Donny wins the BoB by himself; Cody and Caleb remain nominated

August 15, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Derrick and Frankie spoke to Donny in the HoH room, telling him that they pulled Skittles out of a hat to determine nominations, so he is going on the block. Derrick said that the orange and red Skittles got pulled, so him and Christine are up there together on one side. While they did draw Skittles, Donny did not actually have one and was going up regardless. Zach was the orange Skittle and Cody was the red Skittle. Derrick said that Cody and Caleb will be Frankie’s nominees. Donny said that he and Christine are going to get smoked in the Battle of the Block. Frankie and Derrick said that they do not necessarily agree with that, seeing as they don’t know what kind of competition it will be. Derrick said that they may be in trouble if it is a physical one but they would likely win a mental one. Derrick assured Donny that Victoria is the target for everyone this week. He said that the group felt that the best way to go about it was to nominate Donny on one side and Victoria on the other, given that they are always nominated.

Derrick reminded Donny that the two of them agreed last night that it was not the best option to have Victoria on the block initially. He also said that they could have nominated Donny with Victoria but they did not want to do that to him, as he would for sure lose the Battle of the Block, so they decided to draw Skittles. Donny simply said “sounds fair to me”. Donny was concerned that Caleb could win the veto and choose not to use it, leaving him on the block with Christine. Derrick said that Christine would then have to go home. Donny told Derrick that if he was HoH he could have just said that he wasn’t putting Derrick on the block. Derrick explained that it would have looked fishy if he and Frankie were suddenly trying to protect Donny at this point in the game, so the best that they could do was give him two chances to save himself. After Donny left, Derrick and Frankie agreed that Donny did not buy that one bit. Derrick said that Donny gave off a stone faced look that suggested that he thinks that they want him gone.

11:00-12:00 PM: Everything went according to plan at the nomination ceremony. Derrick nominated Christine and Donny, while Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody. The plan remains for Christine to throw the Battle of the Block in order to ensure that Donny remains nominated. He is the target for the week.

2:00-3:00 PM: Team America got their mission for the week. The viewers vote for them to attempt to complete “Mission A”. The mission reads as follows: “Create a distraction by hiding a favourite piece of clothing from each houseguest then organize a neighbourhood watch program to keep it from happening again”. Derrick filled Frankie and Donny in on the details. He said that the neighbourhood watch program has to be run consistently for 24 hours. They have until Wednesday night at midnight to complete the mission. At least three houseguests must participate in the neighbourhood watch. Derrick, Frankie and Donny are allowed to participate but cannot be the only ones to do so. Derrick’s initial thought was to steal the items and then write a message on a mirror in order to notify the houseguests that items are missing. Donny said that it would be right up Beast Mode Cowboy’s alley to figure out who stole the items. Derrick and Frankie discussed which items to steal. They agreed on taking Derrick’s beanie, Donny’s visor, Zach’s Gator shirt, and Christine’s glasses. They laughed that Christine will not be able to see. They said that they would have to go take the glasses in the middle of the night.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned and we found out that Donny and Christine had won the Battle of the Block competition. Derrick was dethroned. Frankie remains HoH. Christine was saying that she can’t even feel happy. She was supposed to ensure that Donny did not win. Frankie told her not to worry because she is safe and he will win the Power of Veto. Derrick went to Donny and said that they are safe for another week and are all good because Victoria is the target and is going home as long as she gets on the block. Christine then spoke to Cody and Derrick. She was worried because she had pretended not to find a single bone during the competition. She said that Donny will definitely know that something was up. Christine let Cody know that he is safe regardless, as she, Derrick and Victoria would vote to keep him. Zach went to Christine and told her that Donny knows that she threw the competition because she told Frankie that he now knows how he felt, referring to last weeks Battle of the Block when Frankie was on his own. Christine said that she got screwed over and now Donny will be after her even more than he already was.

Derrick and Frankie met up in the HoH room to talk things over. Derrick said that neither of them wanted Donny to go home but that is not how he is going to look at things. Frankie wasn’t so sure about that, pointing out that Donny has nobody else in the house. Derrick said that Donny doesn’t trust them. Derrick pointed out that even though Donny is a number for them, they have no idea what he will do. Derrick and Frankie agreed to tell Donny that there is a group of people in the house that wanted him out and they had to appease them, but they do not want him out. Derrick also felt that they needed to be weary of Zach possibly telling Donny that he did not go on the block because he was not willing to throw the competition. They were concerned that Donny would now not use the veto, even though they told him that the target was Victoria. Frankie said that he plans to save Caleb if he wins, putting up Victoria in his place. Derrick said that it is such a waste of Frankie’s HoH. Frankie told him that there is nothing that he can do about it. Derrick let Frankie know that he would likely save Caleb as well, as he would want to do the same as Frankie. Derrick then pointed out that Zach is the only one in their alliance that he doesn’t trust to use the veto. He explained that Zach may try to make a big move and leave the nominations the same.

