Zach is evicted; Nicole returns; Cody wins HoH

August 21, 2014

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction, Zach was evicted by a unanimous vote of 5-0. After his exit interview, Julie informed him that he may be going right back in to the game. Zach, along with Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden went in to the house and met the remaining houseguests. They then headed out to the backyard to compete to get back in to the game. Nicole won the competition, giving her the opportunity to return to the Big Brother house.

7:00-8:00 PM: Nicole told the others that she was shocked to see that Zach went home this week. She mentioned that she got a bunch of questions from “Zach Attack” fans, likely in her chat with Jeff. She said that she can tell that everyone loves Zach and that he will be forever remembered. Derrick quickly rallied the troops in the fire room, telling Cody, Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Victoria multiple times that nobody should be behind a closed door talking to Nicole. He said that he will call people out if he sees them doing that. Derrick explained that all of the rumours stopped once Nicole was evicted and that nobody has been talking behind closed doors. He said that there is no benefit to all of them listening to what Nicole has to say, seeing as they are nominating her and Donny no matter what. Cody and Frankie still wanted to send Donny home over Nicole. Derrick kept pointing out that Nicole will be after Frankie and Christine, so he is trying to benefit them by ensuring that nobody talks game to Nicole.

While Derrick spoke to the Detonators and Caleb in the fire room, Donny and Nicole were catching up at the kitchen table. Donny said that he now has a friend again. He told Nicole that every single one of them is against him. Donny filled Nicole in on the houseguests drawing Skittles to find out who would throw the competition so that Donny would go home. Nicole mentioned that Zach had told her that he went home because he wouldn’t throw the competition. Victoria had been watching Donny and Nicole chat, so she went back to the fire room to report back to them that Donny and Nicole are already talking game. Nicole said that Donny is the only person that she trusts. Donny said that if he gets to jury next week he will tell them that Derrick cannot win. Donny said that he would vote for Frankie because he has won 4 HoHs. Nicole said that her two people to go after are Derrick and Cody. Donny said that everyone is plotting against them right now and are going to nominate them together. Nicole said who cares, cause they have to beat them.

10:00-11:00 PM: Cody won the HoH competition, edging out Donny according to the houesguests. All but Donny and Nicole were celebrating the victory. Cody said that he would like to get Donny out of the house this week. He wants to nominate Nicole alongside of Donny. They discussed that they have the votes to send Donny home. Frankie was pleading with Big Brother to give them an endurance comp, talking to the camera and saying that they are proving that they win all of the mental competitions anyway. Derrick said that Nicole may be someone that needs to go home if they are expecting an endurance competition next week. He said that they can wait and see what happens at the veto competition, seeing as one of the nominees may win the veto and leave them with no choice but to evict the other.

1:00-2:00 AM: Nicole got some one on one time in with Cody. She said that she is by herself and feels helpless because everyone else had another week of bonding while she was gone. Nicole told Cody that he needs to make a big game move, cause he can’t tell her that Caleb and Frankie will not be after him. She said that she would not have nominated Cody if she had won HoH. She pointed out that she could have blown up his game while walking out the door but she did not. Cody said that apparently she did because he has been hearing that she told everyone that he and Derrick had gone to her and Hayden for an alliance. Nicole denied having said that. She said that she is not there to lie and manipulate, as it is not what she did the first time around. Nicole mentioned that she is sick of getting punished for being a good person. Cody let Nicole know that there is a chance that she may go on the block but he clarified that Donny is his target this week and that he will do what he can to get Donny out of the house.

They discussed whether or not Donny and Nicole are working together. Nicole said that she is not working with him but it’s obvious that it is 6 against 2 in the house right now. She said that she has no other option. Nicole admitted that Donny is her favourite person in the house because he has such a great heart. She told Cody that he cannot blame her for talking to someone that she feels bad for. Nicole pointed out that she can be used in order to help Cody get people out that he cannot target himself. She added that it’s imperative to keep people around that will not put you up in a double eviction when it’s so easy to take out big targets. Nicole told Cody that she would never nominate him. She pleaded with Cody to make the best move for his game and his game only. Cody again let her know that Donny is his top target. Nicole wrapped things up by saying that Cody needs to keep people around that will keep him safe.

While Nicole was upstairs speaking with Cody, the others were debating who to send home this week. Derrick said that he is good with sending Donny home but Nicole is way worse than he is, as evidenced by Nicole following Cody upstairs to the HoH room to talk. They mentioned that Donny is on his own and sleeping. Christine said that Donny gets in your ear and is very sneaky. Derrick then said that Donny would have to go if they get a shot at him, but he encouraged everyone to keep their options open and really consider both sides of things. He felt that Nicole would lie and manipulate all the time until she goes home, while Donny may simply plant a seed every now and then. Frankie said that it is worth discussing. Derrick said that barring a twist, both Nicole and Donny have no chance of staying this week. Caleb pointed out that Donny has been up so many times and hasn't gone. Derrick agreed that it's good to go after him. After Derrick walked away, Christine told Caleb, Frankie and Victoria that it has been proven that they can get Nicole out of the house. She pointed out that they have made many attempts at getting Donny out and have yet to be successful. She thought that Donny was the better competitor and was thus more dangerous.

2:00-3:00 AM: Cody talked to Christine and Frankie about Cody’s campaigning. He said that it didn’t go over well and that she knows that she will be going home if Donny wins the veto. Frankie asked if Cody let her know that they now have an open door policy and that everything that you say will get back to everyone else. Cody said that he did tell her that things are now spreading quickly. Frankie said that Nicole pulling people aside is the type of behaviour that will make it less likely that she sticks around.

3:00-4:00 AM: Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Christine talked game in the HoH room. Derrick said that this week is essentially a waste. Cody said not really since they have been trying to get Donny out for so long. Derrick said that he thinks that they are all on board with getting Donny out as long as he doesn’t win the PoV. Derrick said that they cannot deviate from that. Caleb pointed out that it is something that they have been wanting to do forever. Derrick said that Nicole is going to campaign to them, so it’s extremely important that they all talk to each other and let each other know what she is saying about them. Derrick says that they know that they can’t all get to the end but they are going to get themselves to the Final 5 and then compete like gentlemen. The others agreed. Derrick suggested that Cody throw an M&M at Donny at the nomination ceremony and say that Donny wanted to switch things up this week and his M&M got pulled. They then discussed that Donny cannot actually be a groundskeeper. Frankie pointed out that Donny was discussing “osmosis” and “diluted blood” while wearing a Harvard Medical shirt. Derrick said that the structures that Donny builds with the Jenga pieces are crazy and he designs a building that could be in a magazine.

4:00-5:00 AM: Cody told Caleb that he wants Donny to this week because then Nicole will likely realize that she is done. Cody pointed out that Donny has been calling him stupid and dumb all day. Caleb said that he was waiting for Cody to call Donny out. Cody explained that it is so hard for him to do because of Donny’s age, because he is trying to respect him as much as he can. They discussed how it’s so cool that they have fans, noting that Nicole had seen some of the Twitter handles of fans during her interview. Cody said that he isn’t the character that Zach is but Zach did nothing but ride the coattails of everyone that won HoH because he never won it. Caleb pointed out that Zach won an HoH and a PoV. Cody said that someone like Zach wouldn’t get brought back because he was just a character. Caleb pointed out that Nicole is pretty smart. Cody mentioned that there is nothing that Nicole can do because of how tight they all have gotten. Caleb said that he would almost rather send Christine home than Victoria. Cody told him that they know what they have in Victoria, that being nothing, and she will do what they tell her to do.

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