. Derrick said that it leaves no backdoor option. Zach said that they could send home Christine if the worst case scenario comes to fruition and the veto is used to make both Donny and Victoria safe. Derrick told Zach to voice that later tonight. Zach said that he cannot with her in the room, and can also not say that an alliance member can just go or else they may send him home if he stays on the block. Zach told Derrick that he does not want to throw the competition, given that it is too late in the game to do so. Derrick told Zach to voice that later tonight.

12:00-1:00 AM: The Detonators and Caleb had a meeting in the HoH room to discuss who should be nominated. Frankie said that the best plan to get Donny out is to keep Victoria off of the block, then have someone throw the competition next to Donny, and have two more of them go up on the other side. Zach was the first to speak up and say that he does not feel comfortable throwing the competition. Caleb said that he has already done it. Christine and Cody said that they don’t want to throw it either. Caleb told them that they are basically saying that they do not trust the group. Derrick said that their only other option is to nominate Donny and Victoria on separate sides and then draw straws to see who goes up, then try to win the veto. Everyone shot that down because it was too risky that one of them would go home. Caleb said that if someone goes on the block next to Donny and wins the competition, they will have screwed the whole group and will be the next to go. Caleb suggested that Derrick and Frankie do what they have to do since they won HoH. Derrick said that he did not want to do that.

Cody and Christine said that they would throw the competition if they were up next to Donny but they will not volunteer to go on the block. Zach felt the same way. They then began telling Zach that there is no way that they would vote him out. Caleb led the way and told Zach that they had all wanted him out but he is still there so it should prove their loyalty to him and their desire to keep him around. Zach questioned why he should feel safe when they all wanted him out. He said that everyone could easily get paranoid and say that he is working with Donny and Victoria. Zach asked why everyone is so confident that they would be safe but no one will volunteer. Zach suggested that they draw straws and get it over with. Cody said that he doesn’t trust Zach to throw the competition if he ends up next to Donny. Zach then said that he is volunteering because they are just attacking him the whole time and keep saying his name. Derrick said that he doesn’t want someone to have to do it against their will.

They finally decided to draw Skittles in order to determine the nominees. The first one drawn would have to throw the competition. Zach chose orange, Cody chose red, Caleb chose green and Christine chose purple. The first Skittle drawn was purple, meaning that Christine has to go on the block with Donny and throw the competition. The next Skittle drawn was red, followed by green, meaning that Cody and Caleb will go on the block as Frankie’s nominees.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick went to console an upset Caleb. He asked if Caleb is worried that Christine won’t throw the competition. Caleb said that he doesn’t know but he is pissed off that Zach is not on the block after all that he (Caleb) has done for the alliance. Caleb said that he volunteered to go up last week so that Zach would not have to. He told Derrick that he would have just nominated Zach anyway. Caleb said that he is nominating Zach if he wins HoH. Caleb told Derrick that it would be amazing to backdoor Zach this week. Derrick agreed but told Caleb that Donny has to go. He said that they have to play smart. Christine joined them and said that she will not screw over her alliance and will throw the competition. Christine said that she is going to pretend to be sick to more, just like Jocasta got taken over by dehydration in a previous competition. Frankie and Zach were also in the room when they discussed who the have-nots for the week should be. Derrick asked if Zach would volunteer since he is not on the block. Zach said no.

Zach felt that the two people not in the alliance should be the have-nots. Derrick said that he did not want to put Victoria back on slop. Zach said that he is a bitch then. Derrick eventually agreed to tell Victoria that he had to make her a have-not in exchange for keeping her safe. Frankie is also going to be one. Caleb let Zach know that he is not mad at him or upset at him, but he is upset at how the whole situation played out. Derrick went to Victoria to inform her of the news. Derrick said that she took the news well. Feeds were down so we could not see the discussion. Victoria asked if the guys were upset that she is safe. Derrick explained that they were not because she is always on the block and she is not the target so it makes no sense to put her through it again. Victoria noted that Cody has been bitching tonight even though it’s his first time on the block.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick asked Cody who he thinks should go if Donny wins the veto, Zach or Victoria. Cody said that he was thinking that it should be Frankie. Derrick was quick to point out that Zach had basically just said that he would turn on them in a second. Cody mentioned that if he had won HoH there was no way that he would have sent Victoria home. Derrick agreed that it would be a waste. Caleb then joined them and said that he would love for Zach to go home before Victoria. Cody told him that they are not going to disagree with that. Caleb believes that Zach would go after two of the guys if he were to win HoH next week. They did all agree that they cannot deviate from the plan, saying that Donny still needs to go if they have the opportunity to get him out. Derrick said that as long as Donny and Christine lose the Battle of the Block this week, it will not be a loss of a week. Caleb agreed and pointed out that Donny, Victoria or Zach would go home. Cody and Caleb said that it’s not a bad situation even if Donny wins the veto, seeing as Zach could go. Caleb, Cody and Derrick agreed that they would rather go to the Final 2 with each other than with Frankie because it would be a lot harder to beat Frankie since he is Ariana’s brother and is playing for charity.

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