8:00-9:00 PM: Christine was concerned that people may think that she didn’t do her best to throw the competition and also that Donny would be after her even more. Both Derrick and Frankie assured her that nobody thinks that she didn’t try to throw the competition. Derrick reminded her about what she had said last night, that Donny was after her regardless. Christine agreed and said that she just needs to look at it that way. Elsewhere, Donny told Zach that he hopes that Zach gets to play in the veto competition and wins. Zach said “yeah, so they don’t backdoor me”. Donny said that he hasn’t heard anything but wants Zach to win for his own sake. Zach asked if Donny wanted him to leave the nominations the same. Donny told Zach to win and do what is best for him. Shortly thereafter, the veto players were chosen. Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Christine, Donny and Victoria will play for veto. Derrick and Zach were not chosen to play. Derrick will be hosting the competition.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick, Christine, Caleb and Zach were sitting around discussing that the veto competition draw could not have got any worse. They said that if Zach and Derrick were chosen instead of Victoria and Donny this week would be a done deal. Zach mentioned that they just cannot let Victoria win, as there is a chance that they can get Donny to use the veto to send her home. Derrick said that he will definitely try. Zach told Caleb that Victoria is likely going to use the veto on Cody over him if she does win it. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that Victoria would use it. Zach told him that that is just as bad. Zach and Derrick are the only two potential replacement nominees in the event that Victoria does win the veto.

10:00-11:00 PM: Victoria told Derrick that she knows that if she goes on the block as the replacement nominee this week she will be going home. She said that it sucks. Derrick told her not to think like that. He said that she can still win the veto. Derrick wondered if Victoria would use the veto if she were to win it. Victoria told him that she may use it in order to save Cody so that they can backdoor Zach. She did say that she would have to talk to Frankie about it first though. Victoria later spoke to Cody and said that she really feels like the outsider in the house. She mentioned that she is basically the only girl there because Christine is one of the guys. She told Cody that she is feeling that she will be the replacement nominee if anyone uses the veto. Cody brought up how she was promised that she would not go on the block this week. She thought that that all changed once Donny and Christine became safe.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick was upset in the HoH room. Victoria began questioning him about what was wrong. Derrick said that it has nothing to do with her but it is something that he cannot talk about. Victoria was concerned that Derrick knew about something and wasn’t telling her. He assured her that it had nothing to do with her, though he admitted that they are not in the greatest of positions this week. They pointed out that the only potential replacement nominees are the two of them and Zach. Victoria said that she wouldn’t use the veto if she won it, since it would put Derrick’s game in jeopardy. Derrick agreed that it might and said that they would have to talk about it if the time comes. Victoria told Derrick that he better win if she goes home, noting that she doesn’t want to see him jury. Derrick said that he realizing very quickly that not all of the cards are in his hand. He said that he is not going to quit and neither should she but they can only do so much.

Zach mentioned that it was a crazy competition today and that he wishes that he could have seen what went down. Donny said that he wishes that Zach could have too. He asked if Zach has an idea of what happened. Zach remained silent. Donny said that it breaks his heart but they don’t have to talk about it, referring to Christine trying to throw the competition. Zach's allies later asked if Donny had said anything about Christine throwing the competition. Zach said no. Donny told Zach that he wishes that Zach was playing in the veto competition. He said that everyone that is playing in the competition would use the veto. Zach told Donny that he needs to win it for him. Zach asked Donny if he will vote to keep him if he goes up as the replacement nominee. Donny said absolutely.

Donny promised Zach his vote even if it meant going against the house. Donny said that he is reluctant to talk to Zach out of fear that he will go say something. He said that he doesn’t talk to people, instead opting to wait until they approach him. Donny advised Zach not to say anything until after the veto in case it actually is Victoria that they are planning on nominating. Zach said that he knows that he would be the first to go. Donny agreed. Donny told Zach to think about who he has got there that will help him. Donny pointed out that he will help Zach if he can. Donny again assured Zach that he would have his vote. Zach said that that makes him feel more comfortable. Donny promised Zach and said that he has no one and cannot keep doing this by himself.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach told Frankie that it gives him chills thinking about how screwed they would be if Victoria were to win the Power of Veto. Zach said hopefully the two of them would be good. Frankie said that they will be but the group will not. Zach brought up that Donny is not going to come after either of them. Frankie agreed. Frankie said that he has never heard his name come out of Donny’s mouth. Zach said that he hadn’t either, which is great. Zach pointed out that Victoria and Donny cannot win the veto, and then they will get to the Final 6 intact. They began discussing potential Final 2 scenarios. Zach said that he feels as though Derrick would beat anyone in the Final 2. Frankie agreed and said that Derrick is smart and knows that. Zach said that Caleb would likely beat a lot of people in the end but Cody probably would not.

2:00-3:00 AM: As was the case last night, Derrick and Caleb discussed the need to send Zach home over Victoria. Derrick singled out Zach as not having volunteered to go on the block. Derrick was unsure of whether or not Frankie would nominate Zach. Caleb told him that Frankie had recently mentioned wanting Zach on the block, so Derrick then said that all that they need is to keep Donny from winning the veto. They agreed that it would be a good time to send Zach home, as Victoria is a number for them just as much as Zach is and it would be a waste to send her home. Cody is also on board with sending Zach home if they get the opportunity to do so. Derrick told the guys that Zach will throw them under the bus again if he happens to stay.

